How to Prepare for AWS Certification Side-by-Side Your Bachelor Degree? [15 Exceptional Tips]

How to Prepare for AWS Certification Side-by-Side Your Bachelor Degree? [15 Exceptional Tips]
How to Prepare for AWS Certification Side-by-Side Your Bachelor Degree? [15 Exceptional Tips]

Many students try to get more & more certifications as it can be tough to stand in front of day-by-day increasing competition & challenges in the technology industry. Nowadays, there is a great boom of AWS in the market as computer clouding has become every companies’ priority. Development & technology industry now demands more cloud computing architectures, developers, etc., which prepares students to study AWS and come into computer system resources, data storage and computing power field.

You may find various resources, but Amazon provides the best platform to learn cloud computing, which is the AWS means Amazon Web Services. It is a comprehensive and evolving certification that can help you enter the world of technology. You may find it difficult in the starting, but with some organizations, you can achieve success. Try to be strict & focused that can help you accomplish your career goals.

If you have applied already or are keen to go for AWS certifications, here are the various experts suggested tips that will support you to achieve your goals efficiently:

15 Exceptional Tips to Prepare for AWS Certification!

You don’t have to worry anymore, as I’m sharing the expert’s tricks with you that will ease your AWS certification effortlessly. The tips by experts to prepare for your AWS certification side-by-side your degree education are as follows:

  1. Don’t Just Read, Understand What You Are Reading

You have to make sure that you gain more & more information around AWS and understand every concept properly. Read your provided study material and explore more online & offline credible resources to get vast knowledge around the specific concepts of computer clouding. Memorize all the important facts & aspects that may help you in your future work & look can be asked, in the question paper. Creating notes will be more beneficial to your writing. Use these data while preparing for your final exam.

  1. Plan Your Daily Study Schedule

You should keep a daily timetable according to which you should manage your college studies & AWS certification exam. Keep at least an hour or 2 for your daily practice for AWS and strictly follow it. Regular application will turn it into a habit. Divide your syllabus into small chunks & do daily work. Complete your work the next day if you skip practising one day. Do not delay or ignore your daily tasks. Organize your everyday time as per the number of tasks you have on your plate to complete. Hampering daily work will lead you to tons of tasks for the last moments.

  1. Take Practice Mock Tests Online 

You must go through some websites and search for tests that increase your knowledge and learning. There is a lot of test series that can help you master answering various questions. It will help you in easy learning. Keep practising as they said that “practice makes a man perfect”, so the key to your success is your practice. You can take more & more tests to learn more & more answering strategies. Ask your seniors and supervisors for help regarding your AWS practice.

  1. Go Through the White Papers & Case studies.

You should explore the white papers & case studies. These two approaches will make your work easy. When you want to learn the benefits and rationale for the proposed solution implementation, you must reach the white papers. On the other hand, to learn from real-life examples how a particular solution had solved the issue, you must read the case studies. These develop critical thinking & analysis power in the students.

  1. Watch Training Videos Online

You must approach the online channels that provide guidance & knowledge towards AWS. Visual learning is helpful more than any other type of learning, which is proven by many experts & in various surveys. So, watch & make notes of the unclear points to search around and learn every element. It can be hard to understand the strategies provided in the online videos. So, take this information as the first step to explore a new trick in your computing.

  1. Why Study Alone? Find a Study Buddy

You can reach the other students who are pursuing the same certification. It will help you to get easy guidance on the points that you find hard. You can discuss the different concepts with your mates and find a solution together. It will make your study time more fun, instead of sitting alone & getting bored. Create group discussion sections & study time to get a more competitive & learning environment.

  1. Participate in the Online Conducted Discussions

You should participate in the discussion sections time-to-time. It will help you to know various perspectives & reasons behind the element’s working process. Purpose your thoughts & analyze and get the feedback of the experts. Work on the reviews and try the changes & development to get a better result. If you have a unique query, start your own discussion with the respective query and invite related experts to come and give their suggestions in the space.

  1. First Theory & Then Practicals

It is always better to take all the written knowledge for the subject and then try various aspects & elements to work for your topic. Just like that, you must attain the complete theoretical information around the AWS using your provided study material and other online & offline guidance. If you have clear concepts & understanding of AWS, it will be easy for you to work on computing practically. You must have the knowledge of all the strategies to imply in practical work.

  1. Choose a Dedicated Space for Learning

You should choose a place that can motivate you to learn instead of distracting you from your studies. Select a peaceful place and maintain cleanliness & neatness around you for better concentration. Sit in a space where you can focus on your work effectively. Eliminate all the distractions from your study areas, such as your mobile and other devices. It can be a barrier in your way to your studies. If you have a separate study room, then you must maintain better surroundings for your AWS practice and preparation. Make sure you create a peaceful & study friendly environment.

  1. Take Frequent Breaks to Avoid Stress

You should plan proper time for breaks & rests. Take short breaks after every 30 minutes to cool down your mind & let it index all the information you have collected with your studies. You can also use the Pomodoro technique to manage your breaks and make them perfect for a calm mind. It is a method that helps students maintain proper breaks so that your mind can get calmness & peace. Nowadays, it is normal to feel stress or anxiety when it comes to education. Every year, thousands of students struggle with stress & depression that make them dull in their studies. Pomodoro trick is an initiative to stop these mental problems in students.

  1. Keep Yourself Motivated & Energized

You must perform the actions that motivate you to study & learn more. Take short walks, play outside, listen to music, watch TV, do your hobby task or anything that can make you happy and encourage you to sit for your studies. Increase your energy level, and reduce your stress level to zero. Calm your mind with yoga, exercise or meditation so that it can help you in the development of great ideas.

  1. Decide the Rewards for Daily Success

You can create a competitive environment by deciding on a reward you will get after a task is completed. You can use this method also for your other tasks. Keep a reward that you will get if you solve a problem in a decided time. This technique will encourage you & build a competition in you to achieve success & reward by completing your work by the time. Always keep your mind ready to accept new challenges and push your boundaries to get what you want.

  1. Take Online Help for Your Bachelor’s Academic Tasks

You may get yearly academic tasks from your college related to your achieving degree that may hamper your daily AWS practice and affect your mental level. Here is a fool-proof solution for this issue. You can seek assignment help from the experts as they have a vast knowledge of the subject in which they have achieved a higher degree. These professionals have years of experience in writing for the students. They will provide you with a well-structured & outlined document that will impress your professor for sure and help you get an A+ grade quickly. By reaching the services, you will get time for your AWS practice, and you will be able to concentrate on your certification.

  1. Don’t Expect Question Repetition from Previous Attempts.

It is not a school or college examination that you will practice from your previous question paper and repeat the query. There are less than 1% chances that in your second attempt, you will find similar questions. You have to prepare yourself for new problems & issues every time you attempt an exam. Keep your critical thinking & problem-solving skills polished for fast answering as you have to submit your answers by the timeline.

  1. Take Your Time to Think & Analyze Your Answer

You must re-read your answers before final submission. Make sure every answer present the exact solution that problems demand. Check your spelling and other grammatical errors to make your paper error less & easily understandable. Take your time & with a calm mind, recheck that every aspect mandatory to add in your answer is there.

Above are the various tips that can help you complete your AWS certification side-by-side with your bachelor degree. I hope you will find these steer beneficial to follow & achieve success for sure. You should not leave this opportunity to learn a certification side-by-side with your degree studies. It may seem difficult for many students, but I am sure with these points you will be able to complete your certifications effortlessly.


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