How to prepare Legal Aptitude Section for CLAT 2022

How to prepare for CLAT legal aptitude
How to prepare for CLAT legal aptitude

How to prepare for the Legal Aptitude section for CLAT 2022? CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is conducted once a year for the students who want to make law as their career. The exam is conducted so that students can get admission in LLB or LLM courses from various universities like National Law Universities, IP Universities etc.

Know the Different Sections in CLAT Exam

It consists of 5 different sections which are English Language, Legal Aptitude & Current Affairs including General Knowledge, Analytical Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis. CLAT can be attempted by students after completing class 12th.

Legal Aptitude – New Topic for CLAT Candidates

Legal Aptitude (or Legal Reasoning) is one such section in which candidates face difficulties as it is a subject that is not taught in school. Hence, most of the students are not familiar with the concepts and topics covered under the section of Legal Aptitude. If a candidate is facing maximum difficulty then the only option left for the candidate is to take CLAT coaching. Check out the CLAT syllabus for exam 2022.

CLAT UG. Syllabus for Legal Aptitude in

Some students are not clear about the syllabus of the section. The Legal Aptitude section is given to test the students’ legal awareness and how they think in a particular situation. The legal clause covers topics such as the law of contract (meaning a written agreement between two or more parties), the law of torts (meaning a civil wrong), family law, company law, etc.

The pattern of Legal Aptitude Section in CLAT

The Legal Aptitude section is moderate in terms of difficulty. The questions are based on comprehension and around 4 to 5 questions are asked from the same understanding. The number of questions asked from the Legal Aptitude section is around 35 to 39 questions which makes it about 25 per cent of the total questions asked in the exam (a total of 150 questions are asked).

Clearly, this indicates that the legal clause is important. The passage is about 500 words long and questions are asked directly or indirectly on the basis of comprehension. Moreover, the core concept of questions is mentioned within the passage which makes it easy for the students to attempt the section and score good marks.

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How to strengthen the Legal Aptitude section in CLAT?

Most of the students are not aware of how to learn and study legal concepts as it is somewhat unfamiliar to them. It is very important for the candidates to read and analyze the syllabus accordingly. They need to study every topic in detail so that they can attempt questions without any difficulty and score marks in the same. Students should read the notes available online daily and practice legal reasoning. It is advised that students should join a CLAT coaching institute that focuses on preparation for entrance exams like CLAT or other exams. They help in giving correct information to the students and help them in enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Join CLAT Coaching Institute to prepare Legal Aptitude for CLAT

Coaching institutes not only provide great study material to the students but also help them to understand the concepts in a better way. Moreover, students can clear their doubts if they have any in any section or subject.

Revision and Time Management – A panacea to crack CLAT exam

Revision, as well as time management, is very important for CLAT preparation. Students must devote enough time to revision of each subject and manage their time as the time provided for the paper is only 2 hours. Students should also practice the Legal Aptitude section from the previous year’s question papers as it will help them to understand the concept and language of the questions asked. The coaching institutes manage to create an environment for the students which is conducive to study which ultimately helps in their studies as the students can focus on the concepts.

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Tips and Tricks to Attempt Legal Aptitude Section in CLAT Exam

  • Develop fast reading skills
  • The most important thing for the students is that they should develop fast reading skills.
  • It is very helpful in the CLAT exam as it is a long paper.

2) Focus on the main concept and core concept

Candidates must study the concepts in detail so that they can answer the question easily. Most of the questions asked in the legal section are direct questions based on concepts. If the student studies the concepts properly, he/she can attempt direct questions without reading the passage as it can help them to save time and complete the paper on time. Also, students should try to complete the Legal Aptitude section in no more than 25 to 30 minutes.

3) Practice a lot for time management

The total time given to the students to complete the exam is only 120 minutes, so it is recommended that each section be completed in 20 to 25 minutes and the last 10 minutes are left for revision. It is very important to review the answers marked by the student so that if he has marked an answer as inappropriate, they can correct it. Time management is an important part of Life so you should use your time for better CLAT exam preparation.

4) Take the help of legal experts

Joining the CLAT coaching institute helps the students in many ways. Students must look for the best CLAT coaching institute in Bhopal or whatever city they live in as it is beneficial for them. Coaching institutes provide great study material to the students which are necessary to study the legal aptitude section as it contains many concepts in which the student may face difficulties as the whole concept is new for the students. They should study the concepts deeply as the Legal Aptitude section is a scoring section and not that difficult. It is considered moderate in difficulty which means that students should try to score at least 25 marks from the section out of 35 to 39 marks. Hence, the Legal Aptitude section should be done properly.


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