How to make YouTube Video Downloader in HTML

How to make YouTube Video Downloader in HTML
How to make YouTube Video Downloader in HTML

Making a YouTube Downloader can look really difficult, but it is not really. Making a YouTube Downloader requires you to know some HTML, JavaScript and Node.js and you should be well enough able to create your very own YouTube downloader.

YouTube Video Downloader in HTML

If you are going to have a YouTube downloader you need HTML to create your elements that we are going to use to interact with our website. First, I Create an simple HTML document that has a title, an input and a button. So first create a HTML file named index.html. This is the HTML code for our simple Webpage.

After that we will add some styling to our page using CSS. You can use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. So first I linked my CSS file (style.css) by adding the link tag inside the head. Then in the style.css we can customize our webpage. So here is my simple CSS code for a really simple styling.

To make it easy and quick, I would say you can use YouTube Video downloader Script on your website.

Download YouTube Videos Online

Disclaimer: Downloading videos from YouTube is against the YouTube Policy. The only videos that your allowed to download is your own which you can already do using YouTube Studio.

But still make popular websites like Save from net and more such websites are offering it. So why to use another website If you can make your own.

For Php you can get many youtube video downloader source code but for blogger or in JavaScript it is not that easy.

So, If you want to get such type of tool website script in blogger you can visit Technical Arp website for more.

Downloader Using Node JS Library

ytdl-core is a module that can be installed in your node project. It allows you to download youtube videos. This awesome module was made by a person called fent. It has a lot of features which are great like ytdl.videoInfo which gives you different information about a video. I have use this feature to create a youtube downloader where you can search for the video or put the link in to download the video. ytdl-core can be used for all different purposes. Let me give you an example. If you want your website to have your video that you uploaded to YouTube and you also don’t want it to be blocked in places where youtube is blocked like Schools. Then you can use ytdl-core to download your own video and use it. ytdl also allows you to validate YouTube URLs and validate YouTube video IDs

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