How to match on tinder? 12 tips to get more matches


No Tinder match for weeks? You swipe, swipe, swipe but nothing comes. You feel like all the girls are running away from you like the plague. What’s going on? Is Tinder’s algorithm blocked? Do you at least appear in potential matches of the girls you’ve swiped on? Is this the picture of your new profile picture? It is however top this photo between friends in Sables d’Olonne. So, could that be the fault of the Tinder description? Nobody liked the joke you took from the Gad Elmaleh show? Do girls no longer like guys with humor? Maybe you should have put a quote from a Greek philosopher?

The questions swirl in your mind, but you can’t find an answer. Your last Tinder date now goes back more than 6 months and it must be said that your rank of network hunter has taken a hit. The problem with all of this is that you still haven’t found the cause of the symptom. Your best mate told you that “girls don’t hang out on Tinder Gold Apk anymore” but you only half believe it. It must be said that your cousin Baptiste is having dates with Tinder missiles every Friday evening. You asked him for advice but he himself does not know how to explain why he succeeds like this on Tinder. It must be said that from the height of his 90 meters and his 80 kilos of muscle, it should not be too difficult for him.

But rest assured, you don’t need to have the tanned complexion of your cousin Baptiste to accumulate the matches. There is a very specific method that consists of analyzing all the elements that can pose a problem but also reinforcing all those which can bring you points. No more panicking and racking your brains, we give you our turnkey tips. The 100 Tinder matches are yours!

Free field: broaden the search parameters!

We start with the obvious and we put all the chances on our side! To broaden your search parameters. If you live in the suburb of Chalon-sur-Saône and you have put your radar on girls between 24 and 26 years old within a radius of 5 kilometers, then we can tell you that it is going to be difficult to find the rare pearl.

What do you mean you don’t want to be too tolerant? Are you falling behind the number of Tinder matches to the point that you no longer have the time to manage them? This is not really the case. So, we stop being choosy and we decide to expand to girls between 22 and 29 years old and we have fun with a radius of a good sixty kilometers. It will do you good to get out of Chalon-sur-Saône a bit and explore the country.


Not too much information in the bio: so leave a part of the mystery to provoke the Tinder match

Have you filled in your Tinder description? That’s very good, it puts you above the mass of all lazy people who haven’t taken the time to write a hundred characters to find the woman of their life. However, if you got on fire and threw up an entire paragraph about your childhood in northern Aquitaine, then you probably made a mistake. And you probably won’t have any Tinder matches.

Indeed, too many of these guys copy/paste their CV in the Tinder description. Nobody’s going to hire you guys, so calm down. Why is it a problem? Firstly, because it shows that you don’t have confidence in yourself. Indeed, you have spread it all out hoping that there is at least one element (but you don’t know which one) that appeals to these young ladies. Secondly, because it no longer leaves any part of a mystery. And so you won’t have any Tinder conversations.

If you reveal everything in the bio, then what is the point of matching you up to find out more about you?

Don’t scare them away: no need to talk about your passion for Russian criminals

The Tinder match is a bit like the cerebral act of “hey, this guy has potential, let’s give him a chance”. The Tinder match is a first conscious validation on the part of women. Who are the guys who match a lot? These are the guys who fill all the boxes: great attitude, well-taken photos, slightly cool descriptions, potentially interesting conversations. These guys aren’t the weirdos, the weirdos.

There are tons and tons of weird guys on Tinder and the girls know it. They know how to spot this kind of lads from miles away, and they certainly don’t want it. To play the card of normality and simplicity. Don’t talk about your crazy passions (don’t worry, we all have them). Save this for later. For the moment, you are here to get validated.


The first photo? Don’t make waves!

Still, in the philosophy of simplicity – we are now talking about the first photo. The first photo is the very first step, it is the very first element to be validated by these ladies. It will therefore have to get in the nails.

Nobody validates a photo of a guy completely drunk or disguised as a Mexican dancer. No need to try to make the gallery laugh, you are not there for that. The guys who have the most matches always have simple, clean, crisp, casual Tinder photos. For the first photo, think “BCBG” (= Bon Chic Bon Genre). No photo in the gym, no photo with a Ferrari, no provocative photo. Prefer a three-quarter photo, a little smile, a small, well-cut neutral polo shirt, and a clean hairstyle. Search your photo gallery and take the one that is the most flawless, it will be your most precious ally. 

So do like Garrison:


And not like Evan

A single photo? They’ll think you’re ugly

That’s good, you took the time to write a bio and you weren’t lazy. Because you only uploaded one Tinder photo. There you messed around.

Why is it a problem? Because girls don’t validate a guy who only posts one photo. Either they’ll find you ugly and won’t swipe, or they’ll find you cute but want to see a second photo to validate. Don’t lie, you do the same with girls.

So, don’t shoot yourself in the foot and add some photos to your Tinder profile. 

The following photos? Make some waves and you will get a Tinder match!

However, for the following Tinder photos, the rule is reversed. The first photo is validation from your side “in the nails” or “good chic bon genre”. When the girl “clicks” on your first photo, it’s because she thought you looked interesting. Now, we have to show him that this good-looking little guy is not, in reality, boring to death. 

You played the sobriety card in the first photo and we congratulate you. Now you are going to contrast all that with a photo that is a little more “spicy”. Be careful, by spicy we do not mean “Caliente”. So still no photo in the room where you contract to burst your veins.

