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The word ‘career’ is the scariest but equally exciting word in the English language. It will not be wrong to say that a person’s career begins to take shape from its birth. Persons’ interests, personality, values, abilities, family background, environment and circumstances are the few important factors that influence career decisions and their development.

Best Career counselors in India

Career counseling is an art that gives the road maps to students for a successful career. In India, these 10 counselors use their Global Career Counselor certification to optimize their counseling.

  1. Amrita Singh in New Delhi with Edu CareerWise
  2. Rahul Dasondi  in Kothari, MP with Career Achievers 360
  3. Anuradha Kishore in Bangalore with Growth Axis
  4. JagdishKund in Kolkata with RiteWay Career Solutions
  5. PadmavathiDevarakonda with Acasports
  6. Sonila Mishra with Latityude
  7. Preetika Sharma with Dream Ahead
  8. VertikaBhatnagar with Mind Mirror
  9. Bharti Trivedi with Nurturing Minds Center for Learning and counselling.
  10. Pooja Bhatia with Career Mantaran

Best Career Counselling in Jaipur

Importance of Career Counseling

It is a sad truth for Indian youth and its parent that it does not understand the importance of career counselling and how it paves the way to the right career choices with minimum chances of failure. Career counselling is like a well-built road which allows the traveler to travel in comfort while leading to their destination. In today’s scenario where career options are wide and can be customized from person to person, opting for Career counseling is a wise move.

Career counselling helps the students in the following ways:

  • It helps the student to be self-aware
  • It guides the student to improved communication skills
  • A career counselor helps the student to overcome competition
  • It also guides the person to improve on soft skills

All in all, with the help of a career counselor, a person or student can select a career that not only interest him but also has knowledge and ability to pursue it as a career. It is like guiding the fish to swim instead of expecting it to climb trees.

Career Counseling is for…

Unlike the consensus, a career is something that is forever and keeps changing its form and shape with time. Therefore, anyone and everyone can benefit from career counseling.

It is through career counseling that lots of conflicting decisions get resolved like; the best subject to choose, alternate options, retracing the path, monetary advantages in a particular career etc. therefore anyone who is at the stage of life where he wants to make a conscious decision to move forward or change career options should try his luck with career counseling.

Career counseling Center in Jaipur.

There are many career counseling institutes in Jaipur that offers some of the best career counseling to students. Such as;

  • Mind groom Career Counseling
  • Edumiles Career Counselling
  • Mind Mirror Career Counselling
  • Sanjeevni Career Guidance and Counselling
  • Dr Thanvi’s Career Counselling Center

How to Find Best Career Counselling in Jaipur

If you are in Jaipur and need career counselling, then you need to know the steps that show you how to find the Best Career Counseling In Jaipur.

So far the best career counselling is given at Mind Mirror.

The best career counselling in Jaipur will guide its student to shape their employment role as fresher, identify candidates’ interests and guides them in securing a job. It will also coach and train the person to face interviews both online and offline.

Besides that, it will also provide alternate options in jobs and business and self-employment. Not only that it also locates the hurdles in achieving the desired career and assists them in building a successful career. It can also lead you to hidden jobs and can negotiate better packages on a person’s behalf.

Best Career counsellor in Jaipur

Vertika Bhatnagar of Mind Mirror is the best option to avail if you are looking for some career advice in Jaipur.  Vertika Bhatnagar is a well-known career counsellor who uses her technology-based information to help the candidate professionally in a life coach capacity to manage career decisions, and stress and provide a roadmap to successful career choices.

This NLP certified Child and adolescent counsellor at Mind Mirror is the best option to explore for worrying parents when they are looking for career advice for their son or daughter.

It will be right to say that career counselling grease your career wheels and allows you to travel smoothly with little or no discomfort. Sometimes it is difficult for a parent to understand that there is more to a career than becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot or soldier. Such parents need to see career counsellors urgently and should go with an open mind as these career counsellors are rarely wrong.  Career building is not age bound and therefore career counselling is also not limited to Students or freshers. However, one must always visit a counsellor with merit to back his work.



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