How to place Google Maps on your CarPlay Dashboard?


How to place Google Maps on your CarPlay Dashboard?

Would you like to add Google Maps navigation to your CarPlay dashboard? It’s easy to do, and this blog post will show you how. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Apple’s CarPlay has been a popular addition to many vehicles. It provides a safe and easy way to use your iPhone while driving. One of the most popular features of CarPlay is the ability to use Google Maps. In this blog post, we will show you how to place Google Maps on your CarPlay dashboard!

To place Google Maps on your CarPlay dashboard, you will need to first open the app. Once the app is open, you will need to select the “Menu” icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Next, you will need to select the “Settings” option. Finally, you will need to scroll down and select the “Dashboard” option. This will allow you to choose which apps you would like to display on your CarPlay dashboard. Selecting “Google Maps” will place the app on your CarPlay dashboard!

The Home Screen Dashboard only allowed Apple Maps to be seen on one of the side panels. Apple has given applications the ability to replace Apple Maps with their own navigation app.

Many still prefer the full-screen view of their favorite navigation app, but for those who want to control more than one app in CarPlay, the Home Screen Dashboard is their main go-to screen. I’ll show you how to display the maps on the dashboard.

Now that Apple CarPlay is available on Android, you can display Apple Maps as the home screen, which brings all of the information you need at a glance on one screen.

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has finally given application developers the power to replace Apple Maps with their favorite navigation app. The home screen dashboard allows you to view directions, and also control music playback, Siri suggestion and Apple HomeKit commands.

There are lots of navigation apps on the market but for people who want to control more than one app at a time, the Home Screen Dashboard is a good way to do it for CarPlay users who are also iOS device owners.

In order to display Google Maps on the CarPlay dashboard, here’s what you do:

Google Maps on CarPlay Dashboard 

You need to install the latest iOS 14 version from the App Store on your iPhone first. After that, download the Google Maps app from the App Store. Launch the app and then connect your device to your car via Bluetooth

The latest version of Apple Maps will appear on the CarPlay home screen. Click on the icon and select the Home Screen. Select the Google Maps app and set a destination and press Go. The latest version of Google Maps will now be displayed on the Apple CarPlay Dashboard.

The navigation panel in this app will now display Google Maps directions instead of Apple Maps.

How do I return the dashboard navigation panel back to Apple Maps?

Simply open up the Apple Maps app on your iPhone or iPad Tap the menu icon in the top-right corner Select the Home Screen button until you see the Home Screen dashboard The navigation panel will now be displaying Apple Maps directions to your destination instead of Google Maps.

If an alternative navigation app has a destination set for it, then your chosen navigation app will always show it in the navigation panel on your dashboard.


Can I show Waze on the CarPlay Dashboard screen? 

At the moment, there is no update for Waze to be displayed on the home screen dashboard. The rumor is that they want to implement new features such as lane guidance before allowing Dashboard view. As soon as that changes, we will make a new guide. If you follow us on social media, you will know when we update to support the dashboard.

Can you make Google Maps default on CarPlay?

Yes, you have the ability to do that. Before you can connect it to your vehicle, you’ll need to have a map on your mobile device. You should be able to navigate to a location after that because you will be able to launch Google Maps on your screen.


If you’re looking for a way to get directions without having to take your eyes off the road, adding Google Maps to your CarPlay dashboard is a great option. 


With just a few taps on your screen, you can have access to all the information you need while driving. Have you tried using Google Maps on CarPlay? What tips and tricks do you have for other drivers? Let us know in the comments below.


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