How to Get Real Subscribers on YouTube Video [Proven]

How to Get Real Subscribers on YouTube Video [Proven]
How to Get Real Subscribers on YouTube Video [Proven]

The best strategy to increase your organic reach on the second-largest website in the world is by gaining more real subscribers on YouTube video.

Reaching subscriber milestones is essential if your goal is to earn money on YouTube. For instance, in order to sign up as a YouTube Partner and begin making money from ads, you must have at least 1,000 followers. And when you get followers, you go up the “benefit level” ladder on YouTube (think: awards, managers and production aid, starting when you hit 100,000 subscribers).

What if you want to use YouTube for video marketing and branding purposes rather than for earning money right away? You still require customers. They increase your watch duration, play counts, and engagement, all of which are significant signals to the YouTube algorithm.

Learn how to encourage people to click the Subscribe button so you can expand your channel with real subscribers on YouTube videos.

Summary of Contents

  • Reasons not to purchase YouTube subscribers
  • 15 suggestions on how to get real subscribers on YouTube video
  • How to view your subscribers on YouTube

Reasons not to purchase YouTube subscribers

Look, we comprehend your want to purchase YouTube subscribers. We won’t make fun of you for it.

We must nevertheless let you know that it won’t work. The producers of the top YouTube channels in the world aren’t, in fact, investing their time or money in questionable growth strategies. They are too occupied creating fantastic videos.

Let’s first examine how “free” YouTube subscriber programmes operate. (While being mindful of the fact that nothing is truly free. If you’re not paying for the goods, you are the product, as the expression goes.)

By following the service’s instructions to subscribe to and like other channels, you can acquire “free” subscribers. Most demand that you like 20 YouTube videos and subscribe to 20 channels. Ten channels will subscribe to yours in exchange.

You are essentially employing yourself as a one-person click farm. It reminds me of when we experimented with Instagram engagement pods.

After a few days, the site hopes you’ll become tired of all the clicking and opt to buy YouTube subscribers instead. The service benefits in either case since they either obtain your time or your money. What do you get if you pay for them or receive them as part of a free programme?

  • Bot subscribers who are inactive
  • A poor impression for your genuine audience, who is likely very interested in authenticity
  • The danger of breaking YouTube’s phoney engagement rules (tl;dr: you could get banned)
  • Possibility of getting the stink eye from any companies who may someday want to work with you

In the end, it’s just not worthwhile.

Many clickbait videos on the internet promise to show you how to obtain 1,000 YouTube followers for nothing. or even a million! Naturally, if anything looks too good to be true, it most likely is.

Clickbait videos receive a tonne of views from viewers seeking for a simple trick to increase their subscription count. They’re merely clickbait, though. They do not exist. Spend your time more wisely unless you just want to chuckle.

There isn’t a solution, that much is true. You must put in the effort. However, there are several straightforward, practical strategies you can employ right away to begin building a reliable YouTube audience. Let’s start now.

15 suggestions on how to get real subscribers on YouTube video

Check out our instructions for setting up a YouTube channel if you’re just getting started. Before you begin the ideas below, you should have the foundation of your channel in place.

Here are our best techniques for turning visitors into subscribers, listed from easiest to most difficult. Don’t take on all of them at once. Try trying one of these suggestions for every new video you publish, or use one or two of them each week.

1. Invite your audience to subscribe

There are few things easier than this.

Sometimes all that’s needed is to remind your viewers.

Do you think asking for the subscribe seems overly pushy? If you inquire too soon or too frequently, it may be. However, a brief request to subscribe at the conclusion of your video will only make it simpler for viewers to follow your progress.

Don’t forget to provide evidence of your channel’s value to viewers. Make sure to only request the subscription after providing visitors with fresh and helpful information or after making them laugh.

2. To conclude your video, reveal what you’re working on next

An act of anticipation is YouTube channel subscription. If you’ve done your job well, viewers who have just seen what your brand is about are eager to want more.

The most natural method to get people to touch subscribe is to hype your upcoming video and make it apparent why they shouldn’t miss it.

Naturally, to do this you must have a firm grasp on your YouTube content schedule and be aware of what is upcoming. (I’ll have more to say about that soon.)

3. Double-check your Google account

All YouTube users are by default able to upload 15-minute videos. You must validate your account in order to create content that is longer than that.

This is a crucial step for anyone who wants to construct a professional channel because longer videos provide you more possibilities for the kind of material you may produce.

Visit on a computer (not a mobile device) and follow the instructions to validate your account.

You can upload videos that are up to 256GB in size or 12 hours long when you validate your account.

4. Engage your audience in conversation and develop friends (a.k.a. build community)

They’re more likely to want to continue watching your work if you develop relationships with your viewers. React to remarks. Retrace their steps back.