When we talk about a spicy photo we are talking about a photo of you skiing, kite, surf, or parachute. We are talking about this photo at the top of Kilimanjaro or in front of the Angkor temples. We are talking about photos that make you dream, we are talking about photos that show that we are not bored with you, we are talking about photos that show that you have a life. 

When the girl clicks on your first sober, crisp, clean photo. She has validated you but in the back of her mind, she still wonders if you are not a little monotonous, even downright boring. Show her that the first of the class she fell in love with is also a huge guy who will know how to give her thrills. 


No humor? No charisma? You won’t have any Tinder matches

Watch out for completely flat and monotonous descriptions. Thanks to us, you have now avoided the error of the extended description. However, just because you write something short doesn’t have to be deadly boring.

On the contrary, it will have to be short but incisive. It will take wit, subtlety, and a little mischief. You have to show that you are charismatic.

This is quite difficult with photos, unless you put a photo of yourself speaking at a Ted conference in front of a cheering crowd. So it is in the description that it will be necessary to score points.

No negative elements in the organic (nobody likes the complainers or the depressed)

We French like to complain. We like to bitch and we even make friends who have the things we hate together as one thing in common. It is part of our culture and our originality. However, it is necessary to know the limits of these prerogatives.

We tell you right away, the Tinder description is NOT the place to complain. The Tinder description is (to some extent) the digital storefront of your life. Girls don’t like dragging and pessimistic guys. They want energetic, motivated, confident guys who will transport them. 

Instead, talk about the things you like: these are things that make you feel good. Nobody cares that you hate traffic jams.

The Super Like: the little help that goes well! 

The Super Like Tinder do you know? It’s this awesome little boost that will allow you to put yourself forward in front of the girls you prefer. The principle is simple: it’s like alike, except that the girl is directly notified that you liked her. So it’s a Super Like.

The advantage of Super Like lies in its rarity: you only have one per day. So if you super like a girl, she’ll know you spent your once-daily super like just for her beautiful eyes. It’s like the first bouquet you give her. It is your generous side and she will be grateful. If she sees that you’ve taken that first step, she’ll probably be a little more willing to match you as well and see what’s on your stomach. So, don’t forget to use your daily Super Like.


The Boosts: Show yourself to more ladies for more Tinder matches

Still, in the category of these little tools that go well, there are the Boosts. Do you know?

Tinder Boost sends your profile to the top of the queue for your potential matches for 30 minutes. In essence, when you use a Boost, a lot more girls see your profile pass. According to Tinder, this can earn you 10 times as many matches.

How to do it? You can buy a Boost at any time. However, you automatically receive one per month when you subscribe to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

Be careful though, trying to beat a lot of users at once increases your chances of getting matches, but getting tons of high-quality matches isn’t guaranteed by a Tinder Boost. With a bad profile and a Tinder Boost, you might just get kicked out a lot faster than normal. So take the rest of our advice into account as well. 


Spelling mistakes? The worst enemies of the Tinder match

The guys who make spelling mistakes in their Tinder description are the guys who decided to shoot themselves in the foot by placing themselves in the category of big losers or fat lazy.

Let it be said, spelling mistakes scare off girls. Spelling mistakes = no Tinder match. It shows that you didn’t even take the time to reread yourself OR that you didn’t go to school for very long. Either way, it’s not something that makes you shine.

It doesn’t cost you anything to have a friend proofread your description. You will write a maximum of 5 lines, it is not difficult not to make mistakes. So don’t do it.

Talk about your passions in the bio

Girls like guys they have things in common with. To match someone is to open the door to a conversation.

If the girl thinks she won’t be able to have an interesting conversation with you, then she won’t match you.

The vast majority of Tinder conversations are about each other’s passions, so mention yours right from the start: in the description. Be careful, as we said above: do not (yet) talk about your wacky passions. Stick to the nails without falling into the things everyone loves: movies, travel, and photography (admit, you put one of the three in your description).

Compose a jury of very demanding girls

Finally, who better than a group of girls to know what girls really like? Once you’ve followed all of our tips listed above, show your profile to a group of pre-selected girls. Show them your new photos and your new description. Ask them sincerely what they think about it and listen carefully to their advice.

Also, take some time to sit down with them and watch them browse on Tinder.

You will see on what type of profile they flash and you will see that there are trends that are found everywhere. You will see their expression of disgust when they pass the photo of a shirtless guy in a club and you will see that they will not be insensitive to Louis and his well-fitting polo shirt. You will see what kind of humor they enjoy in the descriptions and you will also see what elements make them shy away from it. Watch carefully and take notes.

Finally, accumulating Tinder matches is above all questioning yourself and using the weapons you have at your disposal.

The first element to improve is your profile picture: the first should be smudge-free and the following should be intriguing and showcase you. Then comes the description: it should be short, incisive, light, subtle, and slightly humorous.

Finally, there is an array of tools that you can put to good use. You can use the Super Like function to showcase yourself in your favorite girl’s phone of the day. There’s the Boost, which puts you at the top of the stack (only use it once you’ve optimized your profile photo and Tinder description). Finally, there are the settings: yes, you can be demanding. However, don’t be too picky (especially if you still don’t have 100 matches) and give the girls a chance who might not have been in your first criteria.

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