How to Make Likes and Comments on Facebook?


The Internet changed the world into a Global Village. We can connect with anyone from the other side of the world through various apps and websites. One of these is widely famous, and drastically growing Facebook  Likes.

It helps us to connect with anyone from anywhere without even spending a dime. We can also post anything for people to see on it (within its community standards). Instant Facebook Likes From us the option to like, react, comment, and share the posts we like. 

With every person posting the content of their choice, sharing news, giving information, etc, Facebook algorithms filter out some content for us according to our choice. The more involved you are in some type of content, the more relatable things it will show you in the newsfeed.

Whether you want to post age-old recipes, discuss sports, share cute stories of your grandchildren or get commercial benefits by promoting your business or advertising your products, Facebook is the way to go.

When you make posts on Facebook, you want to know about people’s reactions to them. A person sharing views about something political, or commercial wants to know in comments whether people agree with it or not.

This means getting a higher number of likes or comments on posts is a natural urge for everyone.

To boost your likes, comments, and shares you have to focus a little more. Some important points to  keep in mind are:

Your profile picture is the first thing grabbing the eyes when someone navigates to your id. It should be catchy enough to make the other person stay on your profile and see your posts.

Your display picture and cover photo should also convey the purpose of your profile whether it’s a business, personal, or informative account.

Keep it simple yet engaging enough to make clear statements about you.  

These two are the most important images that others can see all the time. Don’t stick to just one thing, keep changing these according to seasonal promotions or any new update about your page.

  • Know your audience

Knowing what kind of people follow you and why can make a lot of impacts. For example, if you are advertising a clothing brand and you notice that people like to see posts about clothing hacks, colour matching outfits then generate more posts about it. Rather than posting about uninteresting things.

If you won’t focus on people’s choices, you will lose the audience. Try o stay away from religious or political posts to avoid hurting or enraging the sentiments of your followers.

  • Focus on the right timings

You also have to figure out when your followers are most active on social media. Finding the right time to post will help your posts reach a maximum number of people.

Studies have shown that most people are active on social media in the morning hours before starting office work or at the end of the day after office. Posts made during these times reach the top of their newsfeed and are viewed immediately.

Similarly, to get maximum reach, you should make an effort to know when your audience is active. If you are running an internationally active page, focus on other time zones as well.

  • Short and relevant posts

Social media has reduced the attention span of people. Platforms like Instant Facebook Likes are generated to scroll quickly for users. So, there are very less chances that people will read long and boring posts from business pages.

The key to making engaging posts is to stay relevant to the theme of your page and write short, interesting information in posts.

Writing on images also comes under this category. You should not clutter up the image with a lot of words. Make it relevant, short and to the point.

  • Encourage comments and engagement through posts

More comments on your post will make it more visible as friends of the people commenting may also see your post. This will increase more likes and exposure for your page.

You can encourage people to comment on your post by running contests or asking questions. If you are launching a new collection of clothes, ask people about what kind of dresses they would like to see.

Start a competition or comparison between two clothing types and encourage people to tell their opinion in the comment section.

You can also engage in comments with people. answer the questions of followers, and give thanking replies to appreciative reviews. You can also reply to discouraging comments instead of deleting those as everyone can have different opinions but keep it professional.

  • Get aboard with Facebook life

Going live is one of the newest features of Instant Facebook Likes and it is very useful if you want to get noticed by people easily. Whenever someone goes live on Facebook, it sends a notification about it to all the people who liked it or followed your page.

In this way, people get a reminder of your page even if they haven’t seen it for a long time. Make the most use of this feature and share interesting videos or new promotions on Instant Facebook Likes live.

  • Stay trendy

People tend to follow digital trends a lot nowadays. Especially if your page is followed by teens or relevant to millennials or gen Z, following new trends will keep you in the highlights.

  • Utilize the previous post’s data as examples

It is very important to keep in view what type of posts people prefer. Once you get a hint of the likes and dislikes of people, stick your posts according to them. To figure this out, you have to focus on the insights of previous posts. 

Choose best performing posts and make new posts relevant to them.

  • Make the best out of cross-promotion

If you own a brand or advertise for a company, you have to spread your wings on various platforms. To promote your Facebook page and boost some engagement, add the link to your Facebook profile at the bottom of your website.

You can promote your Facebook page on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

  • Collaborate with influencers and artists

People tend to follow and like more posts of influencers or artists than business pages. To promote your page, you should connect with some famous person or influencer. Their social proof will immediately increase your reach.

  • Pin the best post

Facebook Likes gives us the option to pin a post or picture t the top of the page. This unique feature is very useful to capture the interest of people. Pin your best posts at the top so that whenever someone will open your page, they will see that as the first post.

Make it captivating and relevant enough to capture the person’s attention and enforce him to scroll down your page. This pinned post should be clear, relevant to your page’s theme, and boldly engaging.

  These are the best ways to run a successful page on Facebook. Use them and be all set on your merry way of popularity.


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