How To Know If Online Yoga Teacher Training Legit?

Online Yoga
Online Yoga

As we run in the new era of social distancing, online, quarantine, etc all we can get right now do kinds of stuff t our home. So does that mean that we need to stop practicing? Well, the answer is a big “NO”. So the only solution here stands is taking your classes online or learning kinds of stuff online. But there is again a problem in knowing that how is your online yoga trainer and is he or she is a genuine trainer. Well, you need not worry this article will provide you with all the details that will help you to figure out whether the trainer you are taking classes with is genuine or not. Well, let us see what are the points that will let you know if your yoga training teacher is legit.

Step 1

Let it be Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-

If you are interested in learning yoga and have enrolled somewhere first and foremost ask for course details. The course that you intake has to be a full 200-hour course.  The content that the trainer or your teacher would provide or the course offering has to be of an online 200-hour yoga teacher training course and must have several asanas or poses. This is the first point to look into. This makes a yoga course complete and you become an expert after you are trained completely. Then do some more research and see to it that the courses or poses or asana taught has full information about them.

This means that the asana must have its significance, the importance and why, and how it is divided into 200 hours. Also when you finally start taking the class or before also match the asana, poses shown by your yoga teacher with the pose of an expert. Tally, also concentrates on the description that the person is providing. The way he or she is explaining. This will tell you a lot about the person’s knowledge about the particular subject. This is the basic point that you must find in your yoga class or teacher.

Step 2

Who is the teacher?

Before starting your classes or before you enroll one important aspect to find out whether or not your classes are genuine is the point that tells you who is your teacher. Find out all the things and sects that are necessary for your teacher. His or her background, degree, experience everything here shall matter. Also, try and see if you like his or her teaching and feel connected. This is an important point to look into. Try and see few classes already taken by your teacher.

IF the organization, school fails to provide one particular teacher or trainer then that has to be a drawback, because eventually you will look up to him or her, and developing a good connection with the trainer is thus really important. Next to that, you must look for if the school or organizations have any facility for offline classes. The reason is that if it has then that’s a plus point because for exams and certifications one must visit offline. After all, that will help you eventually. The negative aspect of online is that everything cannot be done here and at some point offline is required thus exams must be conducted offline and your organization, teacher, the school must have it.

Step 3

Try and figure out from the interaction-

Try and figure out from the way one is talking. If one is confident and ought knowledge about the subject matter he or she is to talk freely and with great confidence. Thus try and see how your yoga teacher or trainer is explaining kinds of stuff and what are the points he or she asks you to remember. The way and the body language will also tell a lot of things. These are the small things that you need to figure out and notice while you are taking classes. Also interact as much a possible and ask for any experience while he was a yoga student, why he or she is into this, ask as many questions as possible on the subject matter.

Then you can also discuss your problems with him or her. All these facts will make it clear if he/she is genuine or not. Because an experienced and genuine person can only answer these points clearly and also correctly. Also, how was his experience at the yoga center from where he or she is trained can be a major question as this will reveal many truths. Thus one also needs to be observant to know the truth.

Step 4

The exam is there or not?

See and find out if the center you are getting enrolled in has the facility to give exams or not. If there is no exam and there is written that one would pass at any cost then there has to be a problem. Any institute providing no exams is a place where fraud takes place. Also noting that these exams take place after the online 300 hour yoga teacher training course is mandatory. The reason being one will get fully qualified after this particular course and will be eligible for lots of other programs and activities also.

The 300-hour course includes most of the kinds of stuff that one must learn and thus this exam happening after this is the legit exam. Thus your yoga teacher and trainer must make you do this or at least have this course before the exam. Learn thoroughly about the examination program to ensure that the trainer you will be taking classes from is genuine. Also, this is a very vital point that proves so much about an institute or an organization. Thus exams are really important and the pattern, type and other factors about the exams prove a lot about the trainer.

Step 5

Practicing hour available?

Look for features like practicing and receiving feedback from your yoga trainer or teacher. Thus if the yoga trainer gives you some time to practice and it comes under the course then he or she is legit. The reason is if there is no practice then chances of perfection are less. Thus practice hour along with feedback is necessary and important. When the yoga teacher will provide you with the feedback he and she will also correct your shortcomings. These shortcomings will help one to improve.

Also, one who knows the subject matter and known right and wrong can only justify these things. Thus this point here proves that the yoga teacher or trainer is genuine or not. Also, you can figure out how he conducts these practice hours and what is the approach of the person towards it. Thus this is also a vital point to find out whether the teacher at all known’s about the subject or not. Thus the practice hour and how it is divided between different poses and asana tells a lot about the trainer. Thus get all the details about your program before you enroll.

Step 6

Check the profile

Before joining the classes go through the profile of your teacher. Try and figure out from where he or she has received the degree, then what is the annual income. Other facts like TV shows, programs, and other yoga-related stuff conducted by your yoga teacher will tell a lot about him or her. If he is working under a certified institution that has to be a plus point. Last but not least check is annual income through yoga practice. If it’s high that means he or she is in demand which proves the fact that people knew this person and his or her work. These are thus a few points where you should focus to get a valid idea about the teacher. Also, it is better to take a course from a certified place or area famous for yoga. This will in the future make your name as well.

Step 7

Check the manual

The manual that is been provided tells a lot about the teacher. The teachers will tell about each and everything in detail in his or her manual. Check that and find out how many types of asana are their ad when and how much time is been given to each asana. The manual also must have all the details about the experience of the teacher and his works. Check out the qualification and all other details that you need in there. Then go to the review section and try and evaluate it as well. You can also connect the already present students and ask for a review. Thus going through the manual thoroughly and following these steps will help one out. The manual is a very important aspect in noting whether your teacher is legit or not.



Thus we see that if one wants to know whether the yoga trainer is legit or not he or she should follow these steps. The above mention steps have few points that will make stuff clear. Also, you should be observant about each step your yoga trainer takes or he or she is mentioning, before that go through several videos and classes from YouTube to know about yoga. If you are not aware then you cannot judge. Also, the observant nature will severe you, and lots of questions asked will also help. Usually, a question proves your interest in the subject matter giving a greater view about the teacher or the institute.



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