How to have beautiful hair?

How to have beautiful hair

Are you having beautiful hair: a real hassle? Not when you adopt the right reflexes! There is no secret to keeping or finally getting this dream hair: you have to take care of it every day. Because the best cosmetics in the world will not change anything: your mane will never be able to flourish if you abuse it. The keywords to pamper her as it should be: softness and moderation!

To see it a little clearer, here are ten hair loss solution that will allow you to sublimate your hair.

Leave your hair alone

So, if you find your hair devitalized and dull, it’s probably because you don’t give them time to blow or use unsuitable products. Space out your shampoos and avoid heating appliances. If you psychologically cannot set foot outside without brushing, there is a solution: thermo-protective care. Perfect for smoothing, for example, they will protect your hairs from the ravages of heat. Absolute must-have for hairdryer addicts!

Protect yourself from the sun

If the sun is your morale’s best friend, it is not necessarily that of your skin… or hair! It weakens the scalp and hair by drying them out in high doses. Too long exposure can even lead to dandruff and root choking. Results: the hairs becomes thinner and breaks or falls out more quickly. If your hair is already very fragile, exposing it for several hours a day won’t help. However, should we ignore the sun and favour a rainy destination? There is, of course, a solution! Use a  hair protector to protect your hair from the sun’s rays.

Massage your scalp

To activate the micro-circulation and, therefore, the growth of your hair, perform a hair massage at least twice a week, for example, when shampooing! Gently massage your skull with your fingertips with light circular movements to activate the circulation (without rubbing the hair!) The skin of your head should move slightly under the effect of your fingers. Pay particular attention to the top and front of the skull.

Trim your ends regularly

Before the split ends appear and ruin your lengths, go to the hairdresser. By regularly cutting the ends, you will keep healthy and strong hairs, naturally growing faster than weakened hair.

The art of brushing

Get into the habit of detangling and brushing your hair every morning and especially at night before bedtime. This gesture frees them from the impurities and pollution accumulated during the day and oxygenates the roots. Be careful, however, to adopt quality hairs accessories  (such as a boar bristle brush or a soft plastic comb, for example) and not to repeat this beauty ritual too often at the risk of breaking the hair fibre!

Adopt a healthy diet for beautiful hair

We probably don’t teach you anything: food is essential to have strong, healthy hair! Favourite foods? Fish and meat for proteins (on the vegetarian side, we go for lentils, tofu and quinoa), broccoli, avocados, eggs and oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, etc.) for vitamin intake , iron and zinc. _ The main thing is to vary your consumption of fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamins ABC and E, essential for hair growth and health!

Bet on the right food supplements

For your diet to have a real impact on the health and strength of your hair, it will take several months. If your efforts are in vain and you want to boost the results, combine the benefits of a balanced diet with taking a food supplement for the hair! In addition to timeless hair supplements, such as brewer’s yeast or spirulina, you can now find specific and complete formulas to boost growth over just a few months!

  • To nourish the hair from the inside, Expert Kératine from Forte Pharma Laboratories combines a supply of keratin, arginine, zinc and B vitamins. A concentrate of energy and vitality for your hair!
  • Silettum food supplements help boost hair growth and give volume to the hair, thanks to active ingredients selected for their stimulating properties.
  • Forcapil is a complete food supplement to stimulate hair growth, beautify the hair fibre and bring volume to the hair.

Choose appropriate care for beautiful hair

It’s not all about the plate: the products you choose to care for your hair are also important for its vitality. The main thing is, above all, to favor cosmetics adapted to the needs of your hair. Dull and weakened hair? Adopt repairing care with keratin. Oily, flat hair? Try purifying or sebum-regulating shampoos and hair loss solutions. The whole thing is to respect the nature of your hairs. If in doubt, ask your hairdresser or a dermatologist for advice.

Avoid stress like the plague.

Very oxidative, stress is the enemy of the hair’s natural balance. It disrupts blood circulation, the primary source of nourishment and, therefore hairs fiber growth. Irritated scalp, scales, dandruff and hairs loss are many people who are a little too anxious. There is no miracle solution here, other than relaxation, meditation or taking natural anti-stress supplements.

Adopt natural hair masks

Once or twice a week, make a homemade mask based on vegetable oils and essential oils for beautiful hair! Among the treatments to be favored for pampering them: are vegetable oils of argan, nigella, avocado, coconut or castor, as well as essential oils of Ylan-Ylang, lemon, peppermint, rosemary and lavender.

With these few simple tips, beautiful hairs is yours!

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