How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags On The Lower Eyelid?


Skin tags are unsightly, particularly on the eyelids, and when you have them, you’ll wish to remove them as soon as possible. Almost everyone has been tempted to rip them off when looking in the mirror. That’s a poor decision, so learn about the causes and treatments for skin tags before doing something that could leave you with lasting scarring. If you want to know how to get rid of skin tags on eyelid removal, continue reading!

Skin Tags On The Lower Eyelid

Skin tags, also known as acrochordons, are microscopic skin growths that dangle from the skin. They can appear everywhere on the body, but they’re more common in places where the skin folds, like the armpits, thighs, and neck. They can also appear on the upper and lower eyelids. Eye specialists in Calgary or elsewhere advise people not to pull them if these appear anywhere around the eyelids.

Several factors cause skin tags on the eyelids

Increased cell development on any skin region can cause a skin tag to appear. Skin tags have no established cause, though certain medical disorders and other factors may make them more likely.


The following are some of the known risk factors for skin tags:

  • Obesity
  • Maternity
  • Age is a factor
  • Diabetes type 2


It is widely known that skin tags are caused when loose skin excessively rubs together, such as around armpits, thighs, and sometimes lower eyelids. Due to the noticeable hormonal changes during pregnancy, expecting women are more susceptible to acquiring skin tags. Skin tags that appear during pregnancy frequently vanish once the baby is born. Visiting an eye center in Calgary or wherever you live is necessary when you have a skin tag on the lower eyelid.

Procedures for removal of skin tags on lower eyelids

skin tags around the eyes, while innocuous, can obstruct eyesight. Thus, some people prefer to have them removed, and others can opt to remove them for aesthetic reasons. Skin tags may fall out on their own. This can occur if the stalk twists and cuts off the skin tag’s circulatory system. Skin tags must not be removed at home without first consulting a doctor. These extensions can be readily by visiting an ophthalmologist in Calgary or elsewhere, reducing the risk of contamination from poor removal. The skin tag could regrow if the surgery does not eliminate it entirely. Moreover, skin tags on the eyelids can be removed using various medical techniques.

·       Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a reasonably easy procedure. It is performed by a medical practitioner to remove a skin tag. They’ll do this by soaking a set of tweezers in liquid nitrogen, then pinching the skin tag to burn it off using the forceps. The doctor will repeat this procedure for each skin tag that is present. People may require several treatments to get rid of their skin tags.

·       Excision with a scissor

A professional can also remove tiny skin tags with a decent set of sterilized scissors. They sever the small stalk that connects the skin tag to the eyelids. They could then use an electromagnetic tool to cover that spot from bleeding.

·       Electrosurgery

A physician can use a tool to send an electric charge through the skin tag to scorch it off. This treatment can be incredibly beneficial, and it also minimizes bleeding after the procedure is over. If a more significant skin tag needs to be removed, a doctor may administer anesthesia.

·       Remedy available over-the-counter

There are a variety of over-the-counter skin tag removal remedies available, ranging from plant oils to sophisticated removal technologies. However, many of these treatments are not intended for the usage part of the eye and are not suited or safe for removing a skin tag from the upper eyelid. Try an over-the-counter pain treatment if a skin tag on your eyelids is causing discomfort or pain. A cool compress might also assist in reducing eye inflammation.


Ophthalmologists in Calgary or anywhere around the world make sure that patients with skin tags around their eyes are removed with proper precautions. Skin tags on the eyelids are generally innocuous, but they might irritate the eyes or block vision. As a result, someone might want to get rid of them, so you should first visit an eye center in Calgary or elsewhere and, if allowed, follow natural remedies.



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