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Although the Windows Live Mail service was discontinued many years ago, users continue to use it for a simple reason. They just do not want to destroy the emails. However, when working with WLM became more difficult over time, people began to store critical emails from WLM in a secure location, which were then saved as EML files.

Now the issue is that downloading critical emails one by one has resulted in a deluge of emails, and they are at a loss on what to do. The only solution appears to be to import Windows Live Mail EML files into Outlook, which is the service’s replacement.

Importing WLM EML files into Outlook can resolve a variety of issues:

Many of your difficulties can be resolved if you can import Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook. For instance, you can view important email that you may have missed due to the incompatible software. And the second issue is that you cannot effectively handle the WLM EML files.

Thus, this choice can result in something rather pleasant. Then, if you have considered performing that work, you are not required to quit immediately. We would want to assist you in your effort. We’ll show you how to complete this task. Therefore, are you prepared? Let’s get started.

A Sufficient Method to Import Windows Live Mail to Outlook

EML Converter Application is the tool that will assist you in accomplishing your goal. Yes, regardless of the number of EML files you have, it enables you to quickly import Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook. To simplify management, you may just create a single Outlook file.

This application is entirely automated and requires little interaction from you. Everything is straightforward with this software, and you will never feel as though you are doing your job. Therefore, in order to appreciate the tool’s simplicity, it’s necessary to review some of the tool’s outstanding features.

To begin, let’s walk through the process of importing Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook. Additionally, you should review this instructions, as you will have no difficulty following the steps while running the application.

Steps to Import EML Files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook Account

  • To begin, you must download and install the WLM EML importer on your Windows compatible device.
  • Now you must install the application by following the on-screen instructions, and after completed, you must launch it.
  • Select a Folder and begin importing the needed EML files from the device into Outlook.
  • At this point, you’ll notice that the application has loaded all of the selected EML files, which are shown in the left pane.
  • Now, on the Convert page, you’ll see two options: Select the Saving Option and the Destination Path.
  • Select PST as the saving option and browse to the location of the resulting files, then click the Next button.

The procedure then begins, which should take only a few seconds, and when it is complete, you will be notified via the tool’s user interface.

Once you’ve received all of your converted PST files, open them in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and older editions. This application generated PST files that are compatible with all editions.

Now you must consider another great feature that separates this product from the competition. And it’s the features; the features are critical and will assist you throughout the process. As a result, you must become familiar with them in order to have a better understanding of the instrument.

Check Out the Amazing Features of Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter

  • Import Windows Live Mail Data to Outlook in Bulk: The main reason we suggest the application is that it allows you to bulk import Windows Live Mail EML files to Outlook. This is a must for every EML converter, and therefore this software is flawless.
  • Manually Select Required WLM EML Files: You have complete control over the entire procedure, which is automated for your convenience. As a result, it allows you to pick the EML files that you wish to import.
  • Preview Your Windows Live Mail EML Files: Are you aware that you require a compatible application to access EML files? This is the application that can perform the function of the Assisted Application. This software allows you to access and view EML files prior to importing them into Outlook.
  • Choose the Required Destination Path: You are not need to store the resultant files to the application’s default directory. You are permitted to select your own place, which allows you to simply obtain a completely different destination for them.

These features have been included to provide an overview of this tool; they are not all-inclusive. There are several features available that will assist you with numerous tasks, and in order to learn about them, you must obtain the tool.

Frequently Asked Queries

Question 1: Does the app supports only Windows Live Mail EML files ?

Answer 1: No, this application is compatible with all application which creates EML files.

Question 2: Can I open my Windows Live Mail attachments using your software ?

Answer 2: Yes, this application will preview all the EML files along with attachments. You can open and save your attachments before converting them.

Question 3: Can I use this software on Windows 11 machine ?

Answer 3: Yes, this application is compatible with all the editions of Windows. You can import Windows Live Mail to Outlook on Windows 11, 10, and more.

The Final Words

There is no longer a need to retain the WLM EML files, since they may be imported directly into Outlook; all that is required is an appropriate solution. As a result, our recommended software is one of the most effective methods for importing Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook. And you must attempt it to have a good experience. Also, we ensure you that the solution will provide you 100% accurate and safe result. So, don’t waste your time. Just download and use the application.

For any suggestions or help, you can contact us anytime.

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