How to Paint a Wooden Door Like New. Painting Wooden Lacy Doors.

How to Paint a Wooden Door

How to paint a wooden door like new. Painting wooden lacy doors. Arguments in favor of choosing one door painting over other finishes. If the inlet or inter-room wooden door has lost its former attractiveness – this is not a reason to part with it forever. This is enough door to paint with your own hands just to give it a second life or to enter the design of a new interior. In addition, coating wood with paint or varnish also performs a protective function.

The easiest way to repair and does not cause any difficulties in the process of work. However, in this, it will seem simple, without knowing the knowledge, beautifully and high-quality paint there are many nuances for a wooden door It will be quite problematic. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the recommendations and materials of this lesson, so that your words do not disappear! What to paint wooden doors? The choice of paints and varnishes for painting wood is very wide and sometimes one cannot do without the help of a specialist. Paint is conditionally divided into two categories:

Transparent covers consisting of varnish, special impregnation, and protective glaze. When applied to the surface of doors, they do not hide the tree structure, which is often used by designers when designing. Often, a protective coating is applied to new interrooms or entryways as a protective layer. Opaque paints, which include compositions based on organic solvents that add pigments that add color to the paint. 

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Especially oily paint, alkyd or acrylic enamel, and nitro crates. Alkyd enamel is the most sought-after because of the variety of color schemes, economical price, and good wear resistance. Its essential disadvantage is a persistent pungent odor, which will eat for a very long time. 

Acrylic enamel practically does not smell, dries quickly, has a large selection of colors, but the surface painted with such paint will be matte. The price of acrylic enamel is quite high, which somewhat limits its use. In addition, acrylic enamel should be additionally covered with an acrylic varnish, which also contributes to an increase in its value.

The most durable and durable is nitro acrylic, but its vaporization is very toxic, so it is recommended to carry out painting in a well-ventilated room or on the street.

The main aspect when choosing paint for interior doors should be environmental friendliness. For entrance doors, an important role is play by the protective function of the paint. Sometimes wood doors can simply be cover with lacquer and look like they’ll fit better than painted paint. Yes, and the price of a door covered with varnish will be much lower. 

Preparing wooden doors for painting

At the initial stage, in order to paint entrance or interior wooden doors, it is necessary to properly prepare with their own hands. How responsible and attentive you are to doing this job will depend on the final quality of the painting.

So, starting with the surface of the door, you should completely remove all the old coatings: paint, varnish, primer, putty. First, peeled or cracked layers of paint are remove with a spatula or scraper. Then the surface of the door is thoroughly ground with a grinding machine or coarse sandpaper. After that, the surface is clear by the Zn GSKB vacuum cleaner. 

However, the time-consuming job of removing old paint can be do in other ways: the thermal method. This is do using a construction dryer, a thermal system, or a conventional soldering lamp. Under the influence of high-temperature paint soften, which is without special effort remove by ordinary spatula. 

Thus, it is possible to remove it even if there are several layers of old paint. But this method is not suitable for doors that have glass elements and plastic fittings. Therefore, at the time of heat treatment, if there is an opportunity, the glass should be remove, and the door accessories to break. Chemical method (bow). 

This is do using organic solvents or special additives. These funds are universal and dissolve many types of paints and varnishes. Brush, rag, roller, or sprayer mean to be apply to the surface. Then after a few minutes, after the old coating swells and peels, it is remove by a scraper or spatula. To remove the thick layer of old paint, the chemical wash is do several times. Preliminary preparation is the most time-consuming step because whatever method you use to remove the old layer, is necessary for wood.

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After cleaning the surface of the door from the old coating, it conducts its visual inspection for the presence of existing defects. Cracks and irregularities are close to wood putty. After eliminating the old coating and defects, the door leaf is grin with sandpaper with a medium grain, and then fine-grained. Next, we remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner, wipe the surface of the door using a wet rag, west and proceed to paint. How to make inlets or interior doors made of wood can be see in the video. 

Painting wooden doors do it yourself

This will ensure the uniformity of applying the paint to the surface of the door. If it is not possible to remove the door leaf with a loop, it should be block by wedges in this position to provide access to all paint parts. In addition, the door lock is need so that it does not accidentally close and does not damage the freshly mounted paint layer.

If doors with glass and you don’t want to remove them, simply close the glass with paper or film and lock with painted scotch. After painting, the painting tape should be remove immediately without waiting for the paint while driving. The failure parts of the door fittings are also tightly wrap with paper or foil and clamped with scotch. It is also necessary to take and fix the mechanism of the door lock. Painting a wooden door with your own hands takes at least two stages. 

The first layer of paint acts as clay. Small parts and corners can be paint over with a sealer brush. The large and free area of ​​the door leaf is paint with a roller. In addition, the color of a wooden door can be do using a fall. After drying, we grind the primer layer of small emery paper and divert. 

It is easily necessary for the second layer of paint and the first is tightly tighten. The paint, which will be use as a primer. Is select by several tones with a light finish decorative coating. So that it does not affect the final color of the door web. The second layer of paint is finish and apply as a decorative coating. After complete drying (usually about three days), the door can also be cover with varnish. 

Depending on which design, different blurring schemes are apply to the input or interior wooden doors. Therefore, the panel door web is paint first, for example, from left to right. Further, how the first layer will dry, the door leaf is paint in the longitudinal direction. Then, after drying the second layer. The staining ends in the opposite direction to the first step (from right to left).


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