How to Learn HTML and CSS Language Easily?

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What is CSS – How to learn HTML and CSS language easily. Use of CSS – Complete Information

When we need any information. We immediately pick up our mobile or computer and go to Google or any other browser. After that we search for that information through some website or the other.

Have you ever wondered how this website is made and how it looks so attractive and features? 

You must be aware that the website is built on HTML language.

But on HTML only the format of the website is prepared, the size of the website is made, then how does this website look attractive and colorful?

The answer is CSS.

What is CSS and where is CSS used?

If we understand directly in a few words, then CSS is such a medium by which we can make the website attractive by using HTML in it, color background, text, etc.

You can change according to your convenience, if you also want to know what is CSS and how to learn, where CSS is used, then read this article completely.

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What is CSS?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheet.

When we make a website, we use HTML, HTML gives shape to the website, but if we use CSS in it, then that website or web page will get a new and attractive look which means your website will get a professional look. or web page.

If we understand CSS from its literal meaning, then cascading means to do any work in one flow and the meaning of styling, you must know that it means better, improving or styling it and seat means That is, a document or an article, in this way Cascading style sheet complete means that styling the webpage of any website in one flow or to improve better.

With the help of CSS, we can give the desired style to the webpage of our website, but it is not that without CSS you cannot make your website attractive, you can make your website attractive without CSS also.

If we understand it with an example:

Then as we make many headings on the web page of our website and we can keep the desired color. Those headings or tags, as if the color of any of our headings is black. We want that our Change the color of all the headings in the web page of the website

So what will we do for this is that we will change the color of each heading again and again. Which will waste our time and we will have to work for a long time on that website or web page?

But if you use CSS, then by changing the code at one place in the web page of your website. It will apply to your entire website and the color of the heading of your web page will change according to you.

Types of CSS

There are three types of CSS that we use to make our website beautiful and change color in it, change the background, change font style, change font color, etc.

  1. Inline-style
  2. Internal embedded styles
  3. External styles

Inline Style Sheet

Inline style sheet means that you will use style attribute inside your webpage H1 tag, inside style attribute you will give a declaration

There are two things in the declaration, one is the property which means what you are changing and the other is the value like you have to make the color black or yellow or do it in another color, we write it in the value. here we write

You can also use its hash code instead.

<H1 style=”Color:red,”>…</h1>

Internal CSS Style

internal CSS means we will put a style tag inside the head and write and close what we were using in the style attribute inline style set

Now wherever the H1 tag is there, there will be a color change in the entire page, whatever we have done, this is how the internal CSS works.

External CSS

This is the most used CSS, You must know that to do the HTML coding. We need a notepad or text editor on the desktop of our computer. If we want to do external CSS by coding. Then create a file of it and save it on that page of our website…

By doing this you must have seen that whenever you open the article of your or any other website. Only the content inside it changes and that layout of that website remains the same everywhere. Then this layout is done through this external CSS. In which an external file is saved.

Advantages of CSS

Increases website speed, If you use CSS on the web page of your website, then it increases the speed of your website,

Yes, when we go to a website, our browser downloads the CSS file of that website and we reach that website very soon in a matter of seconds and its layout is also open properly.

But when the same coding happens on the HTML of that website. Then what happens is that the browser reads the HTML table of that website and that takes some time and your website takes some time to open.

When you go to that website again, the browser has to do the same thing again. But when you use CSS. Then after saving the CSS file in one go. The browser will open the CSS file directly from its store again. Is

  • In this way, the speed of your website increases if you use CSS.
  • The website becomes device friendly

If you use CSS in your website, then your website becomes device-friendly. Device friendly means that whenever you open your website on any device like a desktop. Laptop computer, then it will be the same. It adapts its design accordingly and presents an attractive interface to the user.

Sometimes you must have seen that when we go to read something on a website, half-incomplete layout. Half-incomplete characters appear there or proper customization is not visible, then it is due to lack of CSS. Thus if If you use CSS then your website will look proper device friendly.

Ease of website customization

We have to do some customization in the web pages of our website like change the color of the heading. For this we have to go to page of the website & change the color or text manually from there.

If you use CSS coding, then by taking the CSS and applying it to the proper place in your website. It automatically gets applied to your website and all the pages of your website. It starts working on all of them. And their color changes, thus the customization of the website is also easy with the use of CSS.

How to Learn HTML and CSS Language Easily?

CSS is a very basic and easy C programming, But if you want to learn CSS. For this you must know HTML because without HTML you will do CSS because CSS is mostly used with HTML.

You do not need to join any big college to learn CSS, you can easily learn HTML and CSS from your near me graphic designing institute, online or offline there are many Html and CSS courses available in the market to learn CSS. 

From which you can easily learn for free or if you want to learn more then you can learn by taking advanced courses.

YouTube is the best and cheapest medium to learn anything in today’s time. If you want to learn from YouTube, then there are many videos available on YouTube. From which you will be able to learn easily within just a few days.

  • Once you do not become an expert in coding by taking an HTML and CSS course or reading from a book, you need daily practice.
  • So you edit daily CSS file, make and change it and generate your own experience. 
  • After you create a blog or website of yours. Connect your HTML file with CSS and check its layout when you make a little bit. 
  • If you learn, then attach your HTML file with CSS and run it on any browser to see how it looks and whether it needs improvement, in this way you will be able to learn HTML and CSS easily from home.

To learn HTML and CSS, you can take the help of any web design and development institute, there are many HTML CSS course available here.


In today’s article, we have learned about the CSS, what is CSS and how to learn HTML and CSS easily? What are the types of CSS and what are the benefits of CSS, I hope you liked this article.

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