How to Play Disc Golf with Your Friends and Family

Disc Golf course

Are you bored playing the same old games at every family and friends gathering? It’s time to learn about the disc golf game—A fun and easy-to-play game!

Disc Golf

Social gatherings can be fun if you add a recreational game to them. Games help keep you active and healthy, but they also strengthen the bond between friends and family members. And there is no better game that is truly based on sportsmanship because there is no referee involved in the game; the team players make all the decisions themselves. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Unfortunately, most of the time, in excitement, people tend to get hyper while playing a game and in no time end up in a fight, which defeats the purpose of the game.

Bringing disc golf into your recreational time will only produce fun and laughter with simple and easy rules and minimal equipment.

So, let’s learn more about Disc Golf!

The game is played like traditional golf, but disc golf discs and baskets are used as equipment instead of balls and holes. Disc Golf is played in natural settings, so it is perfect for your backyard, a park, or a camping site. The disc golf course consists of 9 to 10 holes that players (also known as disc golfers) complete by throwing a disc golf disc into a disc golf basket, which substitutes for the hole. A hole is complete when the disc lands in the disc golf basket. A disc golfer should complete the hole in the fewest throws to win the game.

The game is also played worldwide on a professional level under the supervision of the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). PDGA is the regulatory body for the game. The association sets the rules and regulations as well as the standards of discs and baskets and arranges tournaments and championships. Therefore, the game also has the potential to become your source of income as the game is not just limited to recreational activity.

Note: Take care with the safety measures: Since you may play the game in a disc golf park crowded with other people, you should always be considerate of the safety of the other people. So, never throw the disc when other disc golfers or park users are within the range.

Here are some of the key terms you should know before playing a disc golf game:

  1. Tee Throw:A tee throw marks the beginning of each hole. You must complete the tee throw within or behind the designated tee area.
  2. Lie:This is where the disc golfer’s previous throw landed. You should mark each lie with a mini marker disc to mark the spot.
  3. Throwing Order:So, you must be wondering who the second disc golfer to tee off is. It is decided based on several strokes on the previous hole and the distance their disc travels away from the hole. The disc golfer with the least number of strokes will tee off on the next hole. Once every disc golfer has teed off, the one whose disc travels the farthest from the hole always throws the disc first.
  4. Fairway Throws:If the lie is beyond 10 meters of the target, a run-up and normal follow-through are required. A fairway throw is made directly behind the lie. And you must not move until the disc comes to rest.
  5. Mandatory: A mandatory, also known as a mando, is a name given to all designated trees or poles in the fairway that must be passed on the correct side as indicated by an arrow. If the disc passes from the wrong side of a mando, a penalty throw is applied.
  6. How to complete a hole: A hole is completed when a disc comes to rest in the disc golf basket or is suspended in the chains of the basket.
  7. Out of Bounds: The area outside the park’s boundaries, such as public roads and permanent water hazards. Then it is considered out of bounds. If there is an area of out of bound visible between the disc and out of bound line. Then your disc is considered out of bound. If a throw lands out of bounds, you must play from a point up to 1 meter in bounds from where the disc landed.

What basic rules do you need to know before playing Disc Golf as a recreational activity?

Since you are playing the game intending to enjoy. Rather than learn the skills to prepare yourself for a professional tournament. You may or may not learn all the rules and regulations formed by PDGA. But still, to maintain the decorum of the game, there are certain rules you should follow while playing, such as:

  • Do not create a disturbance when other players are throwing.
  • Stay behind the player who is throwing till the throw is complete.
  • You should remove the disc from the basket after the hole is complete.
  • Do not cause any damage to the natural elements in the park, such as trees and bushes.

So, keep the above-mentioned suggestions in mind and enjoy one of the most fun games with your friends and family.


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