How to Get a Singapore Airlines Refund or Cancel a Reservation

Singapore Airlines Booking

Singapore Airlines, popularly known as SQ, is an airline headquarter in Singapore. Established in year 1968, it flies to more than 100 Singapore Airlines destinations map worldwide using a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. SQ has been consistently vote as one of the world’s best airlines by Skytrax. Due to its high standards of customer service, cleanliness, and comfort.

How to get an SIA refund

The Singapore Airline ticket system (like many airlines) will allow you to change your Singapore Airlines Booking free of charge up until 24 hours before Singapore Airlines flight departs. This means that if you decide you no longer want to travel. And don’t mind paying a change fee. There’s nothing stopping you from just cancelling and rebooking at a later date. However, if you have flexible travel plans it could be worth considering whether. It would be easier for you in time and money terms just getting an SIA refund instead. It is also worth noting that Singapore Airline cancellation fees on tickets issued on their Singapore Airlines website. So keep that in mind when making Singapore Airlines my booking.

SIA change and cancellation policies

Singapore Airlines first class offers change and cancellation policies that will be enforce if you want to make changes on your Singapore Airlines ticket. The allowable number of free changes allowed depends on your ticket type, and they may come with service fees. Credit card holders are able to cancel reservations at no extra cost but standard cancellations may cost up to $50 depending on when you made a Singapore Airlines reservation. Singapore offers a variety of travel plans available through their Singapore Airlines official website and mobile apps. They also offer gift cards, corporate travel cards and business class lounge memberships for sale as well; visit their website for Singapore Airlines for more information.

Required documents for SIA cancellation/refund request

If you wish to cancel your reservation or obtain a refund from Singapore Airlines official site (SIA), please submit your request in writing via registered mail with return receipt within 7 days of making Singapore Airlines Flight Booking, accompanied by all necessary supporting documents. As a general rule, proof of purchase (tickets/refund cheque) is require. Examples are: confirmation e-mail for e-ticket purchases, ticket stock for Singapore Airlines Ticket Booking, and stamped receipts for non-refundleable tickets (exact amount only). Where flight details have not been issue yet, we need proof of payment. These include original credit card transaction printouts.

Understanding the SIA website

If you need to cancel your Singapore Airlines reservations, it’s recommended that you call Singapore Airlines Reservations Number directly instead of trying to cancel Singapore Airlines online. And if that’s not possible, try accessing Singapore Airlines website by using Google Chrome and logging in with your user credentials. If your Google account is linked with SIA and your reservation information has already been provided, you should be able to change or cancel your reservation directly from there. However, if these steps don’t work for some reason, there is an alternative method listed below:

1) Select Singapore Airlines manage my booking from your SIA homepage. 2) Click on Edit next to your desired booking. 3) Click on Cancel Reservation at the bottom of your page and follow any additional prompts. 4) Once you have canceled your reservation, select Confirm Singapore Airlines Ticket Cancellation at the bottom of your page before leaving SIA’s site. To get a refund for tickets purchased through Singapore Airlines manage booking.

Helpful tips while asking for a refund

If you have purchased your ticket with a credit card, contact your bank first and request that they cancel payment. This is an important step, because if you simply call Singapore Airlines customer service without canceling payment with your bank. It may not prevent them from charging you again in 30 days. Another thing to remember: Have all of your paperwork ready! This includes boarding passes and invoices. Singapore Airline reservations are non-refundable within 24 hours of departure. So be sure you know exactly when that is before requesting a refund.


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