How To Make An Organic Social Media Strategy In 2022?


A lot of brands find building a social media strategy overwhelming. There are a lot of networks accessible, and they are continuously appending new features for learning and integrating into the plan. If you do not have a full-time team of social media professionals available, it is even more difficult.

So, it is better to deploy a team for social media marketing which helps you to expand more business than individuals because we all know that there is not one platform there are so many social media platforms there and we have to target all of them to grab the audience from all the platforms.

This will surely increase the traffic and revenue of your business through social media but running different campaigns on different platforms is not the solution, we have to conduct a proper social media marketing strategy to grow fast in a short time. The main thing to get faster leads is to provide quality and never go for quantity over quality because 80% out of 100 want quality.

But the fact is that success relies on having a straightforward and sensible organic social media marketing strategy that fits your goals and resources. By the end of this article, you will know how you can develop an organic social media strategy that will drive traffic and crush that overwhelming sensation you get whenever you open Twitter or Instagram.

What is an organic social media strategy?

An organic social media plan is to promote the brand on social media. A great strategy involves utilizing free tools and posting content on different social media platforms to engage with the target audience. You can share content such as stories, photos, posts, memes, and videos on the page.

How Can You Build A Social Media Strategy?

Let’s unpack how you can begin creating a social media strategy from scratch.

  • Find The Social Media Sites You Will Concentrate On:

Before you can start the organic social media campaign, you have to pick the platforms. Find the top social media site for the business by glancing at where the target audience actually spends most of their time.

Not quite certain which one they like better? Reach out through email to do a quick survey among the existing clients. Take this chance to thank them for being loyal clients and notify them that you want to connect them on their preferred social media site.

You can then ask what platforms they often make use of. Monitoring the organic social media activity and presence of the competitors can also provide you with an idea of where the prospects and customers really are.

Once you have found the social media sites where they are, you can choose which sites you can put effort into. Lastly, glance at every social media site’s user demographics and match that with the clients’.

Is the business interested in reaching more United States adults aged eighteen to twenty-nine? Contemplate TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. According to Pew Research Center data, seventy-one percent of US adults aged eighteen to forty-eight percent utilize TikTok, sixty-five percent are on Snapchat, and twenty-nine make use of Instagram.

  • Plan The Organic Social Media Posts:

A content calendar is an easy yet vital tool for the organic growth of social media strategy. It is an excellent practice to plan the organic social media content a month beforehand. Why? A content calendar provides you with an overview of the organic social media content for a month, helping you make a cohesive plan and classify content gaps.

The content calendar can also help you with balancing the content each month so you do not overshare one kind of content. Preparing for holiday and seasonal posts to stay relevant among social media followers is also one of the advantages of the content calendar.

If you are looking for organic social media followers, then make sure to check out Graming. It is great to honor mothers during the Mother’s Day weekend with the different heartwarming Instagram images or reels. You can also promote the Father’s Day sale when that time comes around.

  • Make It Simple For People To Locate You On Social Media:

Maximize the social media presence by allowing the prospects and customers to locate you. If you are on several social media sites, make use of the same account name on all to make it simple to locate you on any platform.

Link the social media accounts and pages to each other. You will also desire to link to the social media pages on the site. This way, the site visitors can also see the organic social media posts, social media views, and social media likes and interact with them!

  • Join Communities And Groups Relevant To The Business:

Social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook have communities and groups, which are niche- or interest-based online communities. Members can ask questions, make posts, and reply to other posts.

Groups are exceptional avenues to get a pulse of the audience. Utilize it as a social listening tool. Is the target audience talking about your competitors or your brand? What answers are they looking for from such groups?

You can chime in and share solutions and ideas. Abstain from hard-selling, though. Establish the business’s credibility, and somebody else might recommend the brand as a fix to a member’s requirements.

  • Follow The 80/20 Rule For The Promotional And Helpful Organic Social Media Content:

The 80/20 rule actually still rings factual in 2022. This rule denotes the content posts ought to be eighty percent informational, educational or entertaining. Posts promoting the services and products ought to be just twenty percent.

Think like the social media user. You’d appreciate businesses that share useful posts. So, when it is time to think of the solution to their needs or problems, you will remember the business that made you laugh, made you smile, or educated you.

  • Monitor And Measure The Performance Of Your Organic Social Media Posts:

Lastly, do not forget to evaluate the performance of organic social media posts. Know the correct metrics to track and aim for setting a better social media strategy example the following month! Which topics were the target audience actually interested in?

What kind of content did they read more? By evaluating the monthly performance of your organic social media strategy, you will figure out which topics resonate well with the target audience.

You will also learn the customers’ pain points, concerns, and attitudes toward the business. Such insights can assist you in planning the next organic social media content calendar and allow you to know more about the clienteles.


It may take a bit of research, but it is worth all the effort to build the Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy. Think of it as investing your time in learning the strategy and rules of the new game.

Once you have learned the game, you will have a more informed and profound experience that will enrich your life while you play. The same is right for social media marketing that at first you will find it difficult but later on, you will cheer up your team members. It is worth your effort and time to comprehend the current social media background so that you can engage with the target audience in a meaningful and effective manner.

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