How to make a beauty salon logo


Turbologo is an online logo creation service that can significantly save time and money. In conditions of high competition in the beauty market, it is important to use all ways of detuning from competitors and increasing the loyalty of potential customers. The beauty salon logo is not just a picture, it is an important part of your brand. A successful logo will be able to highlight you and increase your awareness. It is difficult to create a beauty salon logo on your own if you do not know the rules and design techniques. Since it is difficult to stand out in this highly competitive field, you can use a few tips on creating a logo for a beauty salon.

  • Target audience. To begin with, determine the target audience, age, etc. More men or women. This will be useful for the promotion strategy. For example, social platforms are suitable for a female or young audience. For others, offline advertising and promotion. This is also a prerequisite for logo development.
  • Services. Determine the specific services that the salon will provide. Also, when developing a brand, you need to take into account your plans for the future. If you plan to eventually turn a nail studio into a business class salon, then the image of the varnish on the logo may confuse your customers.
  • Relevance. When choosing a sign, pay attention to its relevance. If the salon has a large range of services, then you should not choose a sign in the form of a hairstyle, otherwise you risk cutting off other directions that may be interesting. In this case, it is better to choose a font version of the logo, or to develop some abstract sign, a collective image without reference to services.

Ways to create a beauty salon logo

Comparing the best ways to create a logo, the company has three main options for getting a logo. Let’s get to that: 

  1. Order from a freelancer. Find one of the sites on the Internet, which is a freelance exchange. On it, you can create your own task, specify the parameters that are important to you and assign it to one of the freelancers. Your application will most likely be answered by several performers who are ready to do the work. You need to make a choice in favor of one of them. In addition, you can arrange a competition and choose from the suggested options.
  2. Create in an online service. In such constructors, you can create a logo without special skills and knowledge. One of these services is Turbologo. Just enter a name, select a color scheme and icons from the list provided. The service will show how the logo will look on souvenirs, in documents, in color and black and white.
  3. Contact a design studio. Here you can develop a logo at a professional level, but the services of specialists are paid, and their cost is quite high. However, by contacting professionals, you will get a unique brand. The designer will consult with you before proceeding to the next stage of creating a brand name.

Basics of logo design

Logo design is a special part of graphic design that includes aesthetics, branding and marketing, composition, color theory, typography and artistic skills.

  • Colour. Most often there are women’s colors, such as pink, red, purple. However, this is not a rule or a standard. Often representatives of this business prefer to choose a more modern, sophisticated, in some cases even a “male” color palette for their logo.
  • Font. Perhaps you represent a brand for which the usual traditional, bold serif font will be the most suitable. Or else your company is feminine and “smooth”, and italics will be the most acceptable for it.
  • Image. The choice of drawing may depend on the age category of your clients, their social or material status, preferences of society, etc.


It doesn’t matter if the beauty salon is at the opening stage or has been on the market for many years — the logo theme for the owner should always be relevant. It’s never too late to change an outdated logo, because it depends on your brand awareness, and hence profit.


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