How to make descriptive videos and how to avoid mistakes


A descriptive video is a great way to get the message across to your audience clearly and precisely. Using whiteboard animated video to illustrate a specific action or topic is a great way to awaken your audience’s imagination. Have you ever thought about the work and process of creating an explainer video that should be avoided? From the most common mistakes made during this process to the steps taken to create the best content, the entire process is detailed below.


Before you can create your own Explainer videos, you need to create a storyboard. This is an overview of the video playback. Therefore, the position of the camera, the characters, and everything else that is shown in the Whiteboard animated video are explained. This is an example of a process and a blueprint for the animation.

Professional voice-over

A clear voice-over is required, which is transmitted by the voice actor reading from the script. It is important that this be done by a professional because he understands the tone and emotions that need to be included in the video.


The characters and visual elements that make up the storyboard are created by a professional illustration. In this phase of the process, the dynamic characters in your marketing video resemble your target audience, as this improves your relationship with you and identifies you with you. Will be easier for


This is an important step as it reflects the storyboard and puts the visual elements into practice. All of this is done through professional dynamic elements that can give your character the personality and qualities you desire. This goes hand in hand with the previous phase, in which the audience must be connected to you. If you want to create dynamic Explainer videos, you need to make sure that the company you choose has a good reputation and can produce high-quality animations.

Voice FX and music

If necessary, amazing background music is really removed from the video, while the sound effects add an extra dimension to the video. This will ensure that it is interesting to see.

Each phase of the process is important in its own way. Measures should rationalize and rationalize the process. Check out how we do it!

Indicates how important it is to correct this. However, mistakes can be made. If you avoid this, your explainer video will lead to success.

Creating an interesting and well-structured whitebeard video offers many different advantages. A poorly designed whiteboard animated video (frequent production errors) will surely take the audience away. So it’s worth investing time and effort to make the most of it. Avoiding the following mistakes will ensure that the results reflect your efforts. Let’s look at these mistakes:

too long

We live in a world where people want information quickly, so your Explainer video shouldn’t be any different. Therefore, it is a common mistake to extend a video if it is a normal video. This often means that the message gets lost along the way and viewers easily lose interest. Keep it short and sweet and you will quickly find that viewers have to look around.

Forget your audience

You will have a target group in mind. So keep in mind that you really need to address them with your dynamic Explainer video. If you focus the video on your users, you feel that you acknowledge their concerns and want to find a solution. Understanding is important. So think about your customers when creating characters and backgrounds. You only have to be more discriminatory when you help other people.

Low-quality video

The success of your video depends on its quality and design. It’s about representing your brand and how you outperform the competition. Therefore, poor animation and design can damage your picture. Here you should hire a professional dynamic Explainer video company to create a great preview video. The video quality will be available to you with an interpretive video budget. The more you spend, the more you can insert it into the video.

Script required

The idea is to deliver a message, which means that the script is needed because the message should appeal to the right audience.

product features

You only have to be more discriminatory when you help other people. If you pay too much attention to the features of your product, it will feel like a sales pitch, causing them to lose interest. So show them how to solve their problems and how to do better than the competition. Meet their needs, make them interested, and get the rest of the place.

Error using your brand colors

Brand awareness is widespread. If you do not use the brand color, you are missing out on the opportunity to create brand awareness. When you maintain your brand identity from the start, customers can identify with you and relate to your brand image. It’s not just about using your logo, but keeping the same colors throughout the video. Check out this video we created for Doconign, which focuses specifically on brand colors:

Selection of the template design

Using template videos with pre-made animated video characters is obviously easy. However, this can mean that your video does not fit your audience. They are often of poor quality and have no personality. Therefore, you need to create a custom video to get marketing results.


Poor audio editing

Voice-over is an important part of the video, but music and sound effects are played so loudly that voice-over cannot be heard. Music must also be relevant because it inserts music that has nothing to do with your video.

Invalid voiceover selection

Many business people often try to save money by hiring non-professional speakers. If you have a dialect or other language, it can be done in an unprofessional form and definitely damage your brand image. So choose a local voice actor who is professional and suitable for your video. This is a great example of a great video speaker.


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