How to Pick the Best Wine Bottle for Parties & Functions – 5 Tips!


Wine is the essential ingredient of all our parties and functions. It certainly seems like a daunting decision as so much relies on this, and one bad decision can ruin everything. And when picking up a wine bottle for events, functions, or parties, there are several factors that come into consideration.

If the flavour, just hit the right note. Suppose the guests find it perfect to their taste. Or if the fruits are tannin. Mastering the art of wine is a lifelong process, as many wine connoisseurs still find it difficult to pick the best wine due to the attached complexities of grapes, aging, and vineyards.

This is what makes it extremely difficult for part of arranging a party to pick the best wine considering the above-discussed factors. Moreover, choosing the best drinks is the best part, as things have changed dramatically over the years and people today love to taste the drinks that match their taste buds and let them flow with the live vibe of whatever the event is.

5 Ways to Pick the Best Wine for Parties & Functions

To pick the best wine that complements your food while matching perfectly with occasion and person, here are the 5 tips that will help you pick the best.

1.     Know the Type of Wine

The first and foremost step to picking the best bottle of wine is knowing the exact type of wine you want. This will help you make the best decision regarding the pick for your event or festival.

You must have some great wines before in your life. Whether parties or boys night in the backyard, knowing the wines that would please everyone is paramount. So, the best way to narrow your search is by picking some of the wines you had tasted before and liked. Adding a few pre-liked bottles and combining the new recommendations you have gotten from your friends or family is a great way to expand the collection.

2.     Know Your People

Another thing to understand and determine is to know the people that will be attending the event or will be having fun in the event. Understanding people’s taste buds are important as this will help you pick the wine bottles that will be liked and tasted by everyone.

Moreover, it is also important to understand that not everyone will drink wine, and the total number of people will likely be different from the others. But it is pivotal to note that normally all the partygoers will be choosing wine at all times. It is certain that without wine, party of any gathering would completely mean nothing.

3.     Decide How Long the Event Takes Place

The next important thing to decide beforehand is how long the event will take. It could be measured in hours or the total number of guests coming. This is probably a good idea to understand the requirements regarding the total number of bottles. Even if you are unsure regarding the total number of guests, rounding up the number would help you with the figure.

Now, you must consider why you need to prepare in advance. Just for a moment, consider having fewer bottles for more guests. The last-moment hassle would be exhausting and tiring beyond imagination. Moreover, the charm of high gear and full swing parties would even create a lot of whispers regarding the improper planning for the party. And with your proper planning for the event, you can place a wine order and buy wine online in London UK.

Moreover, the benefit of this goes above and beyond. If you are aware of how long the event goes, probably deciding the total number of bottles required would become guessable. So, it ensures that you wouldn’t run out of bottles in the last moments and probably makes everyone happy with your thoughtfulness.

4.     Pick the Best Red Wines

Picking the red wines is important as many people would love red wines. You can pick a variety of red wine bottles ranging from light, medium, and full-bodied bottles. Here are some recommendations for light, medium, and full-bodied collections;

  • When picking light red wines, you can go for Dolcetto, which is a sweet name with a dry taste. This wine goes extremely well with cold cuts, salami, and dips and would add incredible charm to your summer party bash.
  • Another light range in red wine is Pinot Noir. It is a silky, fruit, and soft blend with earthy notes. If you have grilled salmon and pork belly on the menu for your event, picking up a few bottles of Picot Noir is probably the best decision for your party. Moreover, if you have more ladies coming to the event, this pick would prove to be the best.
  • When ranging in between the medium collection, Merlot is a great wine that is not too strong and not mild either. Perhaps, it is the best gateway drink in the red wine collection. It has a smooth taste and offers the great pleasure of taste to straightforward style. Furthermore, if you are having steaks or beef items on the menu, Merlot is probably the best pick.
  • Another great pick in the medium range is Bordeaux, which is a perfect blend of well mature wine. If the party you’re hosting is filled with people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, the bottles of Bordeaux will be a perfect addition.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent addition that has dark fruity with hints of pepper in the full-bodied range. It is perfect for a crowd who enjoys a variety of flavours in a single sip. This wine bottle has proven to be excellent for events with memorable settings and hearty conversation.

5.     Pick the Best White Wines

When we say that wines are all about preferences and likenesses. White wines are also the best for all sorts of events. Perhaps for people who don’t want to drink red wines, this collection of white wines would be perfect. The collection of white wines is huge and game-changing from different ranges in light, medium, and full creamy notes. If you are aware of your attendees or know the taste buds of your friends of family, picking up some of the best white wines would be the perfect choice ever. Here are a few best white wines;

  • Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanco are excellent white wines on the light side. From having mild blends with a perfect touch of citrus and floral notes, these bottles are perfect for elegant evenings.
  • Riesling, Semillon, and Sauvignon Blanc are some names of perfect picks in the medium category. Riesling has excellent acidic notes, while Semillon is moderate with a fresh touch to it. And Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and unique in its own setting.
  • You can also pick French Champagne, a great bottle with a medium setting and a hint of minerals. It has tend to be one of the finest choice for white wine lovers.

The Final Takeaway

So, I’m certain that you wish to make your party or event the best that people would discuss, from the setting to the food and, on top of them – the drinks. Hence, these five takeaways would undoubtedly help you pick the best bottles for your event and make the audience go crazy.


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