How To Knit A Bucket Hat Without Circular Needles?

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How To Knit A Bucket Hat Without Circular Needles?

Knitting is a great way to use your time and improve your skills, but if you’re not comfortable using circular needles, it can be a little bit daunting to try and learn. In this article, we’re going to show you how to knit a bucket hat without them – perfect for those days when you don’t have any other choice but to knit with straight needles!


  • 1 ball of yarn in a light color
  • 1 ball of yarn in a dark color
  • Sz 8 needles (5.5 mm)
  • Stitch marker
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Polyester fiberfill
  1. With the light color, begin by casting on 120 stitches. Divide the stitches evenly between three needles, being sure to leave a 10-inch tail at the end of each needle. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches.
  • Round 1: Kfb around (120 sts). *Purl next stitch, kfb around; repeat from * twice more. Repeat Round 1 until the hat measures 18 inches from the beginning or desired length. You can now Switch to the dark color and continue knitting or crochet as follows:
  • Rounds 2 and 3: Knit.
  • Rounds 4 and 5: Purl.
  • Rounds 6 and 7: K2tog, knit to end of round. Round
  • 8: Purl. Round
  • 9: K2tog, purl to end of round. Cut yarn, leaving a 10-inch tail at end of each needle. Weave in all ends.

Hat Body

One of the most popular hat patterns is the bucket hats for women. This pattern is easily knit with a combination of knitting in the round and slip stitches.

To Knit A Bucket Hat Without Circular Needles, Follow These Steps:

  • Cast on 72 stitches.
  • Knit in the round for 6 rounds.
  • Change to slip stitches and knit 1 round.
  • Change to regular knitting and continue knitting until the hat measures 9 inches from the cast on the edge.
  • Bind off in ribbing.

Hat Crown

One way to knit a appa bucket hat without circular needles is by using double-pointed needles. Cast on 72 stitches, and work in the round, knitting every other row. Decrease at the end of each round: knit 2, k2tog. After the last decrease round, there will be 54 stitches left. Bind off loosely.

Hat Ribbing

If you’re looking to knit a bucket hat without circular needles, check out this tutorial on how to do ribbing. This method is great for creating a hat that’s both comfortable and stylish.

To start, cast on 4 stitches using double-pointed needles. Then, knit each stitch in the round for 2 rounds. Next, decrease by knitting two stitches together (k2tog). Make sure to do this evenly across the round, and then continue knitting until the hat measures about 8 inches from the beginning, ending with a purl row.

To finish up, simply decrease evenly across the round again (d4tog), and weave in any loose ends. Congratulations on mastering knitting a bucket hat without circular needles!

Hat Shank

If you’re looking for an easy hat to knit, you’ll love this bucket hat! This hat is made with a basic stockinette stitch and only uses a few stitches of a circular needle. The hat shank is the most challenging part of this project, but it’s not that difficult once you know how to do it.

To start, cast on 60 stitches using your preferred method. You will be working in the round from this point forward.

Next, create a slip knot on one end of your circular needle and place the other end into the first stitch (this will be your starting point). Work your way around the circular needle, knitting each stitch as you go. When you get back to the slip knot, pull it through both stitches.

Now work back down the circular needle, beginning again at the slip knot. Knit each stitch until you reach the end of the circular needle. Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for later. Pull the tail through all of the stitches on your circular needle and tie it off gently in a knot.

Your bucket hat is now complete! To wear it, simply unravel the yarn until it’s just short of reaching your desired length and weave in any loose

Hat Band

How To Knit A Bucket Hat Without Circular Needles:

If you are new to knitting, or just have experience with knitting in the round, this tutorial may be challenging. However, if you use a different technique, such as slip stitch crocheting or ribbing, the hat will be much easier to complete. The end result is a warm and cozy bucket hat that will keep you plenty warm during winter weather.

Begin by choosing the yarn and needles that you plan to use. I used bulky weight yarn and size 8 needles for my project. If you are using a thinner yarn or smaller needles, your hat will be much more delicate. Make sure your stitches are tight enough so that the hat doesn’t stretch when it is worn.

Cast on 96 stitches (or any number that will fit comfortably on your needle). K1, P1 for the entire Hat Band. Knitting in the round is not recommended for this project because of the large number of stitches.

Begin working in the round, knitting every other stitch (K2tog) for six rounds. After six rounds of knitting, decrease one stitch at the beginning of each round (K1 tbl, K1). Repeat these steps until only.

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Finishing Touches

There Are Many Ways To Finish A Knit Bucket Hat Without Using Circular Needles.

One way is to use the “ladder method.” To do this, start by casting on the required number of stitches. Place a marker in the middle of the row you’ve just cast on, and work from that marker outwards in a ladder pattern, knitting every other stitch.

When you reach the end of the row, break the yarn, leaving a long tail, and pull it through both the original cast-on stitches and the newly knit stitches. Now continue working in this manner across the rest of the hat’s body. When you reach the end of the hat, break the yarn again, and weave in any remaining end.

Another way to finish a knit bucket hat is to use two double-pointed needles (dpns). Cast on enough stitches to make a nice round ball. Place this ball on one dpn, and work it back and forth in front and back of your first stitch for a few rows until it’s large enough to fit over your head comfortably. Break the yarn and draw it through both stitches on your dpn. Knit one or two rows in this manner, then break the yarn again and draw it

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Notes for Knitters

If You’re Knitting A Bucket Hat Without Circular Needles, Follow These Tips:

  • Cast on all the stitches you’ll need for the hat with double-pointed needles.
  • Knit in the round, working one stitch in each row, for the entire hat.
  • When the hat is finished, cut off the extra knitting and weave in any loose ends.


knitting a bucket hat is a great way to use up some of your leftover scrap yarn, and it’s also one of the quickest hats you can knit. This tutorial will teach you how to knit a bucket hat using only straight needles, so you can get started on this fun project as soon as possible.


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