How To Handle Negative Reviews About Your Business?

How To Handle Negative Reviews About Your Business

In recent years, the internet has become a powerful tool to boost your business. It brings the world closer by expanding the reach of delivery of your product/services. However, as said, “with great powers come even greater responsibilities.” Similar to the powers of expanding your business to the global level or on a larger scale, you get the liability to serve with the highest standards. Plenty of online reputation management companies are working for most people around the world. It ensures the business retains or enhances the online reputation of the business by handling negative reviews.

However, in recent years, numerous platforms have emerged for customers/clients to share their reviews. These reviews are based on the usage of certain products/services from any business. How can you safeguard yourself from such negative publicity? There are many things you can do. Online reputation management companies offer their clients some of the most promising solutions for this type of problem. Be it reviews on Google, your social media handle this task. Some hotshot review websites relevant to your industry, or even to your review section avoid misleading information. Any misleading information in the form of a review is going to stain your reputation forever. So, the big question is how to handle negative reviews about your business. To give you the best of understanding, first, you need to understand:

Why Are Reviews Important

Statistically speaking, about 85% of customers online make their purchases based on the online reviews available that hold equal weight to a personal recommendation. About 60% of consumers find negative reviews making them not spend money on the product/service in question. So, in totality, a single review has the potential to change the future of your business in total.

Recommend your clients to always spend an equal amount of effort in ORM. According to recent surveys, if a business gets about even a 1-star average increase on websites like Yelp, the business can increase up to 10%. So, it is safe to say that reviews are playing a vital role in growing the business. It ensures sales for your products/services online these days and also grooms your business on a larger level.

Now, since we have established the importance of reviews and the significance of online reputation management on the internet, you must understand further what you can do to prevent that or to tackle the situation if something similar occurs to your business. So, before we leap how to solve the issue, here are a few things you can do to avert that.

How To Prevent Negative Reviews About Your Business

Provide A Flawless Service:

The thumb rule to every successful business is to provide the product and services without any issue and consider customer satisfaction as the top priority. As one of the best online reputation management companies in Delhi, we always advise our clients to maintain a certain level of products and services in their business. Such practices help in getting more satisfaction and word-of-mouth promotion of your business.

Moderation On Online Reviews:

The most important part for any business which is accepting reviews and publishes on their website is to curate every review and make sure no biased reviews are published on your website.

Now, you know how you can steer away from negative reviews and get as many positive reviews as possible, now let’s head towards how to deal with negative reviews about your business.

How To Deal With Negative Reviews About Your Business

Legal Action:

In countries like America, there are strict laws that can help prevent a business from getting biased negative reviews. Anti-SLAPP Laws are one of these laws that can help you prevent getting negative reviews from critics where the critic has to pay a price before making a review or negative comment on your business.

Now, you must be thinking about what about other countries like India. In India, there are no such straight laws that can help you to sue the individual who has made a review, but there are certainly numerous other laws that can help you to defend yourself. Laws like defamation, slander, libel, breach of contract, violation of privacy rights, and a few more are the laws you can use legally to get biased negative comments.

Request your happy customers/clients to share reviews: Under any situation, there are chances that you may not be able to satisfy everyone common as everyone has different expectations and perceptions, then with the ratio of positive reviews and comments about your business will always overpower the negative ones which are actually what makes your business thrive.

Negotiate To Retract Or Change The Review:

Probably the best practice that is advised by all major online reputation management companies is to negotiate with the customer/client and handle the concern that triggered the negative review in the first place. These are the perfect ways to ensure that not only do you care about your reputation, but at the same time, you also care about the customers and their satisfaction which at the end enforce your reputation as a customer-oriented business.

Report Fraud/Fake Reviews:

One thing that is common in the majority of businesses is to make bad publicity about the competitor’s business and the same thing happens online as well. Many businesses often consider publishing fake reviews on the reviews sites or places like Google to degrade the reputation of other’s businesses and to handle these reviews, all online reputation management companies consider reporting those reviews and requesting the host site to turn down that particular review by showing that the reviewer is not our customer.

There are abundant other tactics that are commonly used by the best online reputation management companies. It helps to ensure your reputation stays intact and keep on growing for a better business image. So, if you too have been thinking about what you should do about your online reputation and want to avoid a poor reputation then connect with good professionals. Digital Upshot – online reputation management services provider in Delhi is a good option to grow your business.

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