How to fix DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10?



Are you one of the Windows 10 users who have faced the DPC Watchdog Violation issue lately? DPC Watchdog Violation is one of the blue screen errors, and it occurs due to several reasons.

DPC stands for Deferred Procedure Call, while the Watchdog is a technology used to keep an eye on the bugs and errors while tracking the performance of your PC and checking each program running in your Windows.  The DPC Watchdog Violation error tends to slow down and hamper your PC’s performance. Therefore, it requires addressing to be completely resolved, ensuring hassle-free PC efficiency.

Reasons for DPC Watchdog Violation error

Several factors are responsible for the occurrence of DPC Watchdog Violation error. Some of them include the following:

  • Corrupted, outdated, or inappropriately installed drivers
    It has been observed that the DPC Watchdog Violation error mostly occurs because of outdated as well as corrupt drivers. In order to avoid this error, you need to ensure updating your drivers immediately.
  • Incompatible hardware with the operating system
    Having installed new hardware on your PC, you may come across a DPC Watchdog Violation issue for the hardware being incompatible with the PC it has been installed on.
  • Software conflict
    When the software you are trying to install does not get compatible with the existing software, this error may occur.
  • Corrupt system files
    In case if your PC has outdated or corrupt system files, booting Windows gets difficult.

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DPC Watchdog Violation error fixing techniques

Given below are the techniques, you can use to fix the DPC Watchdog Violation error:

Remove the external devices connected to your computer

In certain cases, the DPC Watchdog Violation error is caused due to the conflict in the hardware and the devices connected to your PC. In such a situation, you should consider disconnecting the newly connected hardware and devices including, printer, SSD, scanner, and so on. Thereafter, you should restart your PC to check the status.

You can also try connecting one device at a time to test which one is causing the issue.

Make changes in SATA AHCI Controller

To prevent the error, you can also choose to change the SATA AHCI Controller using the steps given below:

  • Firstly, press the Windows + X keys on your keyboard to get the “WinX” menu page opened up on your screen.
  • Now, click on the Device Manager tab
  • Locate IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers from the list and later expand the menu.
  • Select SATA AHCI controller from the list of menus and right-click on it.
  • Select to open Properties.
  • Now, go to the Driver tab and click on Drive Details.
  • Check for the iaStorA.sys enlisted as a driver. Click on OK.
  • Next, select Update Driver and then click on Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, and then Standard SATA AHCI Controller, followed by Next.
  • Lastly, restart your computer and check if the changes worked out to eliminate the error or not.

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Updating SSD Firmware

SSD is the commonly used external memory added to your PC these days, in order to make your PC more efficient. Meanwhile, if the SSD you use does not support the PC, you may end up seeing the DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 blue screen error.

However, fixing the SSD Firmware would help you resolve the issue. To do this you need to take the following measures:

  • Firstly press the shortcut Windows + R and type msc in the search field. Press Enter.
  • Press the Windows + X keys on your keyboard to get the “WinX” menu page opened up on your screen.
  • Now, click on the Device Manager tab.
  • Go to Disk Drives and click the arrow to expand the menu.
  • Check and note the Model number of your SSD.
  • Visit the official website of the manufacturer and search for the latest version of the firmware.
  • Once you find it, download and install it for your drive.

Delete the Software Installed Recently

If you have recently installed new software and you happen to encounter the DPC Watchdog Violation error, you should immediately consider uninstalling the software to avoid the error and check the status after uninstalling.


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