How to pay for your Spotify Premium Family subscription cheaper


Do you want to subscribe to a Premium subscription on Spotify? Wait a bit before taking action. This article will save you precious euros on your bill! You will see that there is an effective way to get a Spotify Premium Apk subscription without paying the full price. You will benefit from a great saving in the process for an almost similar service!

The Spotify offer

Spotify is a music streaming service created in 2006 in Sweden. It allows you to listen to musical titles, to search by artist or by album, to listen to themed playlists, or quite simply to listen to music randomly. It is present on all media: computer, smartphone (IOS & Android), tablet, smartTV, and even game console (Playstation & Xbox). The service is present in almost all countries and offers its members a catalog of more than 40 million songs.

spotify: how can you pay less for your Premium or Family subscription?
Spotify offers its users the following three formulas:

  • The Free offer: The basic offer allows you to listen to music but in a limited way. Advertisements are present between each title.
  • the Premium offer at € 9.99 / month: This subscription allows you to listen to music without the slightest advertising. The sound quality is better: 320 kbit / s instead of 128 kbit / s. It is possible to download the music titles to listen to them offline.
  • The Family offers at € 14.99 / month: It is the same as the Premium offer except that you can attach 5 additional accounts for the same price. The condition is that everyone lives under the same roof.

If you are a student you can also benefit from an advantageous rate by paying only € 4.99 / month for the Premium subscription. The first month of subscription is free when you first subscribe.

Below we have provided the direct link to download YouTube Premium APK. You need to download 2 apps for the non-rooted device on Techtodown.

How to pay less for your Spotify Premium or Family subscription?

And yet there is another way to pay less for your subscription! As with Netflix and Deezer, the trick is to register on the site pretending that you come from a foreign country where life is cheaper, and where the price of the subscription is also cheaper. Because Premium and Family subscriptions are identical between each country and offer the same services to users around the world.

The target country to choose for this tip is The Philippines.

Small precision before starting, you should also know that this trick goes against the conditions of the use of Spotify Apk. In the worst case, you risk going back to the free offer if they ever detect a problem with your account. The manipulation that we are going to be described to you in this article will be spread over a few days, a week at most.

Step 1: Separate your bank card from your PayPal account.

If you have a Paypal account linked with a bank card, you will have to separate it from your account to link it to the Philippine Paypal.
To do this, go to Paypal then to the Wallet tab. Select your bank card and click on “Remove bank card”. Instead, attach the bank account that was linked to your card, this will allow you to make your various payments as before.

Still, in the Portfolios tab, click on “Add a bank account”. And add the bank details of your account.

add a bank account on paypal

To verify your account, Paypal will make two micro-transfers of a few cents a few days later. These two amounts will have to be entered in Paypal to validate the addition of your bank account.

confirm a bank account on paypal

Step 3: Install a VPN

To help you in your goal of paying less for your Spotify subscription, you are going to need VPN software. This will allow you to browse the internet by locating your connection in another country to deceive websites.

VPNs allowing you to connect to a Filipino server being rare and even more in the free version, we advise you to install the software HideMyAss. On the other hand, you will only have 7 free days, and you must also enter a payment method when registering. You can use your basic PayPal account. You just have to remember to deactivate the subscription before the 7-day trial.

Once you are done, you will need to unsubscribe from HideMyAss and uninstall the software.

Step 3: Register on Paypal. ph

Start your VPN software and locate it in the Philippines. Then go to the Paypal Filipino version with chrome in private browsing mode to avoid being detected by the internet browser cache. If you have trouble with English, do not hesitate to translate the page with chrome for more understanding (shortcut at the top right). You must now create an account on Paypal. ph, for this, you will need to use a different login email address than your French Paypal login address. If you don’t have one on hand, quickly create one in Gmail, it only takes a few minutes.

Start your registration. Please select that you are of Filipino nationality. Since the address is mandatory, you can put an address retrieved on google map. Enter a random passport number and phone. Strangely, you don’t need to have your Paypal account verified with your phone as is the case in France.

