How To Fix Some Of The Common JUUL Problems


JUUL is one of the best e-cigarettes right now and just like any other type of e-cigarette, JUUL pods experience some problems. However, most of these problems shouldn’t be a major concern because you can easily fix them.

The pods taste burnt

A lot of users in Australia report that their pods taste burnt when vaping on an old or new pod. There could be a couple of causes for this problem. You are either taxing the coil heavily or pulling too hard. Another cause is using dirty JUUL.

If you are using a dirty JUUL, you should clean it by removing the pod and taking a Q-tip. Clean the inside to ensure it is clean and shiny. This should solve the problem. However, if the problem persists and you have tried drawing lightly, you might be using faulty JUUL pods in Australia. If this is the case, you can use your warranty to get another device.

Too easy to lose

JUUL is small in size so losing it can be easy. The solution cannot be creating a bigger device because one of the major reasons why JUUL is popular is its small size. Sometimes you can misplace it on the sofa or in the car. This is not a fault on JUUL’s part. You have to stay organized to avoid losing your device. However, JUUL is always looking out for you and their next products will feature Bluetooth so that users can connect it to their smartphones and find it easily whenever they lose it.

Pods don’t fit properly

If JUUL pods do not fit properly with your JUUL vape, you are not alone. A lot of people in Australia experience the same problem and it is likely something JUUL can fix. Make sure you contact them if you have this problem and they will help you.


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