How to Increase your Sales through Branding?


Often they will list Coca-Cola and other examples of famous big company logos to convince them of the importance of a brand identity.

But before we talk about the need to build a strong brand, let’s take a look at what’s going on in the consumer’s mind.

Why invest so much money in your brand?

First of all, we only take action if we are completely confident.

And a brand with a rich history and many fans instills confidence.

It simply indicates to your future customer that he is not wasting his money and that he will receive a quality product or service in exchange.

Conversely, a vulgar product without branding, placed on a shelf, evokes nothing. He is like silent.

So, let’s see how to get your products and services out of indifference with a strong brand.

How to create a strong brand?

This article deals with the influence of the brand. Let’s start with your logo which is omnipresent on your website, your business cards, on your office door, on your promotional items …

Its objective: to identify the company behind the product.

This is why it is therefore essential to have one.

Today, thanks to the many online services , it is no longer a daunting or time-consuming task.

Indeed, it is now very easy to create your logo as well as the entire graphic charter of your company, in just a few clicks.

On the other hand, make the distinction between the concepts of logo and brand just like we see biggest brands like Marks and Spencers stores. Even some affiliates also develop their own brand on custom content management systems, where most of the people read about the product then buy it from its actual store.

Let’s take the example of the shelf with your product placed on it. Since every company has its logo, it is obvious that we do not just trust it to make the purchase.

There is something else or different. It is the reputation of this brand, that is, the customer experience and the accomplishments of the company that we are aware of.

That’s why, besides your logo and graphic design, there are many other elements that you need to pay attention to in order to create a strong brand.

1. Quality and price
The quality of your range of products or services should be confirmed by its pricing.

Without really paying much attention to it, we all associate the quality of a product with its price.

So you can lose customers with a price that is too low, not in line with your offer.

On this point, when Toyota wanted to market high-end vehicles, they preferred a new brand. This is how “Lexus” was born with a new slogan “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” which means “The relentless pursuit of perfection”.

Indeed, this is completely consistent with high-end cars and totally disagrees with our perception of the Toyota brand.

Either way, focus on value for money.

This is because inconsistent quality with a high price tag can affect your customers’ attitude to the business.

With advertising campaigns, send the message to your potential customers that the functionality and quality of your product is not inferior to that offered by more famous manufacturers.

2. Diversity to attract customers
How well do you know your target audience?

This analysis is essential to develop a good customer acquisition marketing strategy.

It is important to constantly remember the typical profile of your potential customers .

If that sounds difficult, remember Walt Disney.

He didn’t limit himself to releasing animated films. In 1955, he built his first Disneyland park, on 34 hectares of land south of Los Angeles. The slogan is “The happiest place on Earth” (Happiest Place on Earth).

This new approach to acquiring clients has been greatly appreciated and has significantly increased the turnover of the company.

Analyze the characteristics of your customers and experiment with approaches to attract new customers.

3. Customer reviews

An offended customer is not just one loss.

In fact, it’s like a virus that spreads negative reviews wherever it can.

As a result, your business loses not only that customer, but also many potential customers.

It doesn’t matter if you are having a dialogue or exchanging emails, show your urge to solve problems.

The customer needs to know they can work with you with confidence. In addition, properly handling customer reviews can open up growth opportunities for your business.

On this point, LEGO became in the mid-1960s one of the first to listen to the wishes of its customers before starting to develop a new product. Their slogan explains it clearly: “Children Serve Us as an Example”.

This listening made it possible to create the Lego train which was the source of many profits.

Don’t ignore your customers’ messages, learn how to respond quickly. It creates a positive image for your business.

It’s undeniable.

The way you communicate with your consumers influences your sales.

Plus, understanding the basics of psychology helps you understand your customers and build that sense of trust that is essential for any sale.

It requires dialogue. So don’t be afraid to talk to your customers.

4. An original style
Every business has its own style. The main thing is to always be consistent with it.

This is how you build a unified brand image of your business.

The original style is not limited to the colors of your graphic charter or the use of your logo.

It’s also about how your content is created in your blog posts or on social media.

For example, it is recommended to post photos of products or any other visual component that combines well with your website, thus creating an original image of the company.

In this way, your brand will have the clear image of your product price and quality in the mind of your customer. After some time, you will see the increase in sales just due to this branding.


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