How to Make a Card Matching Game with Angular and RxJS


Apparently, games have devised a strange culture in this world. Too often, you find youngsters, and at times, adults practically gaming thru their smartphones and PCs. With each passing day, you can find a new game on App Stores, and that’s quite normal these days. More than that, many active users check out new games if they’re worth playing or not. That, as a result, features new prospects for developing new games to ensure high revenue. And seemingly, major mobile game development companies do just that to secure high returns from game development.

Nowadays, building a game is easy as well as fun. Not to mention this digital era is submerged with inscribed and visual information in magnitude to help us do just that – build a game from scratch. This blog is all about that, helping you build a card matching game using angular and RxJS – step by step.

Before jumping into that portion, it’s imperative to know thoroughly what you will deal with.

What’s Angular?

Angular was built by Google developers, highly known for its high scalability, simplicity, and dynamicity. This framework ensures super convenience, especially in the game development sectors. On the Other hand, a card matching game using angular is nothing but a blessing to habit.

Besides, many angular development companies use this because it has been the cornerstone of a framework. Angular embodies powerful toolsets widely used for building single-page apps – SPA, cross-platform mobile apps, web apps, and games.

What’s more? Angular is often brought up to date by Google developers to make it a feasible option for many, even in the upcoming days. While having the backing of Google, it’s pretty hard to choose otherwise frameworks for game developments. What’s better? Angular is highly extensible, as it has wide-ranging tools and features that are enough for almost any sort of development. That helps you maintain a dynamic approach in the game development process. More than that, you can even adjust its features to build an app in addition to any functionalities.


  • Readability and Quick Development
  • Dynamic Abilities
  • Supports Third-party APIs
  • Wide-ranging and leading-edge collection of Features
  • Debugging
  • HTML attributes
  • All sorts of HTML files
  • Modification of J-query DOM libraries

After knowing having the idea about angular, now you should know about RxJS. Without knowing them, you may as well not be a good game developer. Thus, understanding the basics about these technologies is vital even before using them.

What’s RxJS?

RxJS stands for Reactive Extensive for JavaScript. It is an extensive JavaScript library used for reactive programmings such as calls, callbacks, or all the event-based programs. More importantly, RxJS is a flexible library that works with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks too. It is a reactive library that can as well work around the angular framework to build apps and games.

More importantly, your program is supposed to act. In other words, calling any event to function even in the middle of a program RxJS libraries can be handy to do just that. RxJS is working as an asynchronous data operation for those who don’t know this yet.

In general, an event listener code include:


document.addEventListener(‘click’, () => console.log(‘Clicked!’));

On the other hand, for RxJS:

import { fromEvent } from ‘rxjs’;

fromEvent(document, ‘click’).subscribe(() => console.log(‘Clicked!’));

While the above library will only show “Clicked!” after clicking its incorporated function, but there is more you can do with this. Call functions and implement them while in the app.

To know about RxJS – read more.

How To Create a Basic Framework

First and Foremost, Create a new project with the Angular CLI, name it any. For instance, “my_first_angular_project-app.” You can do that by the command prompt via angular ng new my_first_angular_project-app. Now create an HTML file like this:


<h1>My First Angular Project! </h1>


In that project file, save this file as app.component.html. After creating your angular project, you may get a default file with app.component.html. So, replace the pre-generated code in it with the above one.

That’s just the fundamentals to get you started.

Start Building Games

Equipped your PC with all the essential tools and coding environment, then start building small projects at first. You need to start creating simple game projects firsts to get to advance ones. No doubt, unless you know all the basics of Angular, JavaScript, and RxJS libraries, you won’t be able to build your own games. For us to write that complete card matching game using angular in is a blog was not possible. That’s why we did even better. Pulled together some helpful YouTube tutorials through which you can watch learn game building.

  • ·         How to Code a Card Matching Game

  • ·         Reactive Game Development with RxJS by Markel Tuzynskyi

  • ·         How To Create A Simple Card Game With JavaScript

More importantly, you’re reading this blog because you want to learn how to build angular games. And I should tell you, what we’ve shared is highly handy to get you started in a more effective and informative way. Directly building something without knowing what technologies I’m using is the wrong way to start. Thus, it’s better to begin perceptively.

A cliché: Practice makes a man perfect, and I must underline that very quote since it’s factual. Practice does make a man perfect. The same goes for you, too. For being an angular game developer, you should practice enough to know the core concepts and ideologies for making a game in the first place. The internet, especially YouTube and other video-sharing platforms can be beneficial to learn from. Multiple talented game developers upload game-making tutorials to learn and practice from. So, use the internet for that.

The internet is swamped with many guides and video tutorials that can quickly help you build any angular game.

Once you have installed all those requirements (game building tools), you need to build several games for practice until you hang it. Besides, a single post or a single video tutorial may not be enough. It is why you need to explore as many online sources for learning and practicing. Good Luck!


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