How to improve Brand Recognition with Custom Product Packaging Inserts?

Custom product packaging inserts

You wouldn’t want to send off products that are not properly packaged especially after spending lumps of money in manufacturing them. Discovering new ways to present your products is vital in keeping customers engrossed for longer.

It is vital to deliver products in ways that customers feel most valued and justify the amount spent on attaining them. The packaging must reflect the essence of products inside. That is the reason why cosmetics and beauty products are packaged differently than say electronics or food items. The reason is simple; your packaging must create a distinct but relatable ambiance for the products to be consumed in the right spirit. The packaging box is only half the structure when it comes to packaging. Not all product accessories can be placed effectively in just the box itself. Additional support is often required to fit all the product components firmly in the packaging boxes.

While sellers have the option of crumbled paper and bubble wraps, they just don’t work for retail anymore. Customers desire to see sophistication in their product boxes. Custom product packaging inserts can fill this requirement with precision. They are created particularly to present a professional brand image by allowing the products to be placed nicely in well-fitted spots. With these inserts, achieving top-grade brand look and a higher level of customer happiness can be made simple. Every business dream of capturing a bigger market share and choosing the right inserts can help to convert those dreams into reality.

Custom product packaging inserts

Package inserts to increase brand loyalty

These inserts add character to your brand’s personality and product appeal. They are a much better alternative to bland and basic forms of packaging boxes that do not offer a highly valued unboxing experience. In the age of social media, users are increasingly sharing their purchases with viewers and make unboxing experiences a major part of their product reviews. This is a unique opportunity to grab for promoting products without spending too much. Moreover, positive feedback from trusted sources would encourage a lot of potential buyers to buy your products and rely on your brand for future orders too. So, what is it that makes these inserts even more productive for you to have a loyal and steady customer base?

Let’s have a look…

Adds protective layer

The inserts enable the most fragile items to be delivered safely no matter how sensitive they are. The products get locked inside specially carved out trays, fixing them in slots that make them reach target destinations conveniently. Customers put faith in retailers, especially, e-sellers, if their delivered products fit the image as shown. Failure to do so would be disastrous for any business. Not only will replacement costs sky-rocket but poor customer feedback would future orders.

These inserts can save the day when it comes to shipping products frequently through any channel. Their robust structure prevents damage and loss of revenues for the seller while delivering the ideal product packaged aptly to waiting customers. It helps to build your reputation as the brand that cares.

Doesn’t cost extra to please existing customers!

The buyers who have already bought your products can be surprised with inserts as a way of exceeding their expectations. Also, the shipment costs are paid for the packaged boxes, so, adding inserts would not add any extra weight or costs to these packages. Keeping existing clients is necessary to maintain healthy bottom lines. Statistics reveal that 68% of customers say that they switch to other options if they feel that the brand is indifferent towards them. Moreover, it costs 5% to attract new customers than keeping the ones loyal to your brand.

How can you make them feel valued? Custom additions like these inserts help a lot. They extend value for money perception of the clients and generate increased excitement regarding the products they have bought from you.

People retain good exposures

These inserts make for an enjoyable moment when unpacking the products. A well-planned package with creatively styled inserts makes for an interesting experience that customers would want to repeat and tell others about. Be the brand that sells more on packaging than on the products themselves!  A lot of popular brands may not have the best products but they offer unique accessibility to these products that elevate their demand.

Making customers relish that they matter for the brand, is an essential part of marketing. Brands must keep re-inventing their packaging to keep customer interests high and the inserts are the current way to go!

Make them go with multiple box types

The custom product packaging inserts are available in:

Foam inserts – These are extremely lightweight. They’re also an excellent choice for items sensitive to scratches and surface wear. Foam’s unique properties give extra protection and customization to your product. And it looks great!

Corrugated inserts – They can be formed into virtually any shape and size. They also come in differing densities offering different degrees of protection. They work well for odd shapes or fragile items that need custom protection.

Plastic inserts – These are highly customizable to your needs. They offer constructive protective encasement and are great for keeping things in place while keeping them from getting damaged.

Cardboard materials – These inserts are handy when you’re shipping several items in the same box. Or if there’s open space between the sides of your box and your product. They keep contents from touching each other and moving around during transport by providing shock-absorbents.

You can choose the one that suits your brand needs. Moreover, you can team-up these inserts with matching boxes. Having complimenting boxes can preside a powerful impact on customer preferences. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for food packaging, custom cosmetics boxes & packaging, electronics packaging, or more, every product need is catered to with detail. Obtaining inserts with boxes can save costs and ensure that the right dimensions are attained.


The inserts are an added competitive advantage that must be crafted with precision and detailing, aligning with customer expectations of a distinct packaging experience.


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