Yes, it’s fantastic when a well-known YouTuber leaves a comment on your video, but who knows who will be well-known in a year? Create a group of peers and support one another. (I am, after all, referring to shine theory.)

Once you’re established, your audience will also be a great source of free content ideas for your subsequent videos. You don’t have to take each one, so don’t stress.

Utilize Hootsuite to manage your YouTube presence. In addition to uploading and scheduling videos, you can also add comment feeds to your dashboard. By doing so, you can easily review, respond to, and/or regulate comments on all of your videos from a one location.

5. Establish strong channel branding

The branding of your channel is a crucial part of letting viewers know who you are and what to anticipate from your content.

Ad banner

Everyone who visits your channel on YouTube is welcomed by your YouTube banner. Maybe they’re looking for more after watching a video. They might be a prospective subscriber.

Make certain they are aware of their location and the benefits of remaining.

Clean, on-brand, captivating, and—this is the finicky part—optimized for all devices are the requirements for your banner. For example, you don’t want your social media buttons to hide crucial information.

Along with free designs with the most recent measurements, we also have a helpful guide for making your own YouTube channel art.

station icon

On YouTube, your channel icon effectively serves as your brand. It displays anywhere you comment on YouTube, including your channel page. Make sure it is easily recognisable even at a tiny size and that it accurately represents you and your brand.

Describe your channel

This text can be found on your YouTube channel’s About page. You have a maximum of 1,000 characters to introduce your channel and explain why viewers should subscribe. To get you started, check out our comprehensive blog post on how to write compelling YouTube descriptions.

Unique URL

Your channel’s default URL will resemble something like this:

Not ideal at all. Fortunately, a custom URL can be used to alter it. Select Customization from the left menu in YouTube Studio, then click Basic Info and scroll down to Channel URL. You can modify your URL to read something along the lines of

The catch is that before you can claim a personalised URL, you must have at least 100 subscribers. Put this at the top of your list of things to accomplish after you reach the first subscriber milestone, if you haven’t already.

6. Include a unique channel trailer

Making the most of the featured video area at the top of your channel page is possible thanks to YouTube’s personalization options. You can decide to play one video for current subscribers and a another one for unsubscribed viewers.

Create a channel trailer for viewers who aren’t subscribers to let them know what to anticipate from your channel and why they should join. Here is an outstanding illustration from Bhavna’s Kitchen & Living:

7. Customize the video thumbnails

A thumbnail is a still picture that covers your video and has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Consider it a miniature movie poster. Your first and best opportunity to get someone to click on your video is now. (Except for the titles of your videos; more on that later.)

Why bring this up here when we aren’t discussing obtaining or buy YouTube views today? (We have a dedicated post for that.) As another aspect of your channel branding, consistent, polished custom thumbnails are important. They could aid in educating brand-new viewers.

Make sure your thumbnails all have the same branding. Use the same font, colour scheme, or even frame composition throughout all of your videos to help viewers recognise (at least subliminally) that they are viewing content from your channel.

Take a brief look at Jack Sturgess’s Bake with Jack YouTube channel, for instance. His consistently strong thumbnails demonstrate that there are many compelling reasons to subscribe to his channel.

8. Include clickable subscription tools from YouTube in your videos.

A few integrated clickable tools are provided by YouTube to assist you in turning video viewers into channel subscribers.

End of video

Before YouTube’s algorithm moves viewers on to the next video, you can prompt them to subscribe with this still picture at the end of your video. As long as the movie is longer than 25 seconds, you can add an end screen during the upload process.

In order to start converting subscribers from your existing content straight away, you can also go back and add end screens to previous videos.

Select the film you wish to add an end screen to from the left-hand menu of Creator Studio by clicking Content, then click Add End Screen. To add a Subscribe element to your video, click the End screen box on the right side of the screen.

corporate watermark

In the bottom right corner of your video, there will be an additional subscribe button that will hover there. When the watermark displays in your videos is completely up to you.

Select Branding under Customization in YouTube Studio’s left menu to add the watermark. Now, the watermark will be visible on each of your videos.

9. Consider playlists as a tool

Playlists are a fantastic technique to improve the number of views on your YouTube account. A YouTube playlist autoplays a selection of videos in a specific order, much like a Netflix series. The viewer merely needs to relax and wait for the content to load up instead of actively choosing the next video.

Consider each playlist as a mini-channel or a running show. Someone has several reasons to subscribe for more videos if they view a few in a succession and appreciate them all.

Unsurprisingly, playlists can be found in the Playlists tab of your channel.

Playlists can also be used to…

10. Strategically display your content on your channel page.

You can add up to 12 sections to your channel homepage using YouTube Studio’s layout tab. This enables you to showcase your greatest material up front so that new visitors may view it before deciding whether to click the Subscribe button.

