How to find the right trash and recycling containers

Trash and recycling containers

Waste containers are there to keep the garbage in one place only. If you nod your head to this claim, get ready to change your mind and learn why trash and recycling containers matter so much.

Generally, while designing a building, waste is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, garbage disposal is one of the important parts of the development planning process. Additionally, creating a clean space makes an area more habitable and appealing.  

Need for installing trash and recycling containers

The first thing that comes into everybody’s mind is that garbage bins that are mainly installed to keep trash in one place until it is removed. However, there are many other factors as well. Following are some of them

Hygiene and sanitation

The primary aim is to collect garbage at one place. In this way, the community becomes cleaner and better organized.

Simply, if there is a strictly marked place meant for trash to be disposed of, the surroundings become cleaner and arranged and every aspect is used to its full and best potential.

Environment friendliness

To reduce the spread of disease, trash containers came into force. Trash containers have an essential role in keeping the neighbourhood environment friendly. It locks the garbage and then collected by authorities, hence preventing any environmental hazard.Latitude 091


One of the greatest advantages of using the right waste containers is making recycling more efficient. 

Nowadays, the technique used to segregate waste is called Modern Recycling. It is based on using different waste containers for various purposes and are mostly color coded. Thus, separating the waste at the very beginning of the recycling stage.

It is the greatest way to encourage citizens to separate the garbage. Color coded specifications are as under:

  • Green- Green coded bins are used for biodegradable waste
  • Black- Black coded bins are used for e-waste
  • Blue- Blue coded bins are used for plastic and metal waste

Thus, also beneficial for communal waste collectors as half work is already done by citizens and making their work easy.

Money saving

Opting for the right waste container could save your significant amount of money in the long run. It can be done in the following two ways.

First of all, when you limit yourself to a certain size of waste container, you are more likely to reduce waste production. If we consider the long run, that means you would buy less goods, hence no need to throw them.

Secondly, waste containers are made up for various purposes and different materials like plastic, metals, deep pressed sheet steel etc.

In this way, different types of garbage must be stored in proper waste containers to make it safe and secure to prevent leaking and environmental hazards as well.

Choosing the apt waste containers also prevents the animals from meddling with trash and thus helps in keeping the environment tidy and clean.Infinity 072


Keeping the waste secure may seem crazy. But it is also a matter of concern, as you can see stray dogs or cats scavenging around waste containers. Now, the idea of security is making much more sense.

Although most items thrown away are meant to be waste, if animals thrive on leftovers, to hunt for food, then instead of cleanliness, more disease will spread out.

Thus, when garbage is properly stored in a proper waste container, there is no possibility of such a scenario. Hence, making you rest assured that what is thrown away will stay away for sure-until communal collectors collect and remove it.

Litter has not only a negative impact on the environment, but if a place is cluttered with discarded garbage, then it pleases more. 

Things to keep in mind while getting the right trash and recycling containers

It is obvious that any garbage bin may reduce the litter, but there are a few ways a bin can impact the surrounding that should be taken into consideration when picking the right one. 

Selecting the garbage bin not only raises the visual appeal, but also the amount of trash to be managed is locked aptly. 

To make your office unique in every way, the aesthetics of your office recycling bins, the bin openings or the graphics also need to be updated accordingly. 

The option of customizing the trash container is also a unique way to fit the unique needs of your facility.

Important points that you need to keep in mind, while getting the right trash and recycling containers are as follows:

Recycling bin size

The foremost step to customize recycling bins is the right bin size. The amount of people using the bin and the amount of waste collected determines the right bin size.

Recycling bin material and colors

It is important to consider customization of material and colors of bins  to ensure that they are designed in such a way that your specific needs and aesthetic requirements are met.

For instance, in meeting rooms, bins should be sleek, modern and coordinated with the overall design and space of the room. And in case of the back of the houses, like washrooms or cafeterias, basic bins are required.Mercury 102

Recycling labels and graphics

The visual support for recycling programs also plays a significant role. Clear, concise graphics build recycling program awareness. Users recycle correctly and stream contamination is vastly reduced. 

Customization of graphics can be done by customizing images of actual waste, such as branded food containers. Sustainability messages can also be added on the bins to make them more attractive.

Streams and opening shapes

On the basis of waste audits, you should be able to clearly identify the types of waste and materials that employees are tossing. With the help of this information, you can easily choose the recycling stations that can separate and collect those identified streams. 

Also, to make your recycling program safe, incorporation of recycling bins should be together. Because of the recycling bin directly next to garbage, people simply end up tossing their waste in whatever bin that is closest.

Opening shapes are also a point to be concerned with while customizing the waste streams. Depending on the size of trash you are collecting, restrictive openings are great. 

These allow users to make the right decision when tossing the trash. For instance, in an office, paper is collected and then recycled. 

But in order to keep the paper stream clean and avoid contamination from other types of recyclables like cans or bottles, you should better opt for a restrictive slot opening. Because these will help in preventing materials other than paper from going in.


Recycling bins is a great way to initiate recycling. It is the best way that helps in processing waste products that could otherwise have ended up filling the garbage. Energy conservation, reducing pollution and landfill reduction are the most noted benefits of recycling.

Recycling bins have been introduced in every home. Even beyond the homes, one can find them in different places across the country. 

These are useful in every way because it helps in saving the environment. The thing to be noted is just to use them wisely and properly.

All the important information one needs to have, regarding recycling bins, is already provided in this blog. 

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