How To Improve Your Agent’s Performance In Call Center Through Employee Recognition?

How To Improve Your Agent’s Performance In Call Center Through Employee Recognition Don’t Miss Out on The Last Point!

In a professional environment, employee recognition matters the most. Do you know this leads to a high employee experience that drives more productivity?

Though call centers are now more into maintaining a good customer experience, they are not ignoring productivity at all. The enterprises understand that there is a connection between customer satisfaction and business productivity, if not directly. The better the employee’s performance, the better will be the customer experiences, which will result in good productivity. This is the reason why quality assurance software for medium enterprises is equally prioritized with performance management software.

Do you know why call center quality assurance software is important?

Call center quality assurance software takes care of the quality of the services offered to the customers. It listens to the agent-customer conversations and determines the areas where the agents require training and optimization. In short, it mainly targets the services that can improve customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Besides boosting the call quality and offering advanced training sessions, agents also require recognition and appreciation to feel good and satisfied. In other words, apart from working on customer experiences, you should also think about employee experiences as well. After all, they are the reason why your customers are here!

In this article, you will learn how you can improve employee satisfaction rates by running an employee recognition and employee appreciation process.

Different ways to improve an agent’s performance in a call center

  1. Celebrating victories: “It’s a great pleasure to introduce our employee as the best performer of the month.” We usually get excited hearing these statements straight from our managers. But what if they celebrate our victory on driving high leads or convincing the most frustrating customer? Employees always search for happiness in these little things. And if the appreciation comes from the call center manager, they are likely to go speechless.

    Victories definitely require celebration, but that doesn’t mean it is defined for only the big ones. Even the small victories require appreciation so that the staff are hooked up to perform better than before. Sometimes, you don’t need to measure with the metrics and compare the performances with the standard KPIs. Even small activities can drive in results and enhance operational efficiencies.

    Both metric-driven and non-metric-driven victories require special attention if you want to improve the overall performances and efficiencies.
  2. Communicate personally: We already know how desperate you are at gaining feedback and rating from your peers, supervisors, and even customers. Both positive and negative feedback impact the agent’s performances. However, not every negative feedback encourages the performers to optimize their performances. This is why we suggest handling every case personally.

    Communication is always the string that ties up two poles. Instead of letting the individual deal with the negative comments, you can interact with the person concerned and guide him to improve his performance.

    Personal communication allows the managers to understand the person’s potential. They gain better insights into their behavior and study their weaknesses for better performances. The more personal and friendly you go, the better your team members find it easy to keep their hearts out. You can use the same tactics to motivate individuals.
  3. Boost employee confidence: Lack of confidence leads to poor productivity and customer experiences. A study has proven that the more the employees are confident at their work, the better they grow and deliver quality outputs. It is natural. Hence, boosting the confidence level should be considered among top-level priorities.

    Now the question is – how to elevate the confidence level?

    Start with acknowledging the improvements, help them with their mistakes, guide them with different ideas, ask them to share their thoughts, and most importantly, recognize the person as a whole. All these approaches will gradually build up the confidence level and aid them in satisfying customers with their services.

    Analyzing the call center metrics using quality assurance software for medium enterprises will probably help you with the detailed report.
  4. Recognize low performers, too: While you are celebrating the victories of the top performers, it is obvious that the low performers feel depressed and left out. This should not be the case. When you are celebrating, celebrate with your team. Above all, when you are cheering up the good performers, you should also take care of the low performers as well. It is your duty to keep all of them motivated.

    Even the low performers require recognition from their managers to grow their skill sets and feel great. Otherwise, they show the least interest in the organization, delivering poor outputs and poor productivity. Recognizing low performers triggers high engagement from their end as well. You can definitely train them and guide them to become one of the top-performing individuals for the sake of your business growth.
  5. Share a token of appreciation: Recognizing the employees for their best performances are not enough unless you appreciate them with some rewards. Rewards and recognition should therefore be hand in hand. The moment you recognize the well-performing individual, the primary objective of the celebration should be to share a token of appreciation.

    The rewards can come in multiple forms. It can be in the form of a paycheck like a bonus in salary, increment, or compensation. It can be a certificate or a digital mailer. It can be a memento to preserve the moments of celebration. And many more. The more you appreciate it, the more the call center agents feel great to work at your workplace. Remember, recognition and appreciation don’t depend upon the size of your business. It depends upon the size of your heart.


You must be aware of why call center quality assurance software is important. Now you should also be aware of why performance management software in a call center is imperative. In order to gain good customer experiences and employee experiences together, these software deployments are very necessary. Agree or not?

Studies say you need to balance both if you have high expectations from your call center service. Recognizing employee performance, appreciating, and motivating them for better work is required if you are desperately waiting for high customer satisfaction. This is why we favor both performance management software and quality assurance software for medium enterprises and small contact centers.


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