How To Make Your Uber Clone 2022 Stand Out With Top Additional Features

uber clone
uber clone

The Coronavirus outbreak changed human lives forever, in a good way. To pinpoint a few good things that the pandemic brought us, the change in transportation means is the greatest of all. People have drastically shifted to booking a taxi and riding privately rather than sharing the same seat with a crowd. What made the shift? Well, the safe, secure, and hygienic Uber Clone taxis are one of the primary reasons for this haul.

Good for the entrepreneurs who always wanted to run a business. This on-demand taxi app enables you to run the most amusing taxi business that is successful and earns you a billion bucks from day 1. Despite the extensive goodness of this app, there’s one thing that entrepreneurs should never forget – THE COMPETITION.

Outstand Peers with Your Unique Uber Clone App

Winning the competition is not easy when every business owner has access to the latest technologies. They will build the app, customize the features, and create something eccentric to attract the audience. You can’t stop them. However, you can surpass them!

Since you cannot stop them from accessing the resources, you can stay a step ahead of the competition by launching the app and new features early. Surpassing the competitors while building the app from scratch is certainly impossible. Therefore, you need to opt for a readymade app like Uber. Once you get your hands on the clone app, integrate the following advanced features into it.

  1. Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning

Logging into the apps has become much easier and smarter because of the new-age login feature. iPhone users can now log in with Face ID and Android users can use Fingerprint Scanning for the same. This new feature has saved the customers from all the trouble of remembering usernames and passwords.

Also, the users can easily turn on this smart biometric authentication system from the Profile page of the Uber Clone taxi booking app.

  1. Video calling option for effortless communication

Along with the in-app phone calling and texting feature, the providers and users can now communicate over video calls. This simple communication lets the driver see the rider’s location, clarify the queries, and much more.

This feature works on the internet just like the other two communication methods.

  1. Multiple stop-over points

As the name suggests, the customers can actually add multiple stop-over points to shop or eat. The ride will be paused for the duration. Therefore, you can easily shop for stuff, eat, or look at the view. However, the passenger needs to pay extra for the time the ride was paused.

  1. Book ride for other passengers

The taxi booking app allows its users to book a ride for someone else who doesn’t have the Uber Clone app. To book a ride, the user has to tap on “Book Ride for Someone Else”. As soon as the ride is booked for the other passenger, they will receive the notification on the phone.

The SMS that they will receive will contain all the details such as:

  • Driver’s name
  • Taxi’s license number
  • Driver’s phone number
  • Taxi’s model
  1. Wallet-to-wallet transfer

It is the online payment method with which the users no longer need to carry cash or add their credit card information on the taxi booking app. The users’ can and providers can easily transfer the money into each other’s wallets from their own.


Get the Uber Clone Script from the experts who have already launched more than 1200 pre-built apps. In addition to expert-level services, you will get the latest advancements in the features. Integrating them into the app will help you deliver a butter smooth user experience and an exceptional hike in sales!

Get the on-demand taxi booking app today!


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