How To Fix The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems?


With the arrival of the summer season, the high temperatures force us to take refuge where the temperature is low. Home air conditioners have become an essential element in the face of increasingly hot summers. To not suffer from heat, you must maintain the correct maintenance of the air conditioner, thus avoiding damage and increasing its useful life. Therefore, you need to be aware of common air conditioner repair problems. So, this blog lets you know some of the common air conditioner faults and the best possible solutions to fix them.

Common Air Conditioner Faults And Their Solutions

Look at some of the most common problems with your AC and the best possible solutions to overcome them:

Common Air Conditioner Faults

  • Dripping Or Loss Of Water

Dripping or loss of water in home air conditioners is one of the most common issues. When water falls from the frontal side, it is the problem. 


It occurs when the installation and drainage have failed. For example, when the hoses are on the upper level and do not allow the natural slope for drainage, the water then falls through the front side.

Heat Exchanger Or Coil 

An air conditioner system replaces heated air with cool air through a heat exchanger coil. This coil is responsible for transferring the heat between water. Water falling from this component is normal during operation.  

  • Does Not Cool

You may face another issue when your air conditioner does not cool. It does not work at the lowest temperature. These failures are called refrigeration failures and can occur for two common reasons: lack of gas and dirty or damaged filters.

Lack Of Gas

It is common to have to recharge the gas to your AC system. You must check if the lack of gas is due to a puncture in the hoses or only due to the prolonged use of your AC.

Filter Problems

Filters of your AC can become dirty or damaged. So, it is one of the most common causes of a cooling failure.

  • Compressor Problems

The compressor is a fundamental piece of your AC. It is also one of the AC failures for which people often have to consult with an AC repair specialist during summer. Compressor problems are usually because of the following:

It Does Not Heat

The compressor should heat in an inversely proportional relationship to that which the evaporator cools. 

It Does Not Turn On

If the compressor does not turn on and does not make any sound, check that it is receiving power.

Lack Of Pressure

You may face this problem when the condensing pressure system of the AC is in poor condition or is poorly regulated.

The Best Possible Solutions For These Issues 

Air conditioner failures can become a headache. The reason is that the AC is frequently used during the summer. In addition, if you do not repair your AC on time, it can become a major failure that will disturb you throughout the hot season.

Here, you will find some best solutions to all the issues mentioned earlier:

  • Dripping Or Loss Of Water

To fix this issue, you need to check the inclination of the hose or the water removal tray. The hose must be at an angle, favoring drainage due to the law of gravity.

  • The AC Does Not Cool

When your AC does not provide the desired results, you must identify if there is any crack or hole that facilitates the loss of gas.

  • Filter Issues

You can fix this problem by opening the compartment to remove or repair the filter. You might have the kit with a reusable filter that could be cleaned and replaced. Otherwise, you must purchase a new one.

  • Compressor Problems

When your AC does not heat, it is because the evaporator does not cool. The cause may include the gas leak. You must repair it to proceed with a new refrigerant charge.

If you find that the compressor does not turn on, you must check the electrical connection, from the inside to the wall socket where it is connected.

Wrap Up 

We hope this blog will help you understand how to maintain your AC to avoid damage and increase its useful life. We have shared some best possible solutions to the most common problems with AC you may face. If you find it difficult, you do not need to worry about anything. Orchid Company offers a professional air conditioner repair service to make your summer cool all day and night. Although AC repair is our specialty, we also provide the best house cleaning services at affordable rates. Contact us today and make your life easy!




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