How To Fix And Troubleshooting “QBDBMgrN Not Running On this computer” Error?

QBDBMgrN Not Running On this computer
QBDBMgrN Not Running On this computer

“QBDBMgrN not running on this computer” Error crops up in the QuickBooks while using the program in multi-user mode. QBDBMgrN allows multiple QuickBooks users to access the database and company files stored on a hosted server. It is related to the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, which helps the software run in multi-user mode. You may encounter this annoying technical Error when QB Database Manager gets damaged while managing your business accounting. This post will discuss the possible causes, symptoms, and some effective troubleshooting solutions to fix the Error.


What Does Error Message “QBDBMGRN Not Running On This Computer” Means?

“QBDBMGRN not running on this computer server 2019” occurs when you try to install an update for QB Desktop. A firewall is not installed with a maintenance release that terminates the QB Database Manager Service. As a result, of the QBDBMgrN termination, the Internet connection gets interrupted and obstructs the download process evoking QBDBMgrN Error.

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Why Are You Getting “QBDBMgrN Not Running On This Computer” Error Message?

Whenever the error message QuickBooks database server manager stopped and not running on this computer displays on your screen, it means your Windows firewall is not as per the latest version. When you try to update QB, the old Firewall version finds QBDBMgrN service as unknown service and prevents QB from accessing the Internet. When you try to use the QB File Doctor tool to repair a company file, the following error message appears-
“Repair the following network problems before accessing your company file from other computers on the network *QBDBMgrN not running.”
QuickBooks file is suitable for repairing QB company files, and you have to manually configure firewall settings to enable QB to use the Internet connection.

What Are The Problems Caused By the “QuickBooks Database Manager Not Running” Error?

Whenever you come across the “QuickBooks database server manager not running” Error, you will notice the following changes in your system:

  1. You will be unable to work in multi-user mode.
  2. You will not be able to write the company file.
  3. Irregular installation of Firewall
  4. Firewall preventing QB from accessing the Internet
  5. QB Database failed to update
  6. Improper installation of QB Database manager
  7. Issues with QB network files can be seen when “QBDBMgrN not running” strikes up.
  8. QB database server no files are connected.

What Are The Possible Reasons That Can Promote “QBDBMgrN Not Running On This Computer Server 2016” Issue?

QBDBMgrN won’t start on server issue occurs due to one of the under-stated reasons:

  1. Your Windows Firewall is preventing QB from accessing the Internet.
  2. Incorrectly configured Windows Firewall security settings
  3. When you are using an outdated QB Database Server service
  4. Improperly installed QB Database Server
  5. Third-party Firewall application obstructing QB from accessing the server
  6. Damager Network Data (.ND) file

What Are The Aftermaths Of “QuickBooks Database Server Manager Keeps Stopping” Issue?

When “QBDBMgrN not running on this computer 2019” occurs, you can get the following error symptoms:

  1. You will be unable to work in a multi-user mode.
  2. QB fails to connect to the Internet
  3. Improper QB Database Server update
  4. You cannot access your company records
  5. Incomplete or corrupt installation of the QB Database Server
  6. Inability to write the company file

What Things Must You Keep In Mind Before Resolving the “QBDBMgrN 2019 Server Not Running” Issue?

The below-listed solutions might help you fix the “QBDBMgrN not running” problem. But before you implement these methods for the error resolution, make sure you have secured backup for your crucial financial data. It will keep your business immune from any data loss. Also, if you are using an outdated version, upgrade it immediately.

How Can You Resolve QuickBooks 2018 Server Not Running Error?

Below are some handy troubleshooting procedures you can perform to fix “QBDBMgrN.exe not running” Error:

Method 1: Update Windows Firewall

If you are using an outdated Windows Firewall, then you need to update it in the first place to troubleshoot QBDBMgrN 2017 server not running Error.

  1. Press Windows+R keys same time on your keyboard to open the Run Window.
  2. Now type the “Control Panel” in the Run box and click Enter.
  3. Next, you need to select System and Security.
  4. Go to Windows Firewall and click Check For Updates underneath Update Your Firewall Settings.
  5. If is an update is available, click Update Now.