Sections can also be used to display the playlists you made in the previous tip. Use playlists that are specifically designed to meet different audience demands to draw attention to the extensive value you offer right away.

Look at these playlist categories, for instance, on the English with Lucy YouTube channel:

People who are looking for advice on learning English are probably finding her channel page. Her playlists make it clear that there is lots of information available for those who wish to learn about grammar or pronunciation.

Start with Popular Uploads if you’re unsure of which sections to put on your channel page. Your top 12 YouTube videos with the most views will be automatically compiled.

11. Hold an event

Check out our guide to organising a YouTube contest if you’re looking for a quick boost in engagement or simply feel like your subscriber count has reached a plateau.

Important actions include picking a prize that resonates with your audience and requesting that viewers subscribe and enable notifications in order to participate.

12. Publish videos on a regular basis.

When asked how frequently artists should upload videos to their channels, many experts confidently suggest a general guideline. As your channel expands, you might start with one video per week and work your way up to three or four.

The idea is that more videos will result in viewers watching them for longer. However, favouring quantity over quality has disadvantages.

You should prioritise quality over consistency if your goal is to turn viewers into subscribers. (After that, you can begin to worry about quantity.)

People are more inclined to touch the subscribe button if you constantly submit high-quality content.

You can schedule your YouTube videos for later publication using a social media management tool like Hootsuite.

13. Recruit users from other social media platforms to join your audience

This entails cross-promotion on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others where you already have a fan base. Simply mentioning your YouTube channel in your Instagram or Twitter bio can accomplish this.

Another excellent technique to drive traffic from other social media accounts to your YouTube channel is to post a teaser of your most recent video. Because you can provide a trailer or taster of your video on Instagram Stories and direct users to it with a simple Swipe Up link, this feature is perfect for this.

In relation to the preceding advice, if you provide video teasers frequently, viewers will come to look forward to your content. They are poised to subscribe once they start looking forward to your work.

YouTuber Alexandra Gater specialises in DIY and home decor, and she utilises Instagram Stories to advertise her weekly YouTube releases. Viewers are more inclined to click Subscribe after swiping up a few times so that her material can become a regular.

14. Do keyword research for headings, summaries, and hashtags.

You can better title your new videos and pick the appropriate hashtags by understanding YouTube SEO and knowing which keywords associated with your subject matter people are searching for on the platform. But it might also provide ideas for your upcoming video subject.

If you run a YouTube channel on home brewing kombucha, for instance, preliminary keyword research may show that users are curious about things like how to pick the best brewing vessel, how to clean your brewing vessel, or how to carry out second fermentation. Each of these subjects may have its own video.

You may find out what keywords and phrases people are using to search for the information you’re offering by using SEO (search engine optimization) tools like Google Keyword Planner. Finding themes with lower competition ratings but larger search volume is your aim.

By doing this, you can prevent producing videos that nobody will watch. videos with obscure titles, etc.

Additionally, it will assist you in avoiding publishing before you’re ready on a subject that is already quite competitive.

If you’re unsure of where to begin with your keyword research, consider the kinds of search terms you may employ to look for material relevant to your sector.

For instance, Yoga with Adriene’s Adriene Mishler has a large collection of videos that begin with the phrase “yoga for…”

This terminology is exactly what people are likely to use while looking for videos of at-home yoga. Additionally, as Adriene revealed to The Guardian in the spring, she occasionally bases her video creations on keyword and SEO research.

You may use YouTube Analytics to check which keywords are bringing viewers to your videos after you start to establish your channel. Look for patterns that could influence the future material you produce.

Click Analytics in YouTube Studio’s left menu to get to this data. To obtain a list of the top searches directing visitors to your page, click Traffic Source in the top menu, followed by YouTube Search.

You may always add fresh keywords and hashtags to older videos’ descriptions to make them more discoverable in YouTube search results.

15. Work together with other artists

This is directly related to Tip #4: Create community. Find other YouTube creators to work with using your relationships so you may benefit from each other’s audiences. After all, your audience believes in your advice, and their audiences believe in theirs.

Once you gain a following, you can discover that your supporters suggest potential business partnerships. In the interim, search YouTube on your own to find suitable industry partners. Reach out to anyone who appears promising.

How to view your subscribers on YouTube

From the channel dashboard, you can view a list of your YouTube subscribers. Where can I find a complete subscriber list?

  1. On the channel dashboard in YouTube Studio, scroll down to the Recent Subscribers card. Select SEE ALL.
  2. From the dropdown menu in the pop-up window’s upper right corner, select Lifetime.

Now you can scroll through your subscriber list. If you want to view the YouTubers who have the most subscribers following you first, you can choose to sort by subscriber count.

You can select to view a list of persons who have subscribed in the previous 7, 28, 90, or 365 days if you simply want to check on new subscribers.



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