How to fish in the rain like a pro


In order for your fishing trip to be successful and productive, it’s very important for you to plan everything in advance and do it carefully. Get the best fish is the most interesting thing to do while fishing.

The best anglers always take into consideration multiple factors which may determine the outcome of their trip: weather forecast, the temperature of the water, tides and even moon phases.

For some fishermen, the idea of fishing when it’s raining seems dull and pointless, however as pro anglers see it, it might actually be a great opportunity to catch some fish.

So, the next time you’re planning to head out there grab yourself a reliable fishing rod like the savage gear mpp2 and think about all of the environmental things that could make a difference for you.This could be water movement, the temperature of water, as well the current tides.

In other words, there are many things to talk about, which is exactly why some tips for you will be necessary. In this article, I will share some of the best one that I could find, which should help immensely when going out to fish while raining.

The best time to fish is before the storm

Fish can sense when a storm is approaching. This feeling will make them more aggressive and stressed, looking to feed themselves, which is exactly why it’s the best time to fish for you.

A common indicator for a storm is a drop in pressure, so be sure to check out your barometer and its readings. Then, prepare your bait and drop your rod in places where you think might be migrating fish.

As they will be looking for more food, this will be your best chance of success.

Get the right rain gear

Nobody likes the feeling of standing in open rain and getting completely soaked. This is exactly why you need to invest in proper waterproof gear so you can stay dry and fish for as long as you desire.

The right gear will be the difference maker between having a miserable and a neat fishing trip. So, if you want to maintain a positive attitude when you fish, the right gear will definitely make a difference.

Use strong colors

Typically, it’s much more difficult to see everything when it’s raining as everything is much more muddied up, including where you bait and line is at. If you plan on using artificial bait for your fishing trip, consider using bright colors and a tackle that makes more noise.

This will make it much easier for you to detect where everything is and will assist you in fishing.

Monitoring the movement of fish

As you probably already know, the water level will rise dramatically after a storm. This means that the best place to fish are those near drains or other spillways as fish are likely to hoard towards those places to look for food.

This will increase your chances of success.

Pay attention to wind

During a storm, the wind will intensify in one direction. This means that the bait that you’ve placed in the water will also follow that direction, thus attracting fish. If the wind is blowing towards the shoreline, that’s where you need to go as well.

Be quick

You’ll need to act fast if you want to benefit from aggressively feeding fish to the maximum. The best practice would also be to try different speeds for retrieving them and see where the fish respond to the bait the best.

Always remember that safety first

While rain conditions are often the best time to fish, you shouldn’t forget that safety does matter at all times. Going out to open water when there’s lightning or heavy waves is dangerous and not worth the risk of catching some fish.

When you head out, get yourself some waterproof gear and always wear a life jacket if you’re going by out. This could be the differences maker between a successful fishing trip and complete tragedy.

All in all

In this article, I’ve given my take on the best advice for rain fishing. Always remember to go out there safely and be smart with your tactics. I’m sure that this advice will surely help the next time you’re out there fishing in the rain.

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