How to Increase Traffic on Blog?

Increase Traffic on Blog

Every blogger wishes that a lot of traffic comes to his blog too. I know that you also have to Increase Traffic on Blog because without traffic you cannot earn from blogging. In the beginning, even if every blogger writes a good article, traffic does not increase on his blog, that is why in today’s post I will tell you how to increase traffic on blog?

  • If you want to make your blog popular and rank your blog on Google, then it is important to have increase traffic on blog.
  • That’s why I thought why not you should be told in detail on this topic through this post so that you too can easily get ranked quickly?
  • First of all, by Increase Traffic on Blog, your blog becomes very popular and the awareness of your blog increases further.
  • When traffic comes to the blog, only then do your earnings start from Adsense of your blog.

That is why in today’s post we will know how to increase traffic on blog? Because in our country now many people have started writing in the field of blogging and we all know that the number of readers in India is in crores.

Best Ways to Increase Traffic on Blog

Increase Traffic on Blog

If you have any blog and you want to rank it on Google quickly, but now how to rank the post or blog on Google, what are the ways by which to bring traffic to the blog, it is often not known to the new blogger. Because of which they are not able to bring traffic to the blog.

But now if you also have a blog of your own and want to bring traffic on it quickly, then the points given below are going to be very beneficial for you. So friends, if you also want organic traffic on your blog, then follow the things mentioned before me.

1. Quality Content

The most important thing is that you should write quality content. At one time there will be fewer posts on your blog, even then it will work, but the blog quality should be better. Quality means not about designing or decorating.

  • Quality content means how much you make your blog useful for the user, that information should be important for the user.
  • Not that I wrote anything and published the post. If you also want to make your blog quality, then you must first practice a little.
  • Search more and more information on that topic, get information about it, then publish it by writing a good post.
  • The content you wrote should not be copied from somewhere, write yourself and write such content so that the user gets all the information from your blog post.
  • And his interest increases so that you keep that user on your site and he will visit your blog post again and again…

2. SEO Friendly Blog

If you want to bring organic traffic to your blog or you want Google to send traffic to your blog, then your blog should be ranked in Google. And to rank in Google, it is very important to have SEO of the blog.

What are SEO and its full form?

All you have to do is SEO your blog post and submit it to Google or other search engines. Most people search in Google, so do not forget to submit the post in Google. 

You can use Yoast SEO or any other plugin to write SEO Friendly posts. So that the post can be ranked. If you don’t know about SEO and how to do blog SEO then you can also get advanced SEO training in Delhi from Next-G Education… NGE is the best and professional digital marketing institute in Rohini where you can learn the latest strategies of Search Engine Marketing…

Some important things to write SEO Friendly Post:

  1. The post should be more than 1000 words.
  2. Information should not be copied from anywhere, create all the content yourself.
  3. Before writing a post, do good research on that topic.
  4. The post must have an image.
  5. Paragraphs should be short.

If you do not know how to submit a blog post to Google’s search engine, then it is very easy, you just have to go to Google Search Console and send it by entering your website address. 

Here are the best 6 Perfect SEO Optimized Tips and How To Write Post Title?

3. Find Keywords With Low Competition

Keyword research is the most important thing in blogging. If you take any topic and publish an article on it, then it will not be of any use if you want to get good traffic by ranking your post on Google, then first you find a good keyword. There are many keyword research tools available in the market. With which you can find a good keyword and write an article on it.

Some important things while doing keyword search:

  • The competition of keywords should be below, if you take high competition keywords, then it is a bit difficult to rank your post.
  • The volume of keywords should be high, it shows how many users want to read this topic. 
  • And mostly use the Longtail Keyword so that it can rank quickly. And help you get more traffic.

Best keyword research tools:

  1. Ubersuggest: – This is Neil Patel’s tool, it is absolutely free if you are a new blogger, you can use it.
  2. Google Keyword Planner: – This tool is from Google itself, so here you will get genuine keywords.
  3. Ahref:- This tool is paid but if you search any keyword in it, then you will get its related keywords and you can find keywords of any website with the help of this tool.
  4. Semrush: – This is also a paid tool, it works like Ahref, if you want to know the keywords, traffic and which post of that website is ranking then this tool is for that.

4. Write Quality Content

The reason for 90% of the importance of any blog is its excellent content, without which the blog cannot exist.

People open any website and read it so that they can extract the necessary information. Whenever they get their information by going to the website and the author likes it, then they definitely remember the name of the blog.

5. Promote on Social Media

On Facebook, you can create a page for your blog, just put quality content there so that the user enjoys reading your posts and using high-quality images.

  • You can also bring traffic to your blog through Twitter. All you have to do is promote your post on Twitter.
  • Any message on WhatsApp becomes viral so quickly, you can not even imagine that even if that message is wrong. So through WhatsApp, you can bring traffic to your blog.
  • You just create a group on WhatsApp and share your blog link on it. In this way, there are many social media platforms from which you can bring a lot of traffic.

6. Build Backlinks for Keywords With High Competition

You have made a post and have done on-page SEO, but it has only made your article quality, not that traffic will come to your blog. For that, you have to create backlinks which is an important part of Google’s ranking factor.

These High-Quality Backlinks will increase your blog or website authority and your blog starts to rank.

With good backlinks, Google feels that the authority of your site is high and your content is good, then Google ranks your site and sends traffic to your blog.

Because of backlinks, your site has a lot of impacts. So it is considered an essential part of Google’s ranking factor to rank the article.

7. Do Internal Linking 

YOu should add a link to another article in the post. Whenever you publish a post, add a link to your other article in it at a short interval of time. Which we call internal linking.

What will happen to him is that if a user comes to read your post and he likes your post, then by going to the link you have given, he will find another article. In this way, he will be engaged on your site and your viewer time will keep increasing and your Bounce rate will be less.

This is a good way to keep users on your site. It has other advantages like if a user spends more time on your site, then Google thinks that you are providing useful information, so the visitors stay on your site for so long, it helps a little in increasing the ranking.

8. Keep publishing regular posts

You have to keep publishing one post every day or even after a day you can publish the post but you do not have to do that you published a post today and put the next post after 1 week or after a month because to do so With this your Google ranking will come down and the authority of your website will also be less.

Therefore, if you keep posting a quality post on a regular basis, then users will keep coming. If you delay in posting the post, then the user will feel that you are not posting the post and he will stop visiting your site.

Because he comes to read your blog for the same purpose that today you will get some good information from your blog. Along with the good quality of the post in the blog, its quantity also matters.

9. Put Social Media Buttons on the Blog

Do not forget to put a social button on the blog because if a user likes your post, then he will definitely share it with his family or friends, it will increase more visitors to your site and with that, the awareness of your blog will also increase.

These are the top 9 ways to increase traffic on blog… So do not forget to put a social button, once you see its size. Because of the large size, it takes time to load the website. 


Today earning money by creating a blog is one of the easiest and best ways but for this, you have to do some hard work. Nothing much, you just need to write good content which people like to read.

We have already told you important ways of how to Increase Traffic on Blog through this article. Hope you like the given information. If you liked the post, do share it with your friends and family on social media.


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