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It’s not about the numbers when it comes to building a truly loyal fan following. The end goal is not, and should not be, being on a popular playlist, becoming viral on TikTok, or being featured in mainstream media. Of course, all of these things will help you obtain attention, but they won’t necessarily result in true life-long fans.

While landing that large playlist will undoubtedly increase the number of people who listen to your real YouTube video promotion it does not imply that thousands of fans will be pounding on your door to buy merchandise or tickets to your event.

The distinction between a follower and a true fan is crucial because it affects how you approach your music marketing plan. Your followers may have spotted one of your posts. Come back for more because they like and connect with your material. This is where the true value may be found.

So, in this article, we’ll show you how to turn those followers from various platforms into priceless, lifelong fans who adore your music.

Everything you do should be geared at gaining followers

You won’t need to rely on social media or streams if you gain actual admirers who rave about you since these supporters will always be there (your forever fans). They’ll do a lot of the legwork for you by spreading the word about your content and distributing it across platforms.

Music marketing isn’t only about increasing sales or making a song go viral; these stats only benefit platforms in the long run. As a result, it’s more important to concentrate on how to develop a loyal, engaged fan base.

You can find a plethora of additional articles and videos on how to get your music heard on our website. The three primary methods we advocate, along with several associated videos, are listed below:

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This post will go into what to do next on each of those sites and how to attract genuine fans, not simply followers, beyond the music discovery strategies outlined in the videos above.

Radio Play Is a Great Way to Get Real Fans

National radio broadcast is a fantastic opportunity for any artist because it opens up the possibility of a large number of new listeners.

However, just because someone hears your song on the radio doesn’t imply they’ll become a fan right away — if only it were that simple…

The most important thing to remember when it comes to radio play is that you want listeners who appreciate your song to actively seek out more information about you and your previous work. Hopefully, they’ll want to listen to your music, follow you on social media, and even purchase tickets to your shows. People become ‘forever fans’ at this point.

How to get people to listen to your music when it’s on the radio

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to target all of your listeners on a certain radio station on a specific day. You can, however, target similar folks who might listen to that show or station with your social media ads.

In the United Kingdom, for example, Jack Saunders hosts a show on Radio 1 that focuses on indie rock music. You could construct an ad targeting BBC Radio 1 listeners and indie rock fans if you were aired on his show. If they listen to both of these, there’s a good chance they’ll listen to Jack Saunders’ show.

In this case, a banner stating “as heard on Jack Saunders” alongside an image of him and the Radio 1 logo may be used. This would give you some credibility, as it would persuade folks who saw the ad that you are worth clicking on. Another option is to add a video of your reaction to being on the radio – sincerity and charisma can go a long way in this situation.

They’ll be able to hear your tune again and connect with you on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you want to run the ad if you use an ad like this.

Alternatively, try contacting fans of performers who have appeared on the same show as you. This time, incorporate a comparison to one of these bands in your ad, such as ‘for lovers of…’ or ‘if you like (artist x), you’ll adore this…’ You should also direct them to a streaming platform or YouTube so they can listen to the song, as well as your other social media accounts where they can learn more about you.

Sending listeners to high-quality content is a good idea

If you do send folks to social media, ensure everything is current and that your page isn’t a ghost town. Otherwise, you’ll be squandering your advertising budget. Give them something to eat.

Make sure your bio is solid, that you have some fascinating highlights, and that you have stories running every day.

Streaming Platforms: How to Get Real Fans

Many of you who are reading this have undoubtedly already been on playlists, whether they were editorial or marketed. A branded playlist is one that is controlled by a brand rather than a person, such as a blog or a YouTube channel.

Nowadays, streaming services account for the bulk of music consumption, which is fantastic news for musicians since it means you can get people to listen to your music much more readily than in the past. It’s also lot more likely that you’ll be discovered.

However, keep in mind that listeners are not always fans. Of course, you want people to listen to your music and help you grow your streaming presence, but you also want them to interact with you and become true fans.

From streamers to dream fans, there’s something for everyone

The idea is to send streamers to your social media channels, where you can truly engage with them, get to know them, and convert them into a lifelong fan.

To begin, make sure you link to all of your social media accounts from your Spotify profile, as this will allow curious listeners to easily find out more about you.

Again, this implies that you must keep your social media accounts up to date with new content on a frequent basis. Because they’ve already listened to your music on Spotify, that material can’t just be music; you need to give something unique — something of value.

Make it personal, or show them behind-the-scenes film to show them who you are. Keep in mind that your content is your brand.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get them to cross platforms.

You could run advertisements targeted at those who listen to musicians on the same playlists as you on Spotify to attract people to follow you on social media.

One option to achieve this is to use the ‘as seen on’ method, or to record yourself going through the playlist and selecting your music.

You can then target folks who are fans of other artists featured in that playlist. If you’re included to a pop playlist that includes Dualists Lipa, for example, target your advertisements at her admirers.

How to Get Real Fans: Use Social Media to Increase Engagement

As we’ve seen, streaming platforms can help you get listeners but not necessarily fans. As a result, you should focus your efforts on increasing engagement. Your followers may have found you on Spotify and followed you on social media, but they aren’t actual fans yet; you must entice them in.

DMs are the most convenient way to communicate with others, or use voice notes on Instagram to get even more personal. It’s simple to do, and it’s probably faster than composing a message!

So, if you receive a new follower, send them a message or a voice message. ‘Thanks for the follow!’ is a basic example. ‘I really like your photograph of…’ There’s no need to overthink it; simply demonstrate that you’ve read their profile and learned something about them. However, don’t just copy and paste the same message to everyone, as this will be obvious.

It’s crucial to show your followers that you care about them if you want them to become true fans. They’ll be touched that you took the time to write them a personal letter, and they’ll be more likely to engage and return for more of your material.

Don’t be a slacker – interact with your followers

Another effective strategy to engage with fans is to respond to as many post comments as possible. Rather of just raking in the comments, show that you’re reading them and caring about what your followers have to say.

We would strongly advise leveraging stories as well, as it is a fantastic area for artists to be right now. In your main feed, you can opt to be more professional, but with tales, you have a little more leeway to be playful and raw with the content. Also, don’t overlook Instagram’s other features, like as polls and Q&As, which are excellent for increasing interaction.

Will Going Viral Assist Me in Getting Fans?

People may learn about your music through YouTube, TikTok, or a successful social media commercial. Unfortunately, being viral does not guarantee that you will gain admirers. Going viral just implies that one of your videos went popular, but no one is particularly interested in seeing more.

The most common cause for this is a lack of a consistent topic in your work. For example, if a food challenge on our Burstimo YouTube channel went popular and received 2 million views, the audience is irrelevant to us because they are not necessarily music aficionados.

It’s the same for musicians: if you create viral content or something with your music that has nothing to do with your brand or you as an artist, it’s unlikely to get you the fans you want.

It’s just a bunch of numbers. You may compare it to being placed on a playlist that isn’t your style. Consistency is the key here. You’ll need to stick to a constant theme if you want them to come back for more.

Without their fans, artists are nothing

It’s challenging to find new music. It’s difficult to have your music heard. But retaining people’s attention and converting them into fans is the most difficult aspect. So make sure you’re doing everything you can to



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