Restart the computer and then open QB to check if the “QuickBooks 2019 failed to restart” Error is fixed or not. Jump to the next solution if it persists.

Method 2: Restart QBDB Server Manager Service

If the Error message QBDBMgrN not running on this computer 2018 still exists, follow the below-described steps and get rid of this issue:

  1. Press Windows + R, type msc in the Run box, and click Enter.
  2. Then, scroll down and glance for the service named as one of these QuickBooksDB26, QuickBooksDB28, or QuickBooksDB27.
  3. Right-click on the specific service and then click on the Restart option.
  4. After restarting the QB Database Server, try to update QB and see if it is happening or not.

Method 3: You need to repair the Current Version Of QuickBooks Desktop

Check if this procedure fixes QBDBMgrN not running on this computer server 2008. If not, follow the below-listed steps-

  1. Press Windows + R and type cpl in the Run box.
  2. Click Enter and go to QB in the installed program list.
  3. Double-click the QB application and select Uninstall/Change option
    If you have tried this method and cannot get rid of the QuickBooks 2018 QBDBMgrN not running issue, you must go on and try the other measures.Follow the given series of action, Continue -> Next -> Repair -> Next
  4. Wait for the repair process to finish.
  5. Once the process is done, click Finish and Restart the program.

If you have tried this method and cannot get rid of the QuickBooks 2018 QBDBMgrN not running issue, you must go on and try the other measures.

Method 4: Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to rectify the problem

QuickBooks Clean Install tool is a three-step solution that involves uninstalling, renaming installation folders, and reinstalling QB. The process to correct qbdbmgrn.exe Error is given below:

1. Uninstall QuickBooks

  1. Press the keys Windows + R. The ‘Run’ command opens.
  2. Type ‘Control Panel’ and select OK
  3. Select Programs & Features. If the Control Panel appears in the ‘category view,’ you need to select ‘Uninstall a Program.’
  4. Choose ‘QuickBooks’ followed by uninstalling/changing the programs list. The user needs to follow the prompts as asked to finish the process.

2. Download & RUN QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

  1. First, download the QB Clean Install Tool.exe file & save this to your desktop.
  2. Now Open QuickBooks _clean_install_utility.exe
  3. Choose ‘I accept on the license.’
  4. Now, select the required QB Desktop version & click on Continue.
  5. If the message ‘QuickBooks is ready for Clean Install’ appears on the screen, click OK. Afterward, install this to the default directory.

3. You need to perform a manual renaming for the QuickBooks Desktop Installation folders.

  1. Navigate the Windows Explorer to display the hidden files
  2. Now, you need to rename every folder location listed for your Windows version.

Note: You can add ‘old’ or ‘damaged’ at the end of the folder name as per your convenience. This action will restrict QB from knowing the folder to make a new one.

Method 5: When you have the entire QuickBooks Program installed on the host or server

If QuickBooks is opened on the server, then:

  1. From the File menu, select the given option open or restore company.
  2. Next, select ‘Open a company’ and click on Next.
  3. Now, search the company file that you need and select it.
  4. Select ‘Open file in the multi-user mode box’ and click on Open.
  5. If you have logged into the company file with your credentials, users must select the File.
  6. To shutdown the company file on the server, the user needs to shut down ‘Company/log Off.’

Are you facing any technical glitch with the QuickBooks database server manager download feature? If yes, then you must look for the rest troubleshooting methods.

Method 6: Repair the company files.

If you get the error message ‘QuickBooks database server manager no files are connected,’ then perform this procedure to correct it:

  1. At first, you need to reboot the system. Therefore, select Ignore and click OK.
  2. There might be a scenario where you must choose ‘Ignore’ many times. But the repair process must proceed.
  3. If you do not find any ‘Ignore’ icon, click on ‘Close.’
  4. Once the repair finishes, restart the computer.

Avail Professional Assistance!

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can get QBDBMgrN Error fixed. If somehow you face any technical difficulty and can’t fix it.
Fret not! Our qualified QuickBooks professionals will assist you in resolving the “QBDBMgrN not running on this computer” Error at a minute’s notice. Dial our error helpline number and describe the Error for instant resolution.


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