How to Identify High-Quality of Cotton Clothing? And Reasons To Opt for Cotton Apparels

How to Identify High-Quality of Cotton Clothing

A sustainable wardrobe is the latest trend and is going to be in the market for a very long time. Clothes made from pure cotton not only give an amazing fashion sense but as a consumer, it gives us so much power to change the world just by being careful in what we buy. Just like that, buying high-quality clothing made from cotton gives you a great fashion statement and well-made clothing that lasts a long time without losing its brilliance. That’s why it is also crucial to know what distinguishes high-quality clothing from inferior garments because it can cause unpleasant skin irritations. 

What Makes Cotton the Best Fabric for Women’s Clothing?

Cotton dress fabrics extracted from the are natural cotton plants are the most suitable for dressmaking and other garments for women. For starters, women like to wear a plethora of layers when it comes to making a statement and with cotton as the option. They have some light, bright, comfy yet elegant looking clothes in their wardrobe.

In the summer of 2020, we have seen the social media flooded with cotton made maxi dresses, midi dresses, striped shirt dresses all made of pure cotton. And the same trend is going to be in the market for the next few years including the upcoming summer season.

Here are a few more cotton fabrics for women’s clothing. 

  • Soft and Breathable clothes which makes the air movement easy
  • Very good at absorbing moisture
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Versatile as there are a plethora of different of clothes can be made from cotton 
  • Perfect for women and kids especially those who have sensitive skin and allergies

Fun Fact: Even in the modern world where we have an array of synthetic fibres to choose from, cotton is the most used natural fibre in the whole world. 

How to Identify High-Quality Cotton Clothing 

Moreover to help you with future purchases, here is an introduction on how to identify high-quality cotton clothing. Let us start by looking at the characteristics. 

Resistance: No matter which fabric your clothes are made of, they should be in their shape even after many washes, and should not wear out, shrink or twist. That’s why you should buy cotton dresses online India from Jisora. 

Longevity: A high-quality garment made up of pure cotton should last longer than just a few months. When you buy cotton apparel like midi dresses from Jisora then you do not have to worry that your clothes will tear apart while taking them off.

Comfort: Comfort is the priority of today’s women and that’s why fabrics like pure cotton are in demand so it must feel good on the skin. Well, who wants to wear a scratchy T-shirt all day. 

Style: A major factor that everyone needs to look good on social media. High-quality apparel made from pure cotton shows this quality elegantly on the wearer.

After looking at these factors you may be thinking that this is it. But we believe there is another factor that is overlooked is sustainability. Although that quality and sustainability do not overlap each other most of the best brands in the fashion industry like
Jisora pays extra attention to quality and sustainability. It is like having high-quality apparel that will last even a lifetime and look exactly the same with similar quality. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Fabric Cotton

Cotton Clothing is Strong and Durable

Kotton being the natural fibre doesn’t always need delicate handling, unlike other fibres. Cotton is perfect for both kinds of people, first who are rough and second who is delicate with their clothes. Cotton apparel like kaftan style night suits made from cotton not only gives you an elegant look but also makes your dress durable for a much longer time as compared to other fabrics.

It is Versatile

Count with us, cotton made loungewear, t-shirt and pyjama set, kaftan style night suit, kaftan maxi dress, cotton short sets for women, maternity cotton dresses, western wear, jumpsuit, mini dresses for women, cotton midi dresses, coord sets the list is endless when it comes to variety offered in cotton clothing. From office wear to gorgeous evening wear you have a dress for almost every occasion made out of cotton. 

It Keeps you Cool

Summer is around the corner. And with it comes the odour, sweat and all the unwanted smells if you choose the wrong fabric. Nobody wants that. One of the biggest benefits of cotton fabric is that it is breathable and keeps you cool in the summer temperature. Have you ever thought about why cotton sheets are preferred for bedding? If not then you have got your answer. When you wear 100% pure cotton you allow your skin to breathe comfortably and keep it cool during hot weather. Even if you are a sweaty mess, cotton has moisture-wicking properties which not keep the odour away but become the ideal choice to wear in summers. 

Low Maintenance

You were probably not expecting this point in this post. But it is true that cotton is a naturally occurring material that doesn’t require much care. All you need to do is to wash the stains away in use an appropriate stain remover on tough stains and leave the rest for your washing machine.  

Best Fabric

Cotton is considered the best fabric but not because of its versatility, comfortability and sustainability, but both for consumers and the planet. The other fibres like nylon and polyester products are constantly shedding plastic elements like microfibers which not only makes them less desirable but also prone to the planet. Classic high quality cotton midi dress for women are perfect for all the reasons. Cotton is comfortable because nature made them that way. That’s why Jisora works with nature to produce healthier, sustainable and best quality women and kids apparels. 


This is how you identify high-quality cotton clothing and reasons to opt for cotton apparels. If you also want to jump the train and want to wear the best cotton made garments then visit and find out the pure cotton clothing that you can add in your wardrobe without breaking your bank.


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