How to Import PST File to Gmail Easily – A Quick Guide

Import PST file to Gmail

A PST file format is used to store email clients’ information like messages, contacts, attachments, addresses, etc. The email clients that support PST formats are Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. Due to the cost of these email clients, the user wants to import PST file to Gmail. The reason behind this Gmail is free, requires no maintenance, and stores data in the cloud. So, you can access your email, documents, and events from any computer. Unfortunately, data migration from one platform to another is always a difficult task. Here, we will discuss the methods to import the Outlook data file to Gmail. In the professional method, we will also talk about Sysinfo PST Converter Tool to open PST file in Gmail Before going to the methods, let’s discuss the reasons.

Why Gmail is more Convenient than other Email Clients

Let’s know the reasons before taking backup outlook emails. You can relate the reasons with other email clients. Below are the following causes to import PST to Gmail.

  • Gmail is Simple and free to handle as compared to Outlook.
  • Gmail offers free storage of up to 15 GB which is enough to store crucial emails.
  • Gmail allows users to use a single Gmail ID to log into various apps.
  • Gmail provides a chat messenger that users can communicate with each other.
  • Gmail sends emails as quickly as possible.

In the upper section, we have learned why Gmail performs well as compared to other email service providers. Next, we will discuss the best method to open PST file in Gmail.

Method 1: Import PST File to Gmail Account with Manual Procedure

In this method, we will discuss how to import PST to Gmail with Outlook. This method is split into two parts are:

Part 1: Setting up IMAP in Gmail

  1. Sign in to your Google account in your browser.
  2. Open and tap on the gear icon (Setting)on the right-hand side.
  3. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP option in the settings.
  4. Now, Go to the IMAP Access Setting and choose the Enable IMAP option.
  5.  Click Save Setting  

Now, the Gmail IMAP setup is completed and shifting to the second part to configure Gmail with Outlook PST. Let’s discuss the process.

Part 2: Gmail Configuration in MS Outlook

  1. Launch MS Outlook in your system
  2. Go to the File menu
  3. Now, add a Google account by clicking on Add account button.
  4. To import your PST, click on the File menu.
  5. Select the Open & Export option and click on Import/Export.
  6. After this, Choose Export to a file and select Next.
  7. Select Outlook data file(.pst),  and click Next.
  8. Choose a folder and select Include subfolders in the Export Personal Folders window and click Next
  9. Set the file path and pick the option below according to the duplicates. 
  10. Now, Finish the process.

Although we have discussed the manual method which is effective, there are some flaws to import PST file to Gmail in this process that should be considered before applying them. In this context, we will discuss the limitations of the manual method.

Disadvantages of Manual Method

As everything has two sides, so there are some cons to the above method. Let’s know them:  

  • The manual method takes too much time to import Outlook data file to Gmail.
  • Outlook must be installed on the user’s computer. 
  • Technical knowledge is required in this process.
  • Data loss and data alteration may occur.

In the above part, we have illustrated the limitations of the manual procedure to import PST files to Gmail. If any user wants to export the OLM file format to Gmail then you can read – How to Export OLM File to Gmail. Let’s move ahead toward the professional technique.

Method 2: Export Emails from Outlook with a Professional Technique

If users want to export Outlook contacts, they can utilize this professional method. In this professional method, we will use a reliable utility named Sysinfo PST Converter Tool. It helps users to import PST to Gmail without outlook. Using this process, users can also import PST file to Gmail and in other email clients such as AOL, IMAP, Hotmail, Live Exchange, HostGator Email, Amazon WorkMail, and Opera Mail. It also provides the option to exclude the attachments files from the PST emails. It is easy to use and can be used by non-technical users.

Conclusive Words

Here, we will summarise the whole blog with some lines. We have discussed the reasons why we need to backup outlook emails. There were also two best methods described. In the Manual method, we have used some steps to open PST file in Gmail. But there are some limitations to the manual method. Consequently, we shifted to the professional method. This method is described with a reliable third-party tool to import PST to Gmail without outlook.


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