How to get your car’s Fastag up and running


Getting your car’s Fastag up and running can seem like a complicated and long process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you know what you’re doing, getting your Fastag will take only 10 minutes of your time, during which you’ll have to hand over nothing more than your name, car’s registration number and the vehicle’s chassis number. Here’s how to complete full KYC in three easy steps.

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Step 1: Know when you can use it

The fastag is meant for use on roads that can only be used by cars registered under highways rules. If you want to drive on an expressway or a state highway, then you need to enter these after getting off a toll road. You also need to know if there are any toll plazas in between where you plan on using it. This information is available online as well as from signboards placed at every entry point into expressways and high ways. So, if driving from Delhi to Agra, ask at each exit whether there are any tolls between that entry point and your final destination.  MyBlog


Step 2: Know what documents you need

you will need your driving license, address proof, photo proof and bank details. Banks do not accept credit or debit cards for Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. You can upload any one of these documents as proof of identity but only one document is required as proof of address: a passport, election card/EPIC card/PAN card, ration card or Passport size photographs with white background. Ideally you will also have a bank account in which you want to link your ETC digital wallet with. This isn’t compulsory but it does make it easy if you need to add money later on for travel within India or even abroad!


Step 3: Know where to visit

Head to any customer service centre of Axis Bank, State Bank of India or Bank of Baroda. The list is here . Once you’re there, bring these documents: original proof of address (electricity/water bill or passport), original PAN card, valid driving licence (if you own a car) as well as photocopies of these. This is all you need for full KYC at an Axis Bank branch. In case of other banks, click on their names above and visit their websites for more information. Here’s how it works at SBI—you will have to fill in Form-10A, which has some security features such as a one-time password (OTP). So don’t lose it!


Step 4: Collect All Documents

Once you’ve received your Fastag, it’s time to head down to a DSC. At DSCs across India, you’ll fill out a new-customer form that requires information such as your name, address and contact number, amongst other details. You’ll also have to sign some documents as part of validating full KYC requirements. A few documents you will need include an original proof of residence (such as an electricity bill or passport), an original identity proof (your driving license is accepted) and proof of address (such as bank account statements). The documents will be photocopied by DSC officials at their end, so make sure they’re originals or else they won’t be accepted.


Step 5 – Visit the RTO for Physical Verification

After you have sent in your application form, it gets registered. The RTO will call you and ask you to come over with a photo identity card and driving license. You need to visit their office within 30 days of submitting your online form for physical verification of these documents. After checking them they will give you a receipt with GSTIN or temporary number which is valid for 45 days. Then they will tell you that if any change has occurred in terms of registration details, address or information related to vehicle owner, you need to inform them through e-challan within 10 days after making changes. Once all these formalities are done then your Fastag will be generated by MPSS (Mobile Production Unit Scheme) services via an SMS on your registered mobile number.


Step 6 – Install the GPS system (in case of business cars)

Now, if you are going for business-related travel like frequent visiting of clients or attending conferences, it will be a better option for you to go for GPS installation in your vehicle. This will help you reach all those places on time. Many organizations allow their employees to install a GPS device which helps them in knowing directions without any issue. The only thing that needs to be done is, register your vehicle with NIC so that they can give you an identity number and then link it with motorways agency which in turn, provide service of providing live information about traffic on roads from where you can easily decide whether there are jams or not. This way getting late because of traffic is also reduced significantly when we compare it with normal driving experiences at peak hours.


Step 7 – Fill out the forms online

Once you have logged into you IDBI Federal Savings Bank account, click on ‘My Business’ from homepage. Click ‘Complete Full KYC’ link. Enter 16-digit registration number provided by DGS&D in field No 1. Enter PAN of vehicle owner in field No 2. In fields No 3 to 10 provide all necessary details including Bill Book Number, HSN Code, Date of Issue etc.


Step 8 – Activate FASTAG online using toll-free number 18002299999

Step-8: Call Toll Free 18002299999 (ask for banking manager), give him/her all information asked in Step 6. They will activate FASTAG for you over phone. It takes a minute or two during which you need to keep your vehicle with left turn signal blinking continuously. Once done, they will inform you about successful activation of FASTAG. They will ask you to confirm whether device has activated successfully or not by switching it on/off couple of times. Make sure that you have vehicles battery fully charged before activating FASTAG.


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