How to Fix Steam Won’t Open on Windows 10? [BEST FIXES]

Steam Won’t open

Steam is one of the foremost popular gaming platforms on Windows as well as Mac. However, the gamers are susceptible to various bugs, one among them being Steam won’t open is the common one.

This problem is experienced by thousands of gamers worldwide. The explanations are different, but typically overloaded servers and computer errors are the most causes. We’ve got you covered – follow our tips to force launch Steam and begin gaming again.

Steam may be a highly reliable application that permits users to simply buy a spread of immersive games of various genres.

However, despite it being reliable, some users will still experience errors and malfunctions.

Likewise Steam can’t open on Windows 10, whereas it’s already completely enhanced for the OS.

If you’re having trouble opening Steam on Windows 10, then you’ll want to require a glance at the troubleshooting techniques during this article.

According to widespread reports, quite a few popular programs have malfunctioned when running under earlier versions of Windows 10, including Steam.

Moreover, it’s not always the issue with Windows. Steam file corruption and other file corruption or malfunction can interfere together with your Steam. Although it are often very irritating once you are unable to open Steam, don’t need to panic.

Just try the solutions given one by one till you find the one that helps you to fix the Steam not opening issue.

But first, check out the common causes responsible for the error.

What Causes Steam Won’t Open Problem?

As we know, Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms for Windows and Mac. And there are cases when users simultaneously tune into Steam for playing games and check the library. This is what causes tremendous load on the Steam servers, and these servers can crash leading to this error.

However, more often than not when you see Steam not opening on your computer, the fault is possibly not with the computer. Many things can cause your Steam client not to open on your computer.

This might be due to outdated graphics drivers, missing or outdated application cache, poor internet connection, and much more.

So, these are some of the common culprits responsible for the Steam won’t open in Windows 10 problem. Now follow the fixes given:

How Do I Fix Steam Won’t Open Problem?

All the solutions listed are easy to follow, here you need to follow the solutions given accordingly, and check which one works for you. Make sure to follow the steps given carefully.

Fix 1 – Restart Your Computer

Rebooting the PC frequently fixes numerous issues like speed up your computer, fix common glitches and bugs. To be exact, you need to restart your computer.

To simply restart the system, follow the steps:

  • Click on the Windows symbol, at that point click the Power icon > hit Restart.
  • Wait for the computer to reboots. And open Steam once more.

Check if you are able to launch Steam now, if not then head to the next solution.

Fix 2 – Close all the Steam processes running in the Background

There are times when the Steam clients haven’t shut down totally, and its cycles or tasks are as yet running in the background. So when you start Steam later, your system thinks the same processes have effectively been running and decline to start the client.

To open your Steam client typically in these cases, you should end all processes of Steam in Task Manager prior to launching it. To do as such:

  • Right-click on blank space in the taskbar and afterward click Task Manager or Start Task Manager.
  • End all the running Steam tasks* (right-click a task > click on End task).
  • Now launch your Steam client and check whether it opens.

Hope now you are able to fix Steam won’t open problem on Windows 10, but if not then head to the next solution.

Fix 3 – Reboot your Network Devices

You will most likely be unable to open your Steam as a result of the poor network issues. Your network devices, similar to your modem and router, may get corrupted and start malfunctioning.

Furthermore, these issues can prevent your Steam from launching without your concern. And to fix the issues you can restart your network devices to reset and return them to normal.

Follow the steps to restart your network devices:

  • Shut down your PC, and also your modem and router
  • Then from the modem and the router > unplug the power cables
  • Wait for few minutes > plug the power cables back.
  • Now start your modem and router and wait until they are completely on.
  • Power on your PC and check if your Steam won’t open on Windows 10 is resolved.

Fix 4 –  Reinstall your Steam

If none of the above-given solutions works for you here it is suggested to reinstall the steam client as this will help you to fix the other Steam issues and errors. Doing this will also work for you to resolve Steam not opening problem assuredly.

To reinstall Steam:  

  • Download the latest Steam installer from the official website
  • And open the recently downloaded installer.

And follow the onscreen instructions to install Steam.


Hope the article works for you and now the Steam client starts opening without any hassle.

Make sure to follow the solution given carefully and fix Steam Won’t open issue with ease.I tried my best to list down the best possible solution to fix Steam not opening problem on Windows 10.

Now it’s your turn to follow the solutions given one by one, till you find the one that helps you fix the error and start using Steam on Windows 10.


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