How To Fix Last Line No Longer Available on iPhone 13, 12 or 11?

last line no longer available

Apple delivered iOS 15 and the iPhone 13 models at around a similar time last month. Clients have been very vocal about what the organization brings to the table. Some having full acclaim while others have been very basic. Among the issues clients are confronting is the ‘Last Line No Longer Available‘ blunder.

More regrettable, the mistake isn’t restricted to fresher iPhone 13 models just yet and is very inescapable on iPhone. On this page, we’ll make sense of what’s genuinely going on with this mistake and how you might have the option to fix them all alone.

What causes the “Last Line No Longer Available” blunder on iPhone?

fix-last line no longer available

The ‘Last Line No Longer AvailableError appears to spring up. When a client is going to settle on a decision on their iPhone 13 after initiating it for the absolute first time. In view of past occasions, this issue gives off an impression of being a bug that is in some way. Another connected with the e-SIM usefulness on some more up-to-date iPhones. An e-SIM is a computerized SIM that empowers the double SIM choice on the fresher iPhone models.

Clients who are confronting the ‘Last Line No Longer Available‘ Error report that they’re cautioned about the blunder. When they’re going to settle on a decision from their default line through the Phone application’s new logs. The default line is the SIM you like to use to settle on decisions and send messages to individuals you haven’t saved as contacts.

The issue keeps you from dialing the contact through your favored SIM card. That thing driving you to attempt substitute techniques for correspondence. It doesn’t simply influence the most recent iPhone 13 models yet has been a common peculiarity on more established iPhones after a new iOS update.

Clients on Apple Communities and Reddit disapprove of their iPhones. They tracing all the way back to when iOS 12 was delivered in 2018. Significance considerably more seasoned iPhones with double SIM backing might experience this mistake.

Instructions to Fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” error on iPhone

In the event that you keep on triumphing ultimately the “Last Line No Longer AvailableError on your iPhone. Then, at that point, you might need to take a gander at the accompanying fixes we’ve given underneath. Subsequent to evaluating every one of these fixes, ensure you check assuming the issue keeps on showing up.

  1. Enable/Disable Wi-Fi calling

solve last line no longer available

Wi-Fi calling is an element that permits iPhones to interface with a Wi-Fi organization and use it to settle on telephone decisions. Along these lines, a call from your iPhone will occur over a remote organization rather than your phone specialist co-op. Be that it may, interfacing with a Wi-Fi network for calls. May once in a while bring about issues like the Last Line No Longer Available mistake. To fix this issue, you need to take a stab at debilitating the Wi-Fi calling highlight, in the event that it’s empowered.

To incapacitate Wi-Fi calling, open the Settings application on your iPhone and select Mobile Data.

Inside Mobile Data, tap on Wi-Fi Calling.

solve last line no longer available

On the off chance that the component is as of now incapacitated however you actually triumph ultimately the ‘Last Line No Longer Available‘ blunder, you can take a stab at turning it on.

solve last line no longer available

While turning it on, you’ll be approached to affirm whether you need to empower this element. Tap on Enable to begin utilizing Wi-Fi calling for calls.


Enable Wi-Fi Calling

Presently, check in the event that this settles the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ mistake. This fix is by all accounts a hit or a miss as certain clients found debilitating the component to tackle the mistake while others had the option to settle it by turning on Wi-Fi Calling.

  1. Enable/Disable Network Selection

solve last line no longer available

Present-day cell phones including iPhones are intended to associate with cell networks in their nearest closeness without anyone else. Notwithstanding, clients can in any case physically interface with a phone network by switching off Network Selection on their iPhones. In the event that you’re not kidding “Last Line No Longer Available” mistake, odds are your iPhone is struggling with associating with a cell organization.

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For this situation, you can have a go at debilitating Network Selection and once again empower it to check in the event that it tackles the Last Line mistake. For this, open the Settings application on your iPhone and select Mobile Data.

Inside Mobile Data, tap on Network Selection under your organization supplier’s name.

solve last line no longer available

On the following screen, switch off the Automatic flip.

solve last line no longer available

Presently, select an organization that has a place with your specialist co-op physically from the rundown of organizations that show up underneath.

You can now check to assume you actually see the “Last Line No Longer Available” mistake show up on your iPhone. When your concern is settled, empower to Automatic switch at the top again to ensure your iPhone chooses cell network naturally.

solve last line no longer available

Assuming that the issue continues subsequent to empowering the component, you can keep the Automatic switch crippled and select your organization physically to stay away from the Last Line No Longer Available mistake.

  1. Clear your Recent Call Log


solve last line no longer available

While the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ bug focuses on your e-SIM. A few clients have affirmed that the issue gets settled once they clear their new call logs from the Phone application.

Note: Although the most common way of clearing your call logs is essential. You might need to really reconsider you’re continuing since you will not have the option to get to this log whenever later on. Assuming you have as of late gotten calls from obscure numbers that you haven’t saved as contacts yet, right now is an ideal opportunity to save them.

To clear your Recent Call Log, open the Phone application on iOS and go to Recents > Edit > Clear. In the popup that shows up, select Clear All Recents.

  1. Update Carrier Settings for your organization

To interface your iPhone to a portable organization, your gadget needs to have the essential transporter designs for it to speak with the said network. In spite of the fact that transporter settings are empowered on the iPhone the second you enact it interestingly, network suppliers can refresh a portion of its settings sometime in the not-too-distant future to make the association more steady and secure.

If the ‘Last Line No Longer Available‘ issue shows up on your iPhone, it could have something to do with a bug inside the transporter config introduced on the gadget. Luckily, very much like iOS refreshes, you may likewise get refreshes for your transporter setting from your specialist organization.

To refresh the transporter settings on an iPhone, open the Settings application and go to General > About.

solve last line no longer available

On the off chance that there is a remarkable transporter refreshing yet to be introduced on your gadget. You ought to see the “Transporter Settings Update” brief show up on the screen. Here, you can tap on Update to introduce the most recent design from your transporter.

  1. Enable Airplane mode and afterward handicap

Network issues can occur for an entire number of reasons. One of the simplest ways of fixing them is to reset your association. By turning ON Airplane mode and afterward rapidly switching it off. After doing that your iPhone will initially get disengaged from its associated cell organization. Now afterward it will endeavor to restore an association with it once more. In order to do that you need to open the Settings application. And flip on/off the Airplane Mode change to initially empower it and afterward impair it.

You can likewise flip ‘Flight Mode‘ on/off for your telephone from the Control Center. Swipe down from the upper right to open the Control Center. After that tap on the Airplane symbol at the upper passed on the corner to empower Airplane Mode. Afterward tap on it again to debilitate it.

solve last line no longer available

  1. Restart your iPhone

Assuming you keep on triumphing ultimately the ‘Last Line No Longer Available‘ blunder. The settling on decisions, you might need to restart your iPhone. Restarting any gadget resets the store and RAM on your framework and gets generally free from its experience administrations. This ought to be sufficient to fix a few minor contrary qualities in the framework and applications on your iPhone. To restart your iPhone, hold the Power button until you see the Power off slider. After that slide over the setting and trust that your iPhone will drive off. At the point when the gadget has totally turned off, press and hold the Power button again until you see the Apple logo seem to restart the gadget.


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