How to install a Plugin to your WordPress site

install a Plugin to your WordPress site

A WordPress plugin is a small block of code that acts as an add-on to an already-existing website in the WordPress platform. It is capable of performing some specific functions.

For those of you who are regular users of WordPress, I am confident that you will not require any additional information on the definition of a plugin.

Example WordPress plugin for new WordPress users:

I’d like to share some thoughts on the concept of a WordPress plugin and how it is put to use with all of you who are just getting started.

The information contained in this article may be of interest to those who are new to the Internet industry or blogging. My goal in writing this article was to compile a list of some of the best WordPress plugins that are a must-have for any new website that is launched on the Internet.

WordPress is a very powerful content management system (CMS).

A plugin is nothing more than a collection of small modules of PHP code that have been packaged together and implemented in the form of hookup functions. In practice, this means that these codes work in conjunction with the existing website code.

When a plugin is installed, it has no effect on the existing theme or website content. A WordPress plugin is installed in order to improve the usability and functionality of the platform.

For example, you may all be familiar with search engine optimization techniques. SEO (search engine optimization) is extremely important for any website, and Yoast has created a fantastic plugin for this purpose called SEO by Yoast that is extremely easy to use.

What is the best way to install a WordPress plugin after I have installed WordPress?

After you have installed WordPress on your system, there are some very easy steps to follow to install a WordPress plugin.

You can also watch this video if you want a visual guide.

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress dashboard:

Step 2:

Hover over the “Plugins” option on the left-hand side panel. When the popup list comes up, select “Add New”.

Step 3:

On the Plugins page, there are two ways you can install a new plugin –

  • You can either upload a plugin (in that case, you need the plugin zipped file already downloaded from the WordPress store first).
  • Or, you could search for the plugin name in the search bar.

Step 4:

For the upload procedure:

On the next screen, you will get the option to upload your file. Once you upload and select install, your plugin will be unzipped by WordPress and auto-installed. You do not need to take any further steps.

Your WordPress plugin is installed. WordPress will show the confirmation.

For the search procedure:

You enter your desired plugin name and search for it. WordPress will show you a list of plugins related to the search term.

Select the one you wish to install and click on “install”. The install button is visible on all plugins displayed.

As soon as you select to install, WordPress will download it for you and start the installation. Once the installation is complete, you will be notified with a confirmation.

That’s all about WordPress plugin installation. No other complex steps!!


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