How to Market Your Mobile Games Effectively in 2022


Mobile games are becoming more and more famous around the globe. The number of users coming to the gaming world is more than in any other industry in the world.

But with increasing users around the globe, the need for better marketing becomes a necessity. The need for proper marketing of mobile games is now essential for mobile game owners to succeed and capture the attention of their targeted audience.

So, without further ado, let’s begin digging into the marketing techniques and ideas for new and old mobile games in 2022.

Types of Mobile Game Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are generally two points of view – primarily organic and paid. Both of these have their own significance and usages and remain useful for everyone.

However, the need for better understanding of their correct usage remains important. Whether you are a mobile game development company or a company that employs app developers Chicago – organic and paid marketing play a crucial role in making things work.

Both organic and paid techniques can be used for mobile games. But if you need to make the campaigns more effective and result-oriented, both of these must be employed as a hybrid technique. This way, the marketing efforts are more fruitful and the outcomes are more likely for the app owners.

Let’s explore both marketing types one by one and learn how they are useful.

Inorganic or paid marketing is usually referred to the marketing that is done through various online platforms. These may include Google Display Network (GDN), Pay Per Click (PPC), social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

There are certain advantages of choosing paid marketing technique, mostly in terms of support of what you are doing. Let’s have a look.

  • Audience Targeting

The first advantage of paid marketing is that it allows you to target your audience in an improved manner. For example, if you want to target a certain age group with a particular interest, you can easily do that.

  • Location Targeted

Another advantage of paid marketing is that you can target your audiences based on the locations you deem ideal. Many performance marketers usually like to experiment before they finally decide on moving forward.

  • Enhanced Demographics Support

The demographic support for paid marketing is among the biggest advantages for marketers and mobile game owners. For example, when there is any need for marketing, the detailed support for carrying out marketing stuff allows you to handle it in detail.

In the paid marketing sphere, there are usually a number of advanced options that we can choose from but the amount of control we have over the target market makes it stand out if you have the budget.

Organic Mobile Game Marketing

Organic mobile game marketing is a way where things are done in a more “free” or unpaid manner. The use of organic tactics and strategies has existed for years and if done right, it often generates better results compared to the inorganic side.

It obviously has certain advantages, let’s have a look at them.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Organic mobile marketing is obviously more cost-effective than any other strategy. Many mobile game development companies that are usually focused on building a long-term strategic focus employ organic tactics.

  • Sustainable Results

No matter where you get the mobile game made, sustainable results are guaranteed when you get your game built by expert game app developers Chicago. However, when you go for sustainable results, the charm is different.

  • No Haphazard

When you deal with organic mobile game marketing techniques, there is less haphazard, and things get resolved in a more linear and straightforward manner. The amount of work done or to be done is usually also very manageable.

There are some other techniques as well, but the best is usually where an intriguing advert is created and targeted to the right audience in the right manner.

Creating an Impactful Mobile Ad

When you think about creating an impactful mobile ad, there are certain tactics and strategies that you need to follow. A lot of struggles are about managing the creative side of the development and managing the load and executing it properly.

Let’s quickly have a look at the process through which we can possibly achieve goals more efficiently.

  • Thinking of an enthralling plot

The first step for creating an advertisement that explodes or converts is to think of a fascinating plot. It can either be an extremely simple process. Or a slightly complex, confusing or overpowering creative that attracts the viewers from all regions.

  • Crafting a creative script

The next step, after you have conceptualized the plot, is crafting the perfect creative script. Writing a script might not always be necessary but depending upon the overall outlook and atmosphere of the mobile game and the idea of the creative, it matters a lot.

  • Developing a relevant video

After the creative script has been written and finalized, the next step is to correctly make the video. It can either be an animated video ad or an account of (supposed) players that play the game. In the end, it all depends on the objectives.

  • Keep the video intriguing

One last factor that matters the most is keeping the interest factor alive, right from the start till the end. No matter which mobile game development or marketing company you choose for the job, it has to be highly effective and useful in all regards.


Choosing the right company for mobile game marketing in 2022 is important. No matter if your gaming app is built by the most seasoned app developers Chicago, it needs to be properly marketed.

Once you have identified the process through which you will be proceeding then there is a need to do exactly what needs to be done. That is to A/B test multiple campaigns by executing variations of different strategies.

The best possible way is to run these campaigns for at least 3 to 4 months, analyze results and make subsequent changes. This way, not only will you know what works for you but you will also get your course corrected.


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