How to Increase Your Sales with Brochure Design in 2022

Increase Your Sales with Brochure Design

Have you been creating sales brochures for a while now?

Well, we all have been working on the digital design elements in order to get a boost in sales and maximize reach. Despite trying all the aspects and details of digital design, your sales haven’t been moved to the point where you wanted them to be. But there are certain ways through which you can see a visible boost in your sales through brochure design.

From brochures to pamphlets to marketing flyers, there are some creative and technical skills required to master the design art. And hence see an incredible boost in your sales and conversions. However, it is pivotal to understand that copywriting and design aspects of brochures go hand in hand to bring incredible results.

Tips to Increase Sales with Effective Brochure Design Techniques in 2022 

We all know the significance of creating business brochures. So, let’s just get to the point of how to create, develop, and design an effective brochure that attracts more sales, and hence you can work on nurturing the sales and see your success graph skyrocketing.

1.     Understand Brand First

The first and essential step, to begin with, is to understand the business or brand in order to ace the brochure design and increase sales eventually. This includes knowing the brand from inside and outside, including all the materials that will make you feel more connected to the brand personality and improve the design delivery. Furthermore, this includes understanding all the aspects of brand identity and personal branding and developing a brand for further growth.

What’s more, the next is to understand your client’s products or services. A proper understanding of their products or services will let you better understand the intent behind developing this brochure. Hence, you will be able to come up with creative copywriting and designs that complement each other.

2.     Determine Attention, Interest, Desire & Action (AIDA)

Attention, Interest, desire & action is the acronym for AIDA. In order to make your brochure effective and result in lead generation, focusing on AIDA is another critical element that most agencies often neglect. Here’s what the leading brochure design company Dubai recommends about acing the art of AIDA;

  • Your brochure will only get the desirable and convertible leads if your brochure seeks the attention of the readers or viewers.
  • Your brochure design must have raised the desire of the viewer to learn more about the product or service.
  • The brochure design must be compelling, so it gets the specific action as soon as the potential customer sees it. And by this, I mean that they visit your website, go forward to book an appointment, and make a purchase.

3.     Use Reflecting Graphics

The use of graphics that reflect the kind of work your client does is another factor to consider. The results are game-changing and will offer better insight into the customer than you probably haven’t expected from your brochure. Whatever products or services they offer, use them creatively to reflect your unique canvas and deliver a stand-out design.

4.     Deliver Information Creatively

As for the design perspective, your copywriting also plays a massive role. We know that your brochure design intends to sell. But how about talking to the reader and hooking them right at the point where you persuade them to buy the product or acquire the service. For this, here are some pointers for making your brochure copywriting the game-changing one;

  • Try focusing and highlighting the benefits that you will provide to the users.
  • The focus should be on a customer-centric copy, as this will help you create a brochure that sells.
  • Customers want to learn how your product or service will benefit them, so strive to focus on the key elements that demonstrate all the benefits that customers will get from your product or service.
  • Also, highlight the areas of experience that they can have with your service or product unlike any in the past.

5.     Complementing Headlines & Visuals

Another element to focus on intensely is the use of complementing headlines and visuals. Remember that an average reader doesn’t spend much time reading a brochure. In fact, they usually spend around 5-10 seconds reading the brochure and some of the information that falls into their eyes. This is where you need to keep the game of headlines, taglines, and visuals higher in order to captivate the reader to continue reading your brochure.

If your headings, titles, and graphics are boring, you have already lost your potential customer. So, you must focus on creating headlines and visuals that are appealing and compelling while combining them with your creative and unique canvas. This will bind the reader to pay more attention to your brochure, and eventually, you can get a potential increase in your sales.

6.     Keep Bullet Game Sophisticated

Those days are gone when writing big paragraphs and content pieces were considered to be the strategy. Today, in this fast-paced world, the key to attracting your readers is to keep the sophisticated game bullet game. This will help you engage the reader and also increase readability. Even if you have written paragraphs uniquely and creatively, it would never defeat the readability score that bullet points get.

Keeping bullets in your copy will help the reader skim the brochure faster than reading a paragraph. So, using feature-rich pointers will help you engage them while informing them about your company, services, and products in a manner that they exactly want. Moreover, this will also add to the incredible readability score and hence let the customer take action toward the next step you want.

7.     Implement Easy Responding Mediums

When creating a sales brochure to generate lead to print media with digital design on it, try keeping things clear and concise. For example, the business name, website URL, contact numbers, and social media profiles must be clearly written so that they can easily reach out to you if something attracts them to acquire your service.

Furthermore, adding a QR code that your customer can scan on their smartphones and leads exactly to the landing page you want is another creative yet unique way to demonstrate your ability to convert them. In addition, you can also drive them to subscribe to your newsletter, which is another multiple options to increase threefold.

The Final Takeaway

The basic purpose behind creating a business or sales brochure is to increase sales, enhance your community, and generate convertible leads. So, the old school of thought for brochure design wouldn’t work out for you anymore. Particularly in 2022, the practices must be changed, and this is what will help you in getting the increase in your sales and conversion funnel.


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