How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Kraft Paper Board


Most of the brands prefer cardboard paper, but many like Kraft paper boards for their product. It is produced from the chemical pulp in the process. They are made of sack kraft paper with high elasticity resistance, designed for packaging products with high demands for durability. It is used in coated unbleached kraft, solid bleached board, coated recycled board, and corrugated boards. It has an ultimate high tensile strength and offers higher resistance against any wear. The material of hard component which protects the product in stand way. It is used to hold the high material and use it to store the different types of items. They are used across the globe for a variety of products, includes cosmetics items, food items, apparel, and many other products. They can be customized in almost every shape, color, and size considering the requirements of the products that are to be packed in them.

Bright Color

The first thing you can do with your stock is to make sure that the colors you use for it are bright. So, research has shown that bright colors are more attractive to the audience. It is also available in a variety of vibrate colors. It is made of different colors, but bright colors make them look more elegant, stunning, and beautiful. This is the characteristic that customers affection for printing stock. Due to the uncoated paper nature, kraft paper absorbs the ink making the color more bleached. The color of the material has outstanding printability and strength. These qualities make it a more popular choice for wrapping papers and various types of printing materials.

Attractive Illustrations

The best thing to make your kraft stock board more attractive is to make sure that to select the right type of illustration design to be printed. It plays a vital role in the success and failure of a product. Moreover, use a kraft paper board according to the latest events for-example; if it’s Christmas season, we use green-color themes or shapes of a deer. So, this is your chance to share with your customer. You use seamless stability while designing your board. But one thing to a reminder that does not overload your visual graphic design. It can also help the consumer apart of attention.

Bold Typography

These typographic are amazing dominant designs as the main design elements are if you want your message to scream. Poster and flyers will be visible from afar. Bold fonts make your logo on whatever you put on it. By using different typography designs and styles, you make your material broad more attractive. Bold font is perfect for material that is meant to put a smile on your audience’s faces. Font style makes a design look more elegant. Always use the best colors to print your text. Use proper colors for your fonts that are different from the color of the kraft line board. You can make your font bold and perfect for customers to easily read. It will help the appearance more striking.

Finishing options

You can select from a wide variety of finishing options for kraft paper, for example, machine glassy kraft. The machine glazed finishing option makes the surface of Kraft’s appearance stylish by producing a unique high gloss. It also is used in the manufacturing of corrugated packages. The stock becomes highly printable and durable. It can go for a plane finished kraft; this type of paper will be most suitable for best-quality printing. In the industry, you will appreciate the plane finished kraft being used for reel wrapping bags. Similarly, the machine finished is the most innovative finished paper in the kraft intimate. It can perfect for aluminum foil lamination.

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There are four kinds of stock textures smooth, embossed, uncoated, and coated. Each texture has multiple kraft paper styles. Most of the time, customers demand smooth paper. The smooth material texture is used in high range due to the best quality, but the rough paper is not used mostly. You can use unique textures to make your paperboard more attractive to touch. There is no material texture, so you can use both kinds of texture, smooth and rough. A smooth surface can make your material more usable and customizable. There is a lot of opportunity for adding a unique texture. Smooth texture has no elevation of edges and water make. The texture of the material visible through colors. You can get these versatile kraft paper board from Thunderbolt paper.

In a very brief statement, the Kraft paper board are the best solution for all type of material. As compared to other stocks, they are biodegradable, reusable, cheaper, and recyclable. Moreover, it provides suitability as well due to its easy handling and lightweight.


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