Once registered, then go to the “Wallet” section, click on “link a card” and add your bank card details as shown on the screen below. Be careful, however, it seems that not all bank cards are compatible with this trick. This is the case with the N26 or the Revolut. We tested it with a Boursorama bank card and we have not encountered any payment problems.

Add your credit card to PaypalClick again on the card to confirm that you are ready to validate its addition. Paypal will now proceed to verify your card. For this, you will be charged € 1.50 on your card. In the wording of the direct debit will be the 4-digit code to enter in your Paypal space to validate your card. once you have entered this code and validated your card, you will be refunded the amount withdrawn.

So here you are with a Philippine Paypal account linked with your bank card. You can now go to the last step.

Step 4: Register on Spotify. ph

It’s time to move on to signing up for your Spotify subscription. Your VPN must be activated here as well. Open an incognito window in Chrome (shortcut CTRL + ALT + N or in the menu at the top right of chrome) and go to Spotify Philippines to start your registration. If you already have a Spotify account, connect to it, and in your profile choose the Philippines as the country of connection. If you are not yet registered, create an account.

Spotify tip with VPN

As you can see the Premium subscription is currently priced at 129 Philippine Pesos/month. If we convert it into Euro, it makes 2.12 € / month. Be careful with this, you must add the currency conversion costs of your bank. For online banks, these fees are generally lower. For example at Boursorama, ING Direct, or Fortuneo, these costs amount to around 2% of the direct debit, or in our case 5 cents. Which makes a total subscription to 2.17 € / month. You will therefore benefit from a reduction of more than 80% for your Premium subscription compared to the price charged in France!

Then select “subscribe to the Premium subscription”.Choose Paypal as your payment method. You are then redirected to the Filipino version of Paypal. Log in with your login details used in the previous step. All you have to do is validate the payment. Sometimes Paypal displays the message “We’re sorry. We weren’t able to complete your payment or set up pre-approved payments ”. It happened to us. And the solution was to try again to start the whole maneuver again with another bank card.

Paying your Spotify Premium subscription with a VPN

When you return to the Spotify screen, you will receive confirmation that your payment has been made. Disconnect from the VPN software, uninstall it from your computer, and above all go connect to the site to cancel the subscription taken out. And that’s all!

You are now a Spotify subscriber for just € 2.20 per month. You can listen to all the music as you see fit by taking advantage of the benefits of the Premium subscription! After the first month is offered, you will be charged € 2.17 each month. If you wish, you can also switch to the Family subscription (under the Premium for Family name) at the price of 194 Pesos/month, i.e. € 3.08 / month.

This trick, therefore, allows you to take advantage of a very advantageous rate on your Spotify subscription. We are unfortunately not immune that one day this technique no longer work. For the moment it works, you might as well take advantage of it! Hopefully, this lasts as long as possible. If you liked this article, was useful to you or if you have any questions, please leave us a comment just below. Do not hesitate to share it with all those who would like to subscribe to a Spotify Premium or Family subscription, or who have already subscribed and who are paying a high price!

Spotify Premium Duo costs 12.49 euros per month

As is normal in these cases, it is cheaper to use the subscriptions of several accounts to be distributed among the users than a single account. For example, if we use the family plan, the payment per account is only 3.75 euros per month, much cheaper than paying the 9.99 euros for the individual account. Something similar happens with the new Spotify Premium Duo plan and that is that it costs 12.49 euros, precisely for two accounts.

Spotify Premium Duo

In this way, each account will get Spotify Premium for a monthly payment of 6.25 euros per month, much less than the individual account, but without reaching the low price of the family plan. That is why this premium plan seems ideal for couples, where we save having to find two other members for the family plan and still pay less than what the individual account offers us.

In addition, as expected, the benefits of the Spotify Premium Duo plan are the same as those of any other premium account and that is that we can listen to all the music we want without any type of advertising, being able to choose the quality at which we reproduce it and with the possibility of downloading our music to enjoy it offline wherever we go. The truth is that it is a very comfortable music streaming service and if you listen to music regularly or even podcast, it is highly recommended that you access some of their premium plans to enjoy all the improvements.


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