How to find the cheapest last minute flights?

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Are you looking to book a flight ticket at that last minute? Uh Oh! Airfares are generally soaring at the last minute because airlines know that if you have to travel, you will pay any amount to travel in a flight. You are booking last minute flights, only because it’s urgent and airlines will exploit this opportunity almost always. But there is a hack to it, and if you want to explore it, you have come to the right place. We will show you how to get deals on last minute flights with the easiest way and turnaround.

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With hundreds of airlines, to destinations all around the world, it becomes difficult to search at every airline’s website and other OTA’s (Online Travel Agency) in India.

The early birds may not get to fly cheaper any more. Airlines seem to be reducing fares closer to the travel date, an analysis of tickets on offer for travel on six key sectors showed. The fares quoted for travel on October 17 were more expensive when booked 30 days in advance than 10 days. “With the added capacity on the top metro routes, and lower load factors in the first half of October compared to last year, airlines have reduced fares closer in to get more people to fly,” said Amit Taneja, chief revenue officer at online travel portal CT.

The question remains — How should I book a ticket which does not impact my wallet and is in my budget? What is the cheapest way to book last minute flights? Where can I get amazing deals for every destination?

Let’s take you to the simple yet effective mechanism –

Visit the website —

After going through hundreds and hundreds of websites, comparing with OTA’s, metasearch engines, airline’s websites, Indian and International Airline websites, multiple GDS operators and much more, I have come to the conclusion that no one offers a better fare result, booking flow, payment processes, ticket confirmation, support than this website. Last-minute flights have been problematic, but not anymore. There have been moments where some websites have been better, but if you compare it to the overall experience, Ojigy gives me a package deal.

What is the best part about booking Last Minute Flights at Ojigy?

  1. Lowest Airfares/Cheapest Fares for All Destinations.
  2. No Convenience Fees
  3. Instant Ticket Confirmation
  4. Multiple Payment Modes
  5. Refundable Fare Options

What do I not get on Ojigy?

  1. An option to book hotels/packages

What is different about Ojigy?

To me, Ojigy is a premium and affordable service to anyone who needs it. It continuously updates its blogs, offers and has some amazing deals during the times of crisis.

During COVID times, the most important tool I wanted was the option and ability to check which countries are open for travel from India and abroad. I requested Ojigy for it, and as it turns out, they already were working on it.

Amazingly, there is a tool by Ojigy which helps me check all travel requirements, countries open and closed for travel, when to plan and how to do it.

Here is a link to it –

In short, it is a startup, continuously evolving startup that brings in the necessary tools and equipment required by the travellers, keeping the journey to be the priority and the cheapest airfares in the market.

What sectors did I book via Ojigy?

Before I answer that question, let me tell you my frequency of travel. I travel almost every week to and fro. I travel mostly domestic in India and post COVID, it’s only been in India. International travels have come to a halt, though it’s opening from November 15, 2021.

The maximum and most frequent trips I take is —

  1. Delhi to Mumbai
  2. Delhi to Bangalore
  3. Bangalore to Ranchi
  4. Ranchi to Delhi
  5. Bangalore to Kolkata
  6. Delhi to Kolkata
  7. Chennai to Mumbai
  8. Mumbai to Bangalore
  9. Pune to Bangalore
  10. Delhi to Goa

These are the top trips I take per year, mostly to all Metro cities and a while to relax in Goa and Chennai. And most of them are booked at the last-minute.

I would not be exaggerating to say that 90% of these trips were booked via Ojigy. I have booked about 50 tickets from Ojigy in the past 6 months and have never faced a single issue.

It’s a flawless infrastructure, great marketing team, superb offers and the cherry on the cake is their amazing customer service.

Below is the side by side comparison of Ojigy vs MakeMyTrip — The company boasting to the best in India.

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The above is for the following Itinerary —

Delhi to Mumbai
21st October

Ojigy is offering the flight at Rs. 3634 whereas the other one is offering at Rs. 5956, a difference of about Rs. 2232. This is a huge difference when it comes to booking last minute flight tickets. Ojigy helped me save about Rs. 2500 in total when we include the Rs. 300 as convenience charges, usually charged by other portals. As you can see, I booked this booking was also for a last-minute flight.

After comparing multiple websites like above, I have come to the conclusion that there are many small websites, who are niche and looking to grow their platform and offer the best services to the consumers, not only for last minute flight deals but in general times as well.

Tips for Last Minute Travellers

Book immediately (Last Minute Flights run out quickly)

While you are still thinking about reserving this amazing last minute deal you found this morning, someone is already paying for it. Cheap last minute tickets sell like hotcakes, so when you find the one that suits you, book it immediately. Also be sure to take advantage of promo codes when they come available.

Fly alone

You may think that this last tip is sad, but the truth is, snatching one inexpensive seat last minute is much more possible than booking two or more. But don’t despair just yet. You don’t necessarily have to be alone once you arrive at your destination. Allow a sizeable window for everyone to arrive and enjoy the trip with your favorite people.

One more good thing about last minute travel, apart from it possibly being cheap, is that getting a business class seat last minute is no less realistic than getting one in economy. In this case not only will you be paying less, you will also be flying in luxury and comfort of business class. And what else could you possibly want?

Speaking of making your travel arrangements, you will want to go with an airline that is known for its affordable rates. You may also want to choose an airline that you have traveled with before, as this often results in less surprises. If this is your first time traveling by air, you may want to quickly ask your friends or family members for airline recommendations or even warnings.

Travel via Red-Eye Flights

Red-eye flights i.e., flights that during the night hours are generally cheaper than their daytime counterparts. If you can handle sleep disruption for a night, you can score big on last-minute flight deals to anywhere.

Use Airlines Miles

Make use of your collected miles while buying last-minute flights to save big on your last-minute travel.

Be Flexible

Being flexible with your location and your travel dates can also help you find cheap last-minute plane tickets. Do search for last-minute international flight deals to multiple locations and compare airfares before you book cheap last-minute flights. Flexibility is key when it comes to travel dates, because, just like before the pandemic, airfares change depending on the day of travel, too. It’s cheaper to tailor your trip to the flights you get than to fit your flights to an already determined vacation.

Choose a Low-Cost Carrier

Another way to find cheap last-minute airline tickets is to book a low-cost or budget airline, if you can make do with fewer amenities and less leg-room.

Additionally, being open to travelling in the middle of the week, and making your travel bookings during the off-season will all determine whether or not you can make the most of last-minute one-way and round-trip flight deals.

Keep Checking for Error Fares

Extremely low fares of airline tickets are often the result of errors that airlines fail to detect in a timely manner. The good news is that such errors happen quite often and that you can also take advantage of them! Discover 6 tips on how to find ridiculously cheap flights.

Be informed

Most airlines are active on social media especially Facebook and Twitter and they will often use these channels to announce holiday deals and last minute offers. Even better, make sure you subscribe to special-offer newsletters or email blasts to make sure, you receive latest deals regularly.

….and remember! (for last minute flight deals)

Remember the two-week rule; most airlines send drop their fares two weeks before a flight date if the flight hasn’t sold enough tickets. So keep all of this in mind and head out to start booking your flight tickets now if you have not done so well in advane.

Let’s appreciate the efforts put in by Ojigy and it’s team as their efforts in Airline negotiation are commendable.

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