How to Manage a Successful PRINCE2 Project

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How to Manage a Successful PRINCE2 Project

It is essential to make sure you are able to keep the various and many different projects moving.  Having a well organized and well planned project is key.  There are some keys that you should remember when managing a project.  Without a clear path and strategy to assist you in keeping the project moving forward it will become more difficult to find success, as you would find out on a PRINCE2 Course London.

Planning is key to a successful project.  Starting and completing a project is more than trying to meet a deadline.  It is also about figuring out who, what, when, where, why and how.  You need to know what to spend your time on.  When should you spend your time?  Should you allocate it to one person or a team for the most successful results?

Practicality is important when a project is a priority.   Do you have the right people doing the right things at the right time?  You must ask yourself this question before you even get going on your project.

Enjoy the project as you are working toward the goal.  You will get step by step direction as you go.  There is no clear time schedule.  You are accountable to someone or some group, but it will save you in practical work areas.

Have you developed the right kind of plan?  Will you enjoy project management?  If not, look into finding consultant seeks your help what do you am I getting in return?  Is it worth the return on investment?  You have to find a balance between what and how you deliver deliver the best results to with your best project.

Here are a few things to consider when in management of your project…

1.  Determine your management style.  Are you a “hands-off”, “I’m involved and you stay out of it” leaders, or do you feel a need to define and structure the project work?  Do you see your project as a team event or a project unto yourself?

2.  What kind of resources when and where will you use?  Does this resource conflict with your current resources or could you creatively use this product of staff time?  You might have no idea, but there always may be expert assistance out there just waiting to be used for your project based on the previous work you have done.

3.  You cannot tell people not to waste their time during the project, but you can do more than stimullate them with excessive informational and qualifying h Round up the project team.  Take the time to get their opinions and handle any disagreements constructively.  When you do this you will effect your team more than any regular meeting.

There are some basics to managing the project:

Plan things ahead of time.   “Less planning prevents more planning”.

  • Schedule your resources in their resource groups.   The way to do this is to quickly identify what will be in the time different areas.  For example, if you are working on a report template you have to know who is going to do the formatting/presentation and who will be responsible for type.
  • Give your team the facilities and tools they need to do the job.  This includes facts ground, tables and other resources that will assist in do the job.
  • Ensure you are meeting all your commitments and you are meeting your deadlines.  Depending on the project deliverables, you have to make sure you are meeting your deadlines.
  • Find a skilled resource to rely on in the different areas in the project.  The better your team does in their function the more they will be able to devote to the other aspects of the project.

Leadership is the key to a secured and successful project no matter the budget. Organization and application in the different phases of the project will help keep everyone on track.

In conclusion these are a couple of ideas to share with you that we have used in building a successful team in a major corporation.  We thought you would find this information useful.  Watch your team members work and be involved.  You cannot let politics get in the way of doing a good job and keeping good records.  Keep these things in mind.  This will make it easy in accomplishing the goals of the team.

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