How To Find A Suitable Primer For Oily And Dry Skin?

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Is it possible to find makeup primers that are good for all skin types? There aren’t any. Because a primer is used before applying foundation, it should always be tailored to the skin type.

Best Primer For Oily Skin: Silicone Based

Oily skin suffers from a variety of flaws on the skin’s surface. Some Primer for oily skin has leveling fillers that act on a silicone base. This results in a skin texture that is very smooth, fine, and slightly matt. Silicone elastomer, a solvent, and silicate make up the primer, which guarantees that excess oil and sebum are absorbed. This helps to make greasy skin look better. Best of all, the primer is compatible with the latest camera technology, giving your skin a softer appearance when used with make-up.

The primer is most effective when used in conjunction with Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation.

Best Primer For Dry Skin: Water Based

Hydrating components are essential in a primer for dry skin so that the end product, i.e. the foundation, does not appear dry. For example, the primer for dry skin price is water-based and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that are great for hydrating the skin. The rough parts of the skin are optically smoothed, and mild skin irritations are minimized, thanks to these components. In addition, the skin’s defensive activities are boosted. It’s also critical to apply the primer solely to the impacted areas here.

The ideal way to use the makeup primers for dry skin is to pair it with a foundation cream. In this scenario, you should avoid using powder because it will dry up your skin.

Are there any distinctions between the primers? Clean fingers, a brush, or a sponge can be used to apply both primers. Because these are high-performance products, only a minimal amount is required on the affected skin areas. The dry skin primer can also be applied after applying your day cream.

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