How to Make Money Listening to Music Online


If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know very well the dozens of ways I use to generate income from home, since I have been writing about it for more than nine years.

Well, today I am going to show you a new way that I just discovered recently and that I find very interesting. It’s about making money listening to music! 😮

And, who doesn’t like to listen to music? Of course, I don’t know anyone. Be of one style or another, songs are one of the best forms of entertainment that exist.

As Dick Clark once said, “Music is the soundtrack of life”, a famous phrase that makes all the sense in the world.

Now, with the Internet and new technologies, listening to music has also become an easy way to earn extra money, thanks, of course, to online advertising and everything it generates.

Do you want to know how this method works and what are the best platforms and apps to take advantage of it? Let’s GO!

Is it really possible to listen to music and earn money?

Yes, of course, it’s possible, otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my time using platforms and apps for that purpose, nor would I be writing about it, do you think?

However, this does not mean that you should trust any site you see on the Internet, since, obviously, there are also many scams.

For this reason, it is important that you do good research before you start using any app or platform, especially in the event that you have to pay for something.

However, to play it safe and avoid risks, I recommend that you exclusively use free sites.

In any case, if you don’t want to waste time searching and prefer to go “On the fly”, a little further down you will find some recommendations.

But before you get there, it doesn’t hurt to know the main advantages and disadvantages of earning money listening to music on the Internet.

How much Money can you Earn Listening to Music?

The competition within the music industry is absolutely brutal, with an increasing number of groups, soloists, and composers wanting to enter it in kolkata fatafat result and, of course, succeed as much as possible.

However, as in many other sectors, without sponsors, it is difficult to make your talent known beyond your closest environment.

Similarly, small producers and headhunters find it difficult to discover new promises without the help of platforms and/or people who provide them with useful information.

For this reason, a multitude of applications and websites have emerged that serve as intermediaries between new talents eager to be recognized and producers whose objective is to launch future stars and make huge profits.

Between one and the other we find ourselves, the users, who aim to earn income by helping these two parties achieve their goals.

How do you do this? Well, very easy: listening to songs and answering surveys or writing reviews about them. No trap or cardboard! 😀

Obviously, the more songs you listen to and the more opinions you express about them, the more money you’ll earn, it’s that simple.

However, the figures can vary a lot depending on the country where you are, with the US being the country with the most potential to carry out this activity.

Best Pages to Earn Money Listening to Music

Although it is possible that the number of pages to Make Money Listening to Music Online is much higher than the one you are going to see below.

I have only wanted to list those that, either I have personally tried, or are very popular and/or have a proven reputation. However, I will update this list from time to time 😉

1.- HitPredictor

This platform gives you the power to directly influence new music before it is released, being able to change the minds of record labels, radio stations, artists, and their representatives before releasing their new works to the public.

Creating an account is completely free, and while it’s not easy to qualify to participate, the rewards are worth the effort.

For every song you listen to and give feedback on, you get 3 points, which on this page is equal to no more and no less than $1.

Aside from earning points by listening to songs, you can also earn points through your personal rating of some artists.

Finally, all the points obtained can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards and a wide variety of prizes.

2.- SliceThePie

Like HitPredictor, this page pays you to listen to music and give your opinion about the artists.

Although it accepts the registration of people from anywhere in the world, it is mandatory that your English is good, since all reviews and ratings must be written in that language correctly.

Your feedback on tracks (including clothing and much more), goes directly to help artists, record labels and brands make decisions.

As for the songs, the site requires you to listen to at least 90 seconds of them before expressing your opinion, although nobody prevents you from preparing your evaluation while listening to them 😉

The income that you can obtain on this page will always go from less to more since you will also be subjected to an evaluation by the web that will determine your rank.

The greater the number of quality opinions, your rank will increase and, therefore, your income as well.

3.- Playlist Push

This platform’s main mission is to put artists in contact with playlist curators, so, unlike the previous two, its use is not suitable for everyone and it only accepts two types of users:

Artists: They can promote their music by submitting their songs to active playlist curators.

Curators: Chance to discover some of the best emerging independent artists and help them launch their careers. By the way, they earn money by listening to and reviewing songs.

So if you’re a budding artist or have an active playlist on Spotify, you should check out this site 😉

4.- Cash4minutes

Cash4Minutes is a pretty cool service that allows you to earn cash on unused monthly phone minutes just by listening to Internet radio broadcasts.

Payments are received via Bitcoin, Litecoin, PayPal, and Amazon gift vouchers.

Apps to Earn Money Listening to Music

If you don’t like listening to music from your PC and prefer to do it from your mobile phone, you can use some of the apps to Make Money Listening to Music Online.

They exist on the market and their purpose is the same as that of the previous pages.

They are the following:

1.- Mode

This free app is available for Android devices and has more than 10 million downloads.

Aside from earning money by playing music, you also have the option of generating income by playing games, making it a perfect combo of entertainment and profitability.

The minimum payment is only $10, which means that any moderately active user can reach it with relative ease.

As for the rewards, the gift cards for Google Play and cash withdrawals through PayPal stand out.

2.- Current

This application is exactly the same as the previous one, but in its version for iOS and with a different name.

Although at first, it may seem that earning money listening to music is a real bargain, the reality is that it is not at all like that.

You must bear in mind that the remuneration for carrying out this activity is really small, which means that in no case can you live from it.

Unless, of course, you are an artist with a lot of potentials and you are lucky enough to find a patron who takes it to the top. But obviously, this is not normal.

Final Words

In my opinion, this Make Money Listening to Music Online method is simply a playful and pleasant way to earn extra money without investing, which, above all, is used to pay for small expenses or whims.

In addition, it is also a very interesting way to have access to very good music that is not yet open to the general public.

And, have you tried this way of earning income online?

Do you know any platform or app to earn money listening to songs that I have not mentioned in the previous list? I will appreciate any opinion or comment about it! 🙂


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