How to prepare for UPSC IAS 2022 ?

How to prepare for UPSC

UPSC conducts civil services exam every year. Many students appear with the dream of becoming an IAS but only few achieve success. UPSC examinations need hard work and dedication. Preparation of UPSC takes at least one year to cover the subjects. The syllabus of UPSC is vast and the examination is one of the toughest exams of the country.UPSC is a three level screening process. A very first level Prelims exam is conducted. Once you clear Prelims, you are eligible for the next round of screening, known as the mains exam. Once you clear the mains exam,you will face the final round of the personal interview. After successfully completing all three rounds you will clear the UPSC IAS exam.  

1. Information about the dates of exam 

While starting the preparation, You must know your calendar for the exams. This will help you to prepare the roadmap for preparation.  After knowing the dates, start preparing dedicatedly.

2. Know the syllabus and pattern of the exam

This is very important to know your syllabus and pattern of exam. Knowing the exact syllabus will save your time from useless studies. Although the pattern doesn’t change every time, it is beneficial to know about the pattern, if UPSC attempts any change in pattern of exam. By knowing the updated syllabus and pattern, you will escape from unwanted obstacles while preparing.   

3. Well managed time-table

Your timetable must be prepared in such a manner that you cover the complete syllabus with dedicated revision time included in that. You must follow your time table to be in rhythm for preparation. All the dedicated aspirants prepare their time table very carefully.  

4. Self-written notes

It is very helpful to prepare self written notes. It has many benefits of self written notes. By self written notes you can remember important contents because writing is a very strong technique to remember things. Secondly, a very important benefit is that by writing notes your writing skills improve which helps you a lot during the Essay writing section of the mains exam. 

5. Study material

You must select study material very carefully because your preparation is based on your selection of study material. You can get ready study material from Best IAS Coaching in Delhi Like SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre or you can arrange from different sources as per your requirements. has established in the name of LORD SHRI RAM, elder son of king Dasaratha of Ayodhya. Top IAS Academy in Delhi for UPSC Civil Service Preparation, General studies & IAS regular classroom & Online course, weekend batches and UPSC coaching. The important thing is the quality of study material. Study material must be aligned with the syllabus, updated and easy to understand. 

6. Attend mock test

Evaluation of your preparation status is very important during preparation. All you must do for this is to attend a mock test.  By attending the mock test you came to know the status of your preparation. You would know what are your strengths and weaknesses about preparation. On which topic you need to spend more time and focus whereas which topic needs less importance and time for preparation. 

7. Answer writing practice

Answer writing practice is very important during UPSC preparation. This will increase the knowledge area, strengthen your topic, and improve your writing skills. You need to focus on answer writing practice from the start of preparation and this must be carried out through the preparation.  .   

8. Preparation with NCERT books

NCERT books are a very helpful source to cover topics. UPSC Syllabus is well aligned with NCERT books. So you must consider NCERT books as your reference study material for UPSC preparation. 

9. Current affairs preparation

The world is changing every time. There are a lot of events happening daily around the world.Knowledge of current affairs is very important for your interview round of selection in UPSC. Most of  the interviewers prefer to ask questions from current affairs. To be updated with current affairs shows your ability to connect with your ecosystem.      

10. Start reading newspaper

Newspapers are used to be considered as one of the prime sources of updated information. A bunch of papers and a short time on a daily basis leads you to stay connected and updated with the latest news from the globe. So, it is beneficial to develop the habit of reading a newspaper on a daily basis. Try to read at least a national level newspaper like Times of India or Hindustan Times. 

11. Take care of your physical and mental health

“Health is Wealth”. You should take care of your physical and mental health. Sometimes UPSC preparation is stressful. Candidates have social pressure to crack the exam. They studied for 8 to 10 hours. It gives them stress and affects their physical and mental health. Don’t follow toppers’ strategy of studying blindly because everyone has different capabilities. So, make your own strategy and hours of study. Take care of your physical and mental health.

12. Knowledge about negative marking

Candidates should have knowledge about negative marking. Guessing doesn’t work in UPSC exams. Always attempt the question on which you are sure. Leave the unsure question to avoid the negative marking.  It will save your time and you can spend the remaining time to understand the questions. 

13. Cut down your social life

The UPSC exam is all about dedication and seriousness. Candidates should cut down their social life once they start preparation for UPSC.cut down the social life doesn’t mean you have to leave all the friends and relatives. Just keep it small so that your preparation doesn’t affect it. Friends and near ones are important to keep us relaxed. Whenever you feel stressed, talk to your friends.

UPSC preparation is a focused task. You have to believe in yourself. A visionary thinking can help you to crack this exam. Any kind of destruction can lead to a big disaster. Your dedication and wisdom can be a game changer. Many aspirants who are having an average educational background cracked UPSC by proper planning and its execution. You need to follow a strict time table